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Guatemala, the party creed is put into/vigorous dallyby at leant one hundred top Guatemalaniihr

been trained ^ln the Soviet Union, wa* haveetaturo aa Cosanmists.Whe form an Integral port of the International Communist nehlnd these men areoyal Communist Party members vho are available for the propaganda, agitation, andvorkccaamlat machine requires.

vigor and efficiency of tola Communist hard core far exceeds /wother political force now active In Guatemala. The Ceramists have

ereat influence with Guatemala's President, Jacobo ARBSHZ Guzman, who y hit ovn testimony, relies on the Coamunista to put into effect vha>i


parties, leftist in tinge, ore generally enLunjnjJearffTi laaiii

and more or less willingly follow tho CommWot lead.

uence of the Ouatemalan Communista naturally does not stop at home. Ouateaalan Communlat leadera vere trained by interna-

close, disciplined liaison with

the center of international Ccaemmlam in Moscow.

. aecreta^of the Guatemalan

hlch interestingly enough only calls itself the Partido guatemalteco dc Trabajo or Guatemalan laborisited Moscow as recently as laaToctoW and stayed for several veeke

IsTdioXl1 GTTZ' tOP flfiUrescene,

ocloto of Vlncente LOKBAUDO Tolcdsno,ftU Soutb *JBertca' Ouatemalan delegs-

on numerous occaalons tofinanced or JS^StHL^


propaganda espionage activities In countries that neighbor on theirs. Lost, but for from least, the rumors will not die down that Haa Guatemalans areeading part In the organization, training, and. equliocntelatively formidable Coamuniot Legion which could one day be used to perform the military tasks of International Communism anywhere in tbe Western Hemisphere.

6. All In all, then, Guatemala loomsormidable Ccsmunlst bastion and cancer in the Americas.

7* It Is essential to bear In mind, bovever, that no matter what the Communists nay claim, this minority does not really spring from the Guatemalan people but consists chiefly of people vho canood Marxist Una about the plight of the peasant or the "plight of the laborer but have themselves bod relatively little experience' in illing thai aoil or working In the factory. Finally, theosmnmists are notative Language,tieedesTbae, nd from what ve know of the national pride and dignity of the Latin American people. It is hard to believe that they will forever submit to domination end exploitationlavic pover five thousand Biles avay.

6. Guatemala in the long pastlorious civilizationrilliant culture. The magnificent mocumeuto of pre-Spanish and Spanish times give tbetriking Impression of what creative resources may lie within the capacity of tbe Guatemalan people. These resources are surely so great that tbe shoddy coteriolistic philosophy of Comamlso can never satisfy tbe Guatemalan people, what la sore, the Guatemalan people are intensely religious, and there is every probability that their Christian convictions will lead them to disown Marxism-Atheism tbe nore they see Its true Implications.

9- Ac Is elsewhere the case with Cccminlst-dominated countries. It will be viae for Americans to keep in mind tbe clear distinction between the eonesinUst government of Ouatemala and the Guatemalan

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