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Preaont Personnel

/jew and.low fereoutM^

already bean Guatemala andin the process Of

Is to be assigned tc Uuauwda.

the additional now officer personnel and the i proposed new covert personnel as outlined below,Station will be ln dire need of tbe servicedompetentGS-5. To avoid delay In

rk-atenofraoher ahould be one



addition to tbe above, the Station la ln need'ofowhoao status end future aervlcea


in connection with this Project hasatter ofHeadquartera, or the Stationeplacement fortho event that adequatenot established

for him, lt ia ay oooaiderou tro absolutely

necessary that he dapart Ouatemala prior to Fobruary,present will expire, ka mentioned to you and

to Colonel alng, the cover of thisle

very weak by reason of -two years' assignment and nisand handling of our operations there constitute ato himself and to our operations. In the event hethe person replacing him ahould be anwno vill engage himself primarily ln the

handling ofbe handling of ESS DCS willa full time Job, but be will in addition act aa anup what he canover capacity

ahould preferably ba single and apeak good Spam en. not speak English. If not single, be should eitherwife in the united States or she ahoulderson who would contribute to ^ratherit. ingle sum attracts attention, becomes tbesuspicions,ife, if the proper kind, coulddivert the normal suspicions, Improving languageand the economic develop-

ment of the country wouia oe theline for this possible replacement of HKDIQER. He would travel to Guatemalaourist card, which preferably ahould be obtaineduatemalan Consulate fairly distant from Washington, D. C.

he Station should have one new experiencedovert capacity

travel^ *nd conform ata general way to the qualTJicatione ea outlined abovepossible replacement of HKDIGER. -ould

act es direct supervisor of ESCROW, who has an extensivecontacts in high government Spanish-Cons unletre les. HEDICER Is now acting as Jbut ESCROW needs direct supervision rather thanmoans of writtenas is the case atnew I ould have the principal taskrarty and hlgn government penetration notESCROW but also by the development of newthe event lt ia not found possible to acquire tbethis proposed new FI P ill have In use as supervisor of ESCROW,

B0 woul^ entail en additional securityof the difficulty of making the street contactswho le well known ln government circles and anyhim In contact with American Embassy officials wouldhim. HKDIGER also

he operational dsvelopment

etego ana woo xa referred to locally and eigne receiptsarThe development of Cl job bo an

for the purpuao ox penewatlng the labor mo vacant ana haan extensive study for ua of the entire laborGuatemala, Including unions, federations,organisational status, Communlat 3nfSjmcCa?natc.

lentality. Be has ame

considerable vork in the past with tbe moreof ths Partido de la Revolucion Guatemalteco,political party vhlch Is Infiltrated vith Communishigh level. His efforts have been to Indoctrinateof that partydllo-cf-the-road ratheraxtreaeilaftlat-Ccasunlat thinking. Histhe last portion of this extensive study hasome good points from the long range point ofobviously his Ideas vill not conform to the urgentwhich ve view tha situation, for that reason iftoam Inclined to feel that he haa more

value to na as' an fx agent furnishing us information whichacquire through his extensive contacts In laborInformation will be of valuesychologicalview to afford us guidance. There have beenhe has contacts among tbe Communist element atbat the high level, hard core Communists despiseactivity on his port lays him open to attack bya propagandising of his status as an exile in thewa continue- to use him, he will have to be supervisedproposed new PI3

the same as In the case OX RSCROtf.

6. esult of my conversations with you regarding the overall program and particularly as to communications required to meet ourtrongly recommend that ue have an additional communications officer capable of handling portable radio equipment in an undercover capacity outside of the Embassy. It is my view tbat ha will have toouse within tha oity and from that house portable equipment will be employed to handle all traffic betveen Lincoln and Guatemala. Since he willouse from which to operate, no apartment space In Guatemala City being suitable, lt will be necessary for cover purposes that his wife accaBpany hlra (no children) and that she be security-cleared. It Is not difficult to obtain houses for temporary periods of from three to bIx months at the present time. He can ostensibly

^7. The forme above1 mantloned proposed osw agente ahould tx. allowed to exceed, at oar expense, the quarters allowanoea to which tbey are entitled under existing regulation* provided it la determined by tbe Chief of Station that tbe obtaining of tha specific quarters selected by each would resultirect advantage to the government by reason of placing each of themasltion to carry cot his missionecure manner and provided that other suitable quarters ara not available. It ia Impossible to anticipate that such circumstance* will ariseallsvs that It la Important that tbe Chief of Station beosition to authorise such expenditures over tha allowance rata which tbey are entitled in order to seet any oontlngenolss which might arise.

t Addressee

CO! Chief of. Station, Guatemala


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