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I. Fundajaantal Ideas


ew structure ls being created in the social field, advantages proportioned to the workers by the standing lave will beut tho so should be reformed to put than in harmony: with the aconradc reality

of the country*

Tho class struggle will be punishable* An active educational campaign will ba Initiated to form, in theealisation that class struggle iaand Injurious to their ownconomic andonsciousness of tha advantages that close collaboration between these factors mill represent for both the industries and tba workers.

The slndlcateo, federations and confederations of workers, as well aa unions and confederations of farmers, should be dissolved Immediately, as theynarrlet organisations at tbe service of international oossmminau Those oeganisatioDS of workers that actually function ara found to ba organised and directedentral organ of totalitarian characteristics and of anpolitical nature. Upon reforming tha Labor Code in the best manner possible, the super sindiosl organisation should not be permitted to function, as it enslavee Uie aindioates and tbe sindioalised workers. Reforms should be made in accordance with the principles accepted by tha Internationalof Workers and the multilateral agreements subscribed to with these as an objective. All communist influence inndies tea and ln the aln-dlcal novament Itself will ba prohibited as will be the admittance of cammunlata as members of those organiaatlons or their influence over them.

The State should contribute to tha affective realisation of social and medloal security.

The Construction of cheap homes and colonies for workers will ba started by theouncil for Planning, wMch will be created immediately, will give special attention to this administrative phase.


The development of agricultural resources of the country should be started immediately, as well as tha creation of new fame and the industrialisation of agriculture for the bev ar utilisation, and the exportation of landlan ahould be prepared and executed, with tho use of fostgn oapital, tha machinery and equipment thatid capital can ba bought, and with the assistance of experts brought from the United States.


A strong Impulse in tha developavtnt of cattle raising should be started immediately forming large stockyards in ths different sonee available In the Republic and, if possible, in the plains of Paten, following the example of that done in Paraguay by the ftockarfeller brothera.

A fundamental problem Is the effectively stopping the erosion of our soil with corn that Is cultivated along the edge of forests*

The Afrerian Reform. Kothing Is gained by giving land if the farmer lacks the cultural and technical direction to take charge of an agricultural exploitation however small It may be, as It will fall under tbe yoke of ths leaders that, will exploit It unmercifully. But as lt Is just to proportion land to those who aspire Independence, and fortunately In Ouatamala there are many, an Ins* tltute of agrarian laform will be established with political autonomyough power to concede the lands, in property, that belong to the State, substituting political control for ths technical assistance of specialised services and by bank aid vhlch will aid the nev exploitation, be theseIndependent or free cooperatives whloh enjoy the aid and promotion of the specialised technical services. The oontrol of lands and the usurious exploitation of the farmers, vill be prohibited.

Por the ctn-lohmant of agricultural production,an economiceout aa well the eoalal reform ln agrioulture. The first will be realised in the following way1

all the producers of tha lands araaunorator price.

reat part of what today ths city absorbs lnintellectual and commercial services be returned to the rural areasthere portioned.

a true national agricultural credit, whloh on loaningthe worker at low Interestuarantee of his possessions andliberate hla from tha usury and boeaiam now existing.

agricultural and cattle ral-lng education ln the diversetbe republic,

or choosing tha dedication of the soil ln accord with thatha same and the possible distribution of its or ope.

the tariff policyrotective for the cattle raisingagriculture.

or speeding up the hydraulio works and dividing the units

The reconstruction of the common holdings (land) of the towns willrime objective of the State.

Tha Statelt all private Initiative compatible with the collective Interests and enoourage those that are beneficial* The countrieswith the aid of foreign capital, should look for the way to encourage and develop its progress. With not! inalolicy of confidence in the people directed toward the erection of an integral cooperative system shouli he oriented. This system will lower the ooet of living as lt elevates tha


Loral or standard of living, Tha forming of oooperativaa of consumption.oredlt and banking, ahould be free and voluntary, and tho development of this economic social system, by eliminating the misery of the greater portion of the people, would constitute an effective barrier against coastunlst action.


The promotion and spread of culture constitutes an obligation for theducation should constat of the maintaining of physical health, civic and moral developcent, instruction and initiation tn activitiesraoUcal type.

The State will be concerned with each departmental head, to see that art and trade schools are built there and so that ln the territory where farmers dwell, centers of rural education will function and in which they will be taught to develop and make better use of their condition and environment, being taught the work peculiar to their region,ialaaal of general oulture is pro* portioned to them.

The obligation of farm and factory owners as well aa other owners of large enterprises is to maintain schools for the rural and laboring population and the State should choose its personnel* curricula and primary function. In tho rural schools, elemental course in agriculture should be given andpractices developed.

The national "elphabetlsation" hould be active and ef feotlve* The personnel that compose lt ahould be reorganised in order to eliminate oesmoaniot elements tbat have Infiltrated lt.

Public sanitation and social assistance willeal problem for tbe new government. rogressive campaign of sanitation should be planned gnlIn an active and efficient manner* Social assistance ahould beand developed in all the lepuhlio. The personnel ahold be carefully selected and the hospital centers ahould be given all that Is necessary* The Roosevelt Hospital ahould be completed as soon as possible and duly equiped* Tho Council for Planning should study this problem of urgent resolutloni the health of the people and the best assistance possible.

Private propertyust means to fulfill tha Individual objectives ofor social aignificanoo should be protected by the Stats and defended against the abuses of great financial capital, speculators and money lenders.

The State will proportion technical instruction, administrative direction, machinery and capital to the agricultural collectives and cooperatives*

Contracts to exploit minerals and deposits of hydrocarbons will be extended


eriod not to exceed fifty years, snd those related to national waters not to exceed twenty five years. Then contracts can be renewed and extended. The hydrocarbon deposits and Its derivatives can be exploited by the 8tate. by Guatemalan and foreign capital, or Just foreignharing with ths State ln lta benefits. Concessions aay be granted for the establishment of servloee af great public value.

The State will respect all the oontracts and conceallone previously made and can only be the motive of renegoclatloo If they secure the mutual consent of the grantors, aaspeot for rights acquired willule for the government. The contracts and concessions celebrated with foreign com anise will beconsidering that they constitute bilateral agreements ln whloh thearticipated and that such enterprises develop fountains of work and offer public services that are considered of great usafullness to the nation


The backwardness of the towns and even of departmental heads is lamentablefor this reason Immediate attention Is given to it by the central government. To correct thla situation, lt la neceeaary toi

ocmnlttees in tho towns which will interest themselveslocalaking them reaponaible for tha sans.

the principle that wealth of production in thecontribute tc thatorubstanclal parttaxes on oof fee and on tho other artiolee produced in thewill be given to the municipal governments*

c* ody of technical assistance In tho municipalities with varied activities to encourage local progreas.

industriesiurely of local interest*

theand planning of landrotectivethe betterment of homes.

The cultural function should consist principally of the development of sports, the encouragement of honest recreation, the founding of libraries, theto dovelo. christian activiea, the establishment of banking agencies in the most Important centers with departMente for savings, lectures and cultural contests.

The renerallaation and perfection of the systems of communication, roads, mail telegraph, and telephone should be achieved, as wall as tbe cheapening of those services.

The State should contribute and encourage the creation and function of public services for dr nkable water, lights, and electrical energy In tvona where thoy do not exist.

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