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of Station, Guatemala


ESSENCE Actlvitlea

Roforoncoa: )L2

1. Tho following paragraphs contain additional informationactivities which took place subsequent to thosereference

a. Organisational and unification activity haa been furthered by ESSENCE sub-agents who have been sent to provincial towns for the purpose of contacting local-enti-Communist groups. Such groups are encouraged to cooperate with the ESSENCE group and

are offorod propaganda support materials for local distribution.agenta from provincial areas are also invited to visit ESSENCE headquarters for Instructions, consulntion, coordination.


quantities of the publication referred to in referencebeing sent toi-Conuaunist groups who aresell them and koep the proceeds to finance local

3 HEDIGER reported that the Britishoffered to glvo the principal overt unit he ESSENCEmaterials for propaganda purposes. It Is known that

tho British havo in the past furnished such materials to local anti-Communist groups. Although it may not bo possible for overt ESSENCE group members to plausibly reject this proffered aid,has been told to take security precautions in order to conceal the clandestine aspects of our relations with the ESSENCE group. ESSENCE himself will not become personallyin this matter.

onnection with the foregoing inoidont, HSDZOER stated that the ESSENCE group membor who received the offer of aid waswlard to be usod in contactingoman employee of the Legation." This card was subsequently obtained from ESSENCE by HKDIGEP and is retained in station files. The person named thereinuatemalan employee ofBritish legation who ia ap-arently identical with tho identity cited tn GUT 8l6 and GOAT fil?.

age 2

83 HEDIGBR Confirmed newspaper reportsgroup members had apprehended one of severelwho hove been collecting funds "for theagainst Coancuni sa" ahder false pretenses. that this individual vas "kicked about" andthat he ahould find another way ofiving.

3 HEDIGER was asked to comment on tbethe various types of KMFOROET materials channeled tothrough him. Sevoral comments fromeplythe Interested Headquartors office: press clippings inlanguage and cartoona ln Spanleh or English are highly

, desirable; postsrs, leaflets, etc. from other stations or Head-/ quarters that can be adapted fort local uae are very helpful; f ontl-Guate.ualan materials from any source. Items exposing

Russian plots in Latin America, articles describing the miserable aspects of life inR( and humorous anti-Communist materlali are most useful. Anti-Peron notorial has little use here.


second issue of the publication discussedappeared on3opy haa beento Headquartera under separste cover.

3 HEDIOER reported that ESSENCE memberspersonalized artlclea deaigned to Attackpersonalities. Tach article will containdata regarding the peraonallty concerned. Ihearticles are to be sent to Honduras for publicationCEUA IF bulletin. uggeated tnat the stationto provide certain biographic data for uae ln theselt "es decided not to do so ln view of the feet that wesending such data to Headquarters for exploitationthrough other channels mayecurity hazard.

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