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PERSONS PRESKNTj Messrs. Leddy aad Tofte


Jjuve Kr.eneral briefing of tbe


beGeneral Tdigoraa Fuentes were to

r. teddy wan shown theontacts report (source 3 of revolutionary groups in


6. Ac Lion

Mr. Tofli> is lo nrrangefpr butler

project liaison and servicing by. the overt side, of CiA.

Toftc reported that General Balmer was makingin convincing tho Army and Air Force that theirMission Chiefs in Guatemala ahould give even limitedassistance to the objectives of PBSOCCKSS. Mr.thai he had just briefed the proposed nev Attaches The present military personnel was to4 and the new bcc were to lake up Iheirarch. All participants in tho discussion felt thatbe better lo have the. militaryon the spot. If their Washington superiors wouldAgency personnel in the field might be able topersonal arrangeraents with the military men forto PBSUCCESS.

Mr. would apeak to. General Balaier on iQ December and tnke whatever otherereappropriate to get the present Military Attaches Went on in Guulemala.

limited effect! oneun of the presentcroup" wasor. iheprojacl fell Into two parts; strategic andsuch as the arrangement of thepacts, Stete Department pronouncements, etc. to be handled by the "working group" in Washington. aspects would be handled in tho field. Mr.that lhe "working group" had so far done litllr-exchange information. No decision was arrived at asthe "working group" might be beefed up.

10. Mr. utaied that La'apton Berry had informed Assistant Secretary CabotIA plan of action onas in preparation and that Mr. leddy had been called inonsultant on it. . Cabot shoved no hurt feelings al ha.jng boon left in the dark. Ito did express real concern as to the feasibility of any course of action. However, he stated thai, it was worthnance on the matter, and If action did succeed, lie was confident that the other Latin A'loricar countrieseodilyf the change in the situation.


11. The matter of informing CAA more fully on the plans for Santa Fe was discussed. Mr. Leddy was dubious whether Generalwould have either the "tirce or perspective" to discuss the matter with CAA. Leddy also expressed himself as opposed to informing CAA as to the puraose of the PBSUCCESS installation on Santa Fe.

. ureed that, for, the time being, we should go ahead with Santa re planning on the basis that CAA would not be cut in.

reported that he had known for one weekchances of being appointed Ambassador tozero. Coerr, the future counselor and deputy chief of

the fiibassy, is slated to go down to Tegucigalpaebruary. Coerr is said to haveery good job for three years in


15. Action

Mr- Tofte will seenecember to see if. through high le.el CIA-State liaison, appropriate instructions can be issued to .the. Ambassador.

16. The military assistance pacts were discussed. The letter from the Department of Defense on the pact with Nicaragua reached Stale Department onovember and the letters or. iionduras and El Salvador reached the Departmentecficiber. FOA'S letter on all threef" is now aL the White House and Presidential approiwl for initiating the pacts is exoocted byecember. The three Ambassador* hae been informed of pact Tlans buteceived no instructions to act. Present

plans call for equipping one infantry battalion each lnEl Salvador. George Spencer, State Department contactthe Department of Defense, will not let Leddy see thethat Leddy does not know what la contemplated forNicaraguaact, negotiations will bethem first and the other two countries will beauch assistance la available to thea also. ist of aras that it desires, but it wantakept secret until the arcs arrive. As things nowHonduras, it is doubtful how pact negotiations withwill go.soferredonversation on

ovember with Lomptonuring

n while tho negotiations were being prepared, agroup should be set up in the Pentagon toore8 aust bo sent to the three countries and to maketbe ams are available. Leddy replied that nothingdone about setting up thla group. lie said that hoit was primarilypsychological effect of pactthat was desired, not the actual shlpmont ofreplied that action, ln the fora of ams shipments,

vouiu uu.jvuslyreater psychological lancet.

17. Action

Kr. Tofte is Jx> see Dp/P, toighj CIA contact with Undor Secretary Keyea. es issked bo- Brra^ge forilsblllty and sh^pr-ent ofc the three Central American countries as soon as circunstsncea permit.

20. Kr. Leddy left copies of Toriello's Novemberenarks before the COAS, andeport by Mr. Krieg of the D. S. Embassy in Guatemala on the opinions of Ploresarticipant in the Salem uprising who has since found refuge in Nicaragua.

cc: Mr. Tofte

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