Created: 12/22/1953

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Col. King's Offioo

PRESEKT: Col King,


r. Leddy brought along Ambassador peurifoy's cable on his six-hour meeting with President Arbenz#,

r Leddy mentioned that the US Ambassadors to Central America were to bo recalled to Washingtonriofing in early January. He mentioned this so that CIA could indicate whether this briefing would seen inopportune, or whether CIA wished any specific points to be covered.

mbassador Toriello has asked to see President Eisenhower and will probably get tho appointment. The President will be asked to "really pour it on".

Ii* Secretary Cabot has already told the Ambassadors of tho three countries concerned that military pact negotiations are in the offing. This may ccmpol State to make the matter public much sooner than previously intended.

Ambassador Khelan is coning up. It was agreed that he should be allowed to know enough so that, if asked by President Scmoza, he coulduiet nod to Somoza's support of RUi-TS*

'do Guatemalans, anti-Communist politicians, have been to see Mr Loddy, offering to stage anti-Communist demonstrations at the appropriate time* It was agreed that clearances on the two sho-ld be started. Col King is having their written proposal copied for SD/ WILLI.

r Leddy waa briofed on the three Nicaraguan bases*

Q. Kr Leddy reported that State and Uefonee had agreed not to send to Guatemala the two added non-coms that Guatemala had requested*

t was agreed that the US military missions would not be pulled out vhen the throe military pacts were announced, but only when some striking progress was made on the pacts*

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