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PUCE: office PRESENT: DD/P1P/Opsj and Chief of Station, Ouatemala

1. Use of Military Missions: ad called the meeting with theintent to discuss the military missions currently stationed in Guatemala City and possible exploitation of same in connection with PBSOCCESS.

He hief of Station) about said missions. thatuny mission consisted of four officers headed byHanford; the Air Force mission consisted of three officersCol. Hutchinson. Both these senior officers were, ir

timation, excellent men; Hanford was more of anannever talked much, especially not about political matters orrelations. id think, however, that both men couldas Indicated inmemos to IDCI and DCI, datedespectively. antsthese memos.)

had discussed the missions and the possible use of

same as mencatea in the above with Col. Brad Smith of Gen. Ersklne's staff, mainly to prepare for the recall of Hanford and Hutchinson for briefing. volunteered that Hutchinson was supposed to be in the United States at Kelly Field where an airplane belonging to the Embassy was supposed to be overhauled. It was suggested that Hutchinson might be called to Washington for his briefing in connection with this visit.

noediately telephoned Col. Brad Smith suggesting that he endeavor to verify Hutchinson's presence in, and call him to Washingtonriefing if feasible. At the same time,tated that Col. Hanford of the Army mission could be briefed abroad, if someoneol. Smith himself) went to Ouatemala with proper credentialsop-flight Defense representative to do the Job.

It is ascertained that the two mission Cola, came underf the Army and the Air Force respectively. Col. Brad Smith

would take care


would take care of the Issue concerning the use of said missions. He would verify the status of the officers as to normal termination of duty tours, etc.


w decided that the reporting channel for the two chiefs of the military missions would be: Military Mission Chief to Ambassador to C 3for transmittal to Washington Headquarters vis CIA channels.

(FOLLOW-UP o make appropriate contact with the Ambassador.)

Exchange between Arbenz and Ambassador: sked

tUS ^scussions concerning the reported debateArbens and the Guatemalan Ambassador in Washington. Mr,were looking into

this matter directly watn kt. beooy of State,ndicated thatinterested in all information concerning this and that hepossible, to see

(ACTION: Mr. Tofte

. I* feeting in Caracas. nquired what could be done to alert rield stations to watch for possible Conmninist tricks and maneuvers in respect to the planned OAS meeting in Caracas. as anxious to avoid any kind of embarrassment that might be caused by customary Communist activities in connection with meetings of that nature. J. c. King (CWH) indicated that certain preparations were alreadyin Venezuela where ten leading Communists were scheduled for jailing or other neutralisation prior to the meeting. omplete report from J. C. King concerning alerting of field stations relative to the Caracas meeting.

(ACTION: J. C. King,

U- assions to Nearby States:discussing military

aid missions to Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador with Col. Brad Smith said that he had been given to understand that the Army might prefer one. single headquarters in one of the three countries from which active liaison bea substantial headquarters in Nicaragua with active liaison into Honduras and El Salvador. J. C. King


Copy o*

indicated that this would be all right, butuggested that the working group take up this question forthwith for further deliberationinal reply was given to Col. Brad Smith.

(ACTIONi PBSOCCESS working group.)



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