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PBBSONS PRESENTi tessre. Leddy and


q_ Mr.eneral briefing cl* the

f"the courier arrangements.

stations will send tneir action copies M

information copies to Washington. The action copies poucTwill


3. Action

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5. th.ontact, report (source probably

'Guatemala. plans ofgroup, la

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Mr. Tofte is to arrangebetter

liaison, and servicing by. the overt side oi

7. Mr. Tofte reportedmaking slow

progress in convincing the Army ana air eorce that their Attaches and Mission Chiefs in Guatemala should give even limited and unwitting assistance to the objectives of PBSUCCESS. Mr. Leddy reported that he had just briefed the proposed new Attaches In Guatemala. The present military personnel was to be withdrawn early4 and the new men were to take up their posts by aboutarch. All participants in the discussion felt that it would be bettor to have the. military porsonnel retained on the spot. If their Washington superiors would not cooperate. Agency personnel in the field might be ablo to work out personal arrangements with the adlitary men for their assistance to PBSUCCESS.

. 8. Action

Mr. Tofte said, ho would, speak toC_Jn

ecember and take whatever other stops wereapprODriatg to get the present Military Attaches kept on in Guatemala.

9. The limited effectiveness of the presentgroup" wasthat

work on thejroject fell into two parts; strategic and the arrangement of the Military Pacts, State Doparbnent pronouncements,ould have to be handled by the "working group" in Washington. The tactical aspects would be handled in the field. Mr. Leddy agreed that the -working group" had so far done little more than exchaneo information. Mo decision was arrived at as to how the "working group" might be beefed up.

10. Mr. Leddy stated that Laropton Berry had informed Assistant Secretary CabotIA plan of action on Guatemala was in preparation and that Mr. Leddy had been called inonsultant on it. Mr. Cabot showed no hurt feelings at ha.inn been left in the dark. Be did express real, concern as to the feasibility of any course of action. However, he stated that it was worthhance on the matter, and if action did succeed, he was confident that the other Latin American countries would speedilyf tho the situation.

man ihfurwtiw

matter of informing CAA more fully on the planaFe was discussed. Mr. Leddy was dubious whetherwould have eithor the "time or perspective" to diacuoswith CAA. Leddy also expressed himself as opposedCAA as to tho purpose of the PBSUCCESS installationFe.

that, for the tine being, we should

ahead with Santa anr.jnr, on the basis that caat be_cut in.

reported that he had known for one weekchances of being appointed Ambassador tozero. Coerr, the future counselor and deputy chiefis slated to go down to Tegucigalpa on 1is said bo haveery good job for* three yoara

tatus waa again discussed. Leddy claimed Jpapers had not even arrived at the State Department.

Jreplled that Stetn hud acknowledged receipt ofovember,had seen the basic paper

onC Jand had promised quick action on integration. that Ambassador Erwln would put obstacle in the way Juork was againLeddy

if General Sxith would Issueanoaasador Eruin requesting normal working rights forC Jwithin the framework of9 State-CIA agreoxcnt. Leddy ventured the opinion that "the chances are lt could bo done."


through highIA-Sfraty. LUi.:

can be issued bo iho

military assistance pacts were discussed. Thethe Department of Defense on the pact withState Department onovember and the lettersand El Salvador roached the Deoartment on 2letter on all threes' ia now ot the White Houseapproval for initiating the pacts is expected

byecember. The three Ambassador*een info reed of pact plans buteceived no instructions to act. Present

plans call for equipping one infantry battalion each inEl Salvador. George Spencer, State Department contactthe Departeient of Defense, will not let Leddy see thethat Leddy does not know what is contemplated forNicaraguaact, negotiations will bethem first and the other two countries will besuch assistance is available to them also. ist of arms that it desires, but it wantskept secret until the ants arrive. As things nowHonduras, it is doubtful how pact negotiationsonversation on

ovember with Lamp ton Oei.j, Juringitated

en while tho negotiations were being prepared, agroup should be sot up in the Pentagon toarms aust be sent to the three countries and Lo makethe arcs are available. Leddy replied that nothingdone about setting up this group. He said that heit was primarily the psychological effect of pactthat was desired, not the actual shipment ofthat action, in the forta of arms shipciients,

wouio ooviouslyreator psychological impact.

Kr. TWto is t2 see Dp/>, toigh le^el CIA contact with Under Secretary Keyes. Kr.o be fi3kcoarrange for the availability and shipn,ent of arus to the throe Central American countries as soon as circumstances permit.


are still scce difficulties with Czayal, the administrati.eARA, who uents to butC hrough the

COHJidssion's procedure. Mr. Leddy also stated that

would sirply be detailed J

19. Action


l low un pn C

and his

20. Mr. Leddy left copies of Toriello's Novemberemarks before the COAS, andeport by Kr. Krieg of the U. S. Bnbassy in Guatemala on the opinions of Floresarticipant in the Salama uprising who has since found refuge in Nicaragua.


cci Mr. Tofte

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