Created: 11/24/1953

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Security (PBSUCCESS)

will confirm today's discussion[ after the meeting with PD/P.

The time has come when preparatory work concerning PfiSUCCt.SS makes it necessary to cut in an increasing number of people in varying degrees. Certain of these people get to know about the entire contemplated operation; others are given information strictlyecd-to-know basis. As to the latter, it must be assumed, however, that they are smart enough to realize what is going on, at least in general terms.

Under the circumstances, it is suggestedecord be kept listing everybody who is cut in on PBSUCCESS. Actually, two lists of names could be kept based on the following criteria: (a) those who have actually read the General Plan of Action, dated3 or have received comprehensive briefing concerning same, and (b) those who have been cut ineed-to-know basis (in sufficient detail so that it nay be presumed that they can guess generally what is going on.)

It is suggested that these lists he kept meticulously up torecord the degree to which the persons in question have been an state from memory offhandhove: Dimes.isner. Helms,

Barnes, Berry, Leddy,

and Tofte.

As to the security of the principal agent now in the United States, it is my impression that he has been left on his own too long down South without adequate protection of any kind of security measures. According to the Station Chief, Ouatemala, his present whereabouts in. arc known in Guatemala City. Furthermore, it is reported that one of the attaches of the Guatemalan Embassy inhas recently visited the area wheres currently domiciled with family or relatives and presumably engaged in his own orivate contacts and negotiations with travelling visitors.

Under the circumstances, it would seem inadvisable to have Agency personnel connected with PBSUCCESS visitt his present address.

Also, it would

Also, it would appear appropriate to transferorthwithafe, protected area pending his removal to the forward base area. It is my impression that it would be advantageous to haveear at hand and under complete Agency control at this stage.

HAWS V. TOFTJE Chief, PP/?ps





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