Created: 12/15/1953

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a. Tho Daptrtr Assistant. Plre^tor/CIi haa ordered especial traffic available Inat notorm oa of tba volnaa end type of data aval labia*ttt**. aa anderetaad froa C hat ao dlraettraaaalaaLoa of tola traffic to. station ofba arrangod except by rooting. Ourla that tha rial Involved alght outweigh the valaalcfornatlon obtained In thla way.la studying tbs

ufaols problem and vill report ahortly. all special raporta and collections of all information on reference subject bandied lnill ba referred to the Deputy Ano intact Directorpoclal project end bo will transmit these materlola personally by Bessenger froa his own office.

Ua havo arranged for coordination of all support requirementsingle channel In RliM/OIS.

Ue are servicing previously established requirements for data oa patrolaua supply end storage facilities; water supply; tourist travel, etc.

Ve are propored to proceed at oace on such special support uaiarteklngs as collection of auterlala forprograma oa tbe elr.

4* are prepared to assemble standby files of Indexes to sources end of reference natsrlslc likely to be required for rapid reference.

5* We propose to chock potential needs end adequacy of biographic data.

Chief, RQM/ois

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