Created: 12/16/1953

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- Col. Brad Smith's office

Braden. Rrskine's office)

Col. Brandon (second in conunand. Military Mission

Branch,ans V. Tofte (representing PBSUCCESS)


ID/P's seaos to WC1 and iCI, dtdov and PO *ovubj: Exploitation of iiilitary Missions.


Plu:suant tonstruction, and at the request cf

*J2 ." eeting aa indicated in the above at IJ4OO hoursecor the urpose of briefing Col. Hutchinson, Chief, illitary Mission, USAF, Guatemala, asP nemos referenced in the above.

tchinsoninformed in general terms. has .tecided to take action against Qua tenia in order to curtail or ellsdnat* Coroiat destination of the Government of that country. Col. tfutchinson appeared to appreciate precisely -hat vould be required of him, and it is ny impression that the "ol. is qualified to handle the natter discretely and efficiently, as emphasised that he vould report directly to the Ambassador. (In this connection, it was ascertained that there would be no difficultyis the Air atUche or the Military attache In. embassy in Guatemala City who would not be cut in on PPSUCCBSS.)

CUSSed at ins that there was some possibility that the agency might request extensions relative to the tours of duty of both (or one of) the current chiefe of Military 'fissions in Guatemala City in order to take advantage of their positions, their local know-how and the personal rapport they have developed with Guatemalan Government officials during the past two years.

Col. Hutchinson stated that as far as he was concerned it would not inconvenience Mb at all to have his tour of duty in Guatemala extended


eriod of some months. He agreed that it would be difficult for new men to be of any particular use to PBSUCCESS; in hisit would take upear before the replacements scheduled to take over for himself and Col. Hanford inould be ablo to settle down properly and establish any kind of contact with Guatemalans of any use to PBSUCCESS.

lu IT IS KECOJiJflENDEP that tho above be carefully considered and that, if at all possible, the tour of duty of at least one of thechiefs of mission be extended until, say,U.

It is further recormnended that tha Ambassador in Guatemala City be notified about the briefing of Col. Hutchinson who will avail bimael of an early opportunity after his return to Guatemala to contact the Anbassador regarding the briefing recorded in this memo.

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