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Uie person whowouxd be responsible within tna Communications division for tbe iaplenentatlon of PBSOCCESS communications tasks. The die COB el cm which followed waariefing for TM to tha background of tha communications aspects of PBSOCCESS. PVoiTVile diecueslon tha following additional information developed!

A. Staff Circuit This circuit would provide ccrmu^CjUcat between

"assured thatould be -made available Immediately.

B. Santa Pe. eview was made of the available informationislandthought we had adequate data to project his

needs which he would undertake soonest ln order to negotiateto accomodate aame. It developed that the islandbyFlorida, usually

on aweeksthatof his equipment

would be in vans and couta easily oeulpment andbe shipped by the same company in the normal manner. tolanninginformedanuary

ahould be established as the earliest possible date at which broadcasts can oommencs end he agreed to plan to meet this date for thisbroadcaat. This broadcast would be short-wave and would closely parallel thatthe target government in order to gain the advantage of listeners coming across it while tuning in the government broadcasts. At the right time, when so desired, thla broadcast could be moved up to the government frequency. The matter of air dropping scripts/tapes was discussed and agreed upon as entirely feasible.

Security Information

Qboethe aumufacturere ere currently engaged in preparingapparatus to carry out thla operation and lt vac thothat the earliest date that this could be set up in thebearon. He waa encouraged to proceed oo thatthere waa strong likelihood that tbe plan would proceed asthat that would be adequate tlae to aeet the requlreaents of

The General agreed toadio clrouit between Santa Tm and Miami, recognising the Importance of such cooaganications. This would be serviced directly by Washington and relayed to Miami.

C. Agent Cirouite. The Qeneral Informed! 3thatbeen

called baokto fulfill this requirementadio operator lwtructor. He was highly recoBaendod by ths Genera. He said, however, that he would requireeeks refresher training in December before be would be ready for the field* The General was given 1nary as an approximate date for cotmaenoement of training at Ito. Cabesas. It was agreed* 3would maintain radio com-munioatlons with Panama for the operatiuuo at Pto, Cabesas, thusa link to this location. Tbe concept of establishing agent aesaage centers within the target country was dlsoossed fully. The Qeneral concurred in the entire feasibility of the plan but cautioned that it would be unrealistic to expects to be turned out in less thanays unless, of course, the students demonstrated exceptional aptitude or previous radio operator experience. Accordingly, the matter of voice radios wan carefully considered and the security danger fully recognised. out that although voice could possibly be used in code, eucushort range systes would place tha oontrol of these nets within the hands of the looal indigenous leader, thusUie oontrol that was highly desired by preject Headquarters. Various types of radio sets were discussed and the ffeneral concluded by saying that he would give the matter further study to determineimpler, more rapid means of communication could be devised which would afford both security and control. Meanwhile, the Qeneral waa told to go ahead on the basis thatday training period would not seriously hamper or delay the program as presently envisioned.

0* Tactical Cirouite - Thla circuit would provide for coamunloatlone between the field beadquartere and PM teams once the latter have been deployed within the target area. It waa agreedimple voice type procedure could be adopted, usingets. It vas recognised that this tactical circuit for maximum efficiency and effectiveness should be controlled by the Indigenous field commander. Training of operators for this circuit vould be handled ccoourrsntly with the agent training at Pto. Cabesas.

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Jammer. Ovine to Lho possibility thai the sabotage measures might fail at the last minute and that the government might bo able to stay on the air, it waa plannedamming set would be cached in ain Ouatemala City to off-satontlngenoy. The object bare would be to jam all communications rather than permit the enemy to continue hie broadcast which could vary wellisastrous effect. This would ba continued until euch time as tha sabotage of theransmitters could be effective.

2. It was agreed that tha above course of action would be followed pending the assessment J

DECISIONS| As indicated above.

escckkexdatiowsi It ia apparentirm cover mast be establishedn order to carry out tha above operational activities with saximnm security. Accordingly lt Is reccamsnded that careful study be given to the establishment ofover at an early data.


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