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Chler of statlon, Ouatemala

Operational -

Estatutoa del Partido Guatemalteco del Trabajo (POT) Reference:

the assistance of Headquarters it Is proposed that tho subject

atetutea be exploited forrpose of creating antl-Communlat publicity harmful to tho Partido Guatemalteco del Trabajo (PGT),

It la believed thi* can be dona by making minor change* (word* and phrases) in the text of tho statutes and thereafterake booklet containing the alterations but usin- the same Toraat, headin-a, numbering sequence, grade of paper, type, color of outer cover, title on cover, attribution, etc'.

Enclosedartial draft of eug-ested changes that Bight be uaed to achieve the objective contained in paragraphbove. The first oxanple shown ln the enclosureortion of th* Preamble which originally read, in part, as follows:

"Bl Partido Guatemalteco del Trabajo (POT) es la vanguardia organi-sada de la clase obrera dee loa trabajadorea de

Without altering the original appearance (format) we proposehe foregoing be changod as follows:

"El Partido Oua;enalteco dal Trabajo (POT) e* la vanguardiade la olaae obrera del organo oflelalen


If. Examination of thla and other suggested changes shown ln theand comparisone with the original statutesunder referenced communication, will reveal that it is our Intention to make only minor change* (single words when po**ible) ao as to retalnta high degree of authenticity whileompletely different meaning to the statutes.

5. If Headquarters approves this Idea it is suggested that the ap:ro-priate office make further changes in addition to those shown in the enclosureromorward). ft* suggest, however, that changes be confined to key words and phraaes aa shown in those examples attached hereto.



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ia recommended thatopies of the fake booklet be produced at Headquarters. Of thia amount, wean Initial releaaeopies In Guatemala. Subaequently it may be desirable toopies into the channels of outlets in El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico.

It is also recommended that reproduction of the propoaed booklet be given the highest possible priority by Headquarters in order to permit distribution at the earliest possible date. If the proposition is aocepted and approved, it ia requested that the station be so notified and adviaed as to the approximate date we may expect delivery of the booklets.

George L. Tranger


OLT/cmh Distribution:

ncl (in trip)



Suggested changes in the statutes of the PGT


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Suggested changes in the statutes of "the PGT. hroughre from the preamble;hroughelateJto the indicated' articles). Each example le keyed to the appropriate page of the original statutes submitted to Headquarters as an enclosure to

L Partido Ouatemalteco del Trabajo (PGT) es lade la clase obrera deel organosovietlatno ene loa trabajadores de Guatemala..

El Partido Gjatemaltoco delna suma de organizedonoa

(p.n el Partido GuaUraalteco del Trabajo se unonora luchar por los intereses populares, por (los fines lnter-nacionales deor la pas...

). Por ello el imperialismo (sovletloo prepare una nueva guerra contra las naciones llbrea) (delete:

que construyen el socialiemo, desprendidos ya de la cadena

k. (p. S) Estasiraemente (pro-eovietlco)..

or todoe todos las fuersaspro-aovietlcas) en un poderoso frente patriotico

evolucionn partido de nuevo tlpo (unida oon nuestrasen partido.

(p.n partido comolno el resultado hiatorloo de laabjetivos (de la Unionasada en la

(p.obna aooledad auperior que in-oxorablemente taari laos seres huraanos.

arae sue la lines polltlcauando tales InteresaB son incompatible* oon (las conslgnas sovletlcas).

or la realizacion (de loa finesor el ouxpllniento de au lfneal Partidoe todoervlra Kuala)ebe aerue los intereses del Partido sonoa intereses (de

iA* Article 3. (p. ill) Para serue puedan dar fe de su (en favor del.


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p. lU) )onocer y

explicarle elrusaa del

p.dol Perlodlco


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