Created: 12/23/1953

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Chief of Station,




Barometer Report (Period Ending

1. Tho last previous psychological barometer roport noted that rocont developments hod introduced an element of expectancy. Rumors snd reports during this period continue to contribute to this feeling of expectancy, as shown in the following examples:

3 en Army major of unknown reliabilitytohat the Guat esa lan Army is becomingconscioua of an invasion reportedly being mountedexterior. This source stated that Army vigilance haacommanders of posts and garrisons areshifted about, and many officora are becomingbelatedly, that thoir tacit support of Communism This officer also claimed that discontentof confidence ot all levels ls spreading and that thonot respond much longer in favor of the government. according to source, feel that the governmentlast through tho month ofourceit will not be overthrown beforek- rumors that hove been circulating in recent weeksto this sourco, expressions of the fear nowgovernmentit sees itself in constant danger,every aldo.

(Pending confirmation this item ia treatedumor, possibly true, source as stated, and not for ro-uao).

ource who claims toartisanGeneral Miguel IDIGORAS Fuentes toldhatbeing mounted in El Salvador for the purpose ofthe Arbenz government has the support of the Source stated that the United States couldintervene ln the affairs of Guatemala ormall country but itan help otherln tholr fight against Guatemala and to express tho beliefs ofU',prlstas in Guatomala



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said that he is confident that the invasion is well organised

umor, the source and truth of which cannot bo Judged; re-uso may be determinod by Headquartors without danger to aource).

high Army officers are planning an Arbens-approved simulated coup almod at freeing the Arbenz government from the stigma of Communism. It ia alleged that the Army officers will declare themaolves against Communism and call on Arbenz to root out those Communists who havo infiltrated government departments and supported ogencios slnco theyhreat to security and have cauaod Guatemala to bo isolated from the American family of notions. One source claimed that ex-Presl-dent Juan Jose AREVALO waa involved in recommending that the Array take steps to convince the people that it Is in command and controls the situation in order to dispel the growingover Communism. AHSVALO allegedly stated that unleas such action is taken the Arbenz government will eventually bobv internal and/or external forces and will be replacedightist dlctatorahlp which will prevent the fulfillment of the "revolution." The simulated coup ls reportedly designed to ollmlnate the Communist issue,ightist rebellion, and atlll permit fulfillment of revolutionary aims.

(Those rumors have not been confirmed and they havo not yet attained widespread circulation. They are considered possibly truo and may be re-uaod at Headquartors discretion.)

2. Onrest, quarrels and scandals within tho official parties appear to reflect further discredit upon such parties and the government itself. With dissentlons ln the Partido Accion RevolucionT ie (PAR)atter of publicun-slingingof "gangsterism" in politics developed during the reporting period ln the Partido Ronovaolon Nacional (PRN) involving Jalmo DIAZ Rozzotto, Secretory General of the Presidency and Secretary General "or the PRN. The matter is at present unresolved but it is known that violent clash resulted when ono PRN faction hcadod by Hector PIOH Garma attempted to depose DIAZ Rozzotto as head of tho party. It is reportedongreaalonal resolution has been directed to President ARBENZ asking him to control the gangst tactics of his Secretary General, fthatever the outcome of this squabble as oertalna to the future of the PRN, it appears.certain that oubllc respect for "revolutlonarv" ?roups has beenlowerod.



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