Created: 12/10/1953

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Bequlrenente, PBSUCCESS

1. Pursuant to our conversation thla data, the following security itema are matter* uhlch we would consider as within tha purvue of th* Security Division, the details of whichbeut aa required.

appropriate security check of threo(3)

of all details related to

and service four (li) poet office boxes

the security end handling ofjll dotal la relatedestablishmentental car aerrlc

Da With the approval of DCI, arrange toacurityeatabllahed a* the proper llaleon ofMear for

and Naturalisation CjstCJna Servlc*.

le Provide security assistance to the Conmunioation*its transportation of sensitive equlpmont to Santa Fa. ia the responsible coanurdcatlcna officer for


o provide the security protection required for the physical movement of this project J

Oa To be prepared to handle security aapacta of all senaitlve shipments within the continental United States.

H>riority baaia, endeavor to obtain samples of canned goods prepared ln the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colonbia, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduree, Mlcara.yua and Panama.

Security Information

I. Such other eupport'as may be required from time to tine, within the United States, ecurity nature.

In view of the requirement to completeeport and have it ready for presentation byecember, it would be greatlyif you would be kind enough to prepare the Seouttty Annex for this report, Indicating your ability to fulfill the above requlreaonte.

Special Deputy, PBSUCCESS

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