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U.s, Official*


secwity ibfomtmi


information report



subject 3ocdura: Kewe

place accoired

6 Bov 53


date acquired In ssutice)



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this is uneiaiuated

of encls.

supp. to report no.

SOURCE Official of ftorepany with extensive latereete In latin Anerlca.

TUa official ccapllea at fre-cjaent Interval* ft latter addressed to ft chief executive of bla coopany. These letters contalc brief news ltena coopllod froa the press of the country upon vhieh he is reporting;

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"Any CMDjctloethe CWowneTOt aoxDcnt in Honduras announced 2l| Octby General Llno^zifflsft, the Cceosndante id Tegucigalpa, and the CCanuBlste of Ouatrraln baa yet W> be disclosed by ihe Booduran The disclosure of the Ccanuniat BOveoenteek eftar EuiQflB tail jnjpr-.oitd publication or tbe weekly 'VaQguardla ftcYOluolonArla1 and the weekly "to* Obrera* and vas -lealgned to explain toe aoverneeive'o action la abutting down these tvo left-wing publlcatlona which have been actively pursuing the Ccanuniat line within Booduraa. 'Voz ubrera1cspeoialiy hae been active la attacking tho United Fruit Coapuny and praising the agrarian oovenent In tiUatcaeLa. Obrera' caLle Itself the orjap/of the Workere Coordinating CoonMtee and hae ae lta director Sodolf^Lepes D. and adndolstrotor Ojrios'&ernhard, both of whoa were identified by decuacnte distributed by the governaent as being founders of th* Ccnounlst Party ln Honduras. Aleo at) identified vaa Cqcqafecocado, Director of 'El UoivoreltArlo'. 'al Unlveraltario' prceUlas itselfhe voice Of the Pcderatlon of University Students of Booduraa.

"Thection had been protested by the Honduras Prase Aoeoclation which woe to have met two Ouyahe gorerceoent'a revelation of the Cooawnlot novenent. Tola la the first tioe tho Booduraa govenmcot too offlololly and publicly reeogniauditetenoe of Conmrslot organizations within Uie country althoughgana of tbe preea for nany nontho have been denouncing the laflltratlo. of Coanunlst*.


U.S. *

"TheStoning Star' of 2f> Uetaid too USeeking proof that Gua tension Coronal att ore llnkeu to Ccanuaiata operating in Booaurae and Kl 3alvador, saying that 'ouch proof Is needed to arouse tbe American Bepubllcfl to cooperative action ogkliiot the Bed neoace Inhere ls ground for belief thatCCmounietB ere operating under Erenlln ordero and attesting to spraod tho Red Influence in Bl Salvador and Hooduroo by sendingd wney for agitation oooog radical group*. Aleo there la none suspicion of arms eouscllng across the borders. Tho us has both cms tlod so far at direct action ls concerned, and there

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seems little chance of proddingenlepfcere countries to Joint action without proor that tbe threat extend^ buyool Cuutetfila.'

a. "'ill-orld Report'Coveports 'Co-miulSt Influence fron GualenaLs le oprosdlot into celghboi InsSalvador ai.'l Sondoraa. In Bl Salvador and Guatonala Coanunlote have node oany converts anong student groups. Cctn-unlote are working tocontrol of labor organisations-The govenuicot of El Salvador, otrotijly ontl-Coiaunlat, charges thot Guatenalanseuo assassinate tbu Salvadorean Foreign Minister. Iri Honduras tbe Cotmunlclj arc boring into Me govenmrat Liberal Party, hoping to owing nextresidential election. Vith several Cocnunist exiles holding public officesuatonala tbe Units between pro-Soviet groups In the two countries ore strong."

3. "blcultaneouely with the goverasnot's addeslonormunlst novenent, the police conducted raids ln Teguclcalpo and San Pedro Sula. In Tegucigalpa five were arretted, iDcloding^jeearJBtaneadc, who lo In hla last year of tbe lav school, and GueLoTO^indaratudent of economic sciences.ublic subscriptionundertaken by tbe University Students Federation to raise Ajnds to provide boll fortudents, another arrested vas RodOl&salopez, -too upon bearing he vae to be detained had token aaylua ln the Custcaalan ci-bassy, but later voluntarily surrendered. .

6. 'One press dispatch said tha*;ltd been startagnlnstforeigners Involved lo Uie establishment of Coaninist cells Teguolgslpa and San Pedro Sula, but there were no naues nor.

7- "'E) Me', which ftevotodgood deal of its front page forct CW/iJ

to tbe anti-Ccmunist Roveaent under the headline,lu oir'FtOnfinrtine1 Our tfOi-rnnent bad knowledee thatEonuurone asther .'Aticaalitiee, vere worlds,'organisations of Cowounistic tendencies. "'lth thisWere infiltrating Into- different kinds,directive pastsutilisingnly the student noveaerit butvtio fern.a. strong sector of th; laboring elect es. Tbesaadvantage, upon the start ofuiraut govaro-wnt ofManuel Gdlvet, of the enple lib :rties which he granted InIn coapllanceolera promise nodeKoniuran people to reepect their rigMs asthe}aat> secured abundantas the photostaticit Justifies tbe various security

that have been taken against these subveralvs activities vftl.cno- ndernine the security of the institutions Of tbe State. Por vcrioi-reasons the officials hove refused to give tho press tbe. respective infomatloo in order not tc obstruct the good results obtained inresent Circumstances."

6. "Tm photostated documents vere published by 'El Din'. One vuo aln Tegucigalpa that aoy-j, 'mj* (especial. We met ln tbt houseCarlos Bomohaitf vitb the purposeiscussing tbe cstabllshtceutto prepare the1 fom the future Coanunlstonly party capable Of carrying out ths total liberation or. thein virtue of vhich ve sign tl>is, full of/falsh lnoccnjflonc.^loJMarlofttartinctGustavo

/ TOj-MaTlOft

9. "Thephotostatic docurs-at signed Id Sao Pedro Sula, reads, 'Act* Xepeelal. Sttiaj,* set le the bouseoroup of CoBBunlsts vitb the end of establishing tbe principles for toe creationoonunlst Party, only party capable or carrying th* Hondoran people to total liberation. Those here present prowls* to fight with bravery for the aauss of the people and wit boat vaUnm of any kind, ln virtue of which woull of faith ln the future.olllalta IIua toMaria Lid la Yill.ganOeoar KoocadnSector Boville ChirioosBunberto Linarestoto.'

police Of Ban Pedro Bulaist cf rsxlous aocuawnic seised

there and these consisted of varioe works by Han, ZBgela, Lenin,Party reporta and other Russian literature includingfroa OjataaUt 'Ha Encrocljada' by theaov deceased foreign nlr.lsteroa tHiaj. of tbe United Fruitnd tbe Dock Conpsalsa lnOscar de Leon, 'Hrvlstaa de BcorocJa',of the

J Labor Codene paapalet of tte Cua-UeaUn social Becurlty Institute, the Clue, tens lor. Constitution ofbe charter of the Guateaslar. Social Becurlty Instituteopy of the CoaiiuDisttnbre* ofnail book containing the Ouateaalan agrarian reform lav

revelations of Consnuvlsrt in Honduras nay be forthconlng in

connect leu with Mm omjor party'st forts at tbe -wolclpal29

the rejert on the 'S^renftn of the International OMrsinlst Hovener.t'

prepared by Senator Vlley's special aubeos-tlttee on security affair* of th* OS Senate Torelgr. Relations Cce-dttee lt is interesting to note In vie* of the above tbe following listing of CUaauolM ln Boa 'Co-ma 1st Party Illegal; PopularParty,ible (e.

Party sM-frcr-tup is negllgltle (fitlsste). There Is ao actorty as st-ch In Ecodajao. Tha nuubcr ofnualats is asali and Is eer.teroihe. north coast. Whatactivity tbe re Is see-asuntennis and to be alaisd at the workers eaployed by thelong tht


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