Created: 12/30/1953

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Chiefat.'on, Guatciala PBStCCESS ESSHTBE Activitioo

Reference - (a)Q2


The foUwring aaib-paraj^-aaha contain info mat ion relating to ESSENCE activities since the preparation of referencei

a. DonaldEKGHl reported on3 that united anti-coTcninlst activities in Quatemala are now being achieved by means of tho recently-established Frente Anticoaginista NacionalfFEKCE elalne that tho Conite de Eatudiantes Univeraitarios Anti-conunistae (CFUA) is the controlling neober of this united front and that all BKsabers except the Partido Unificaeion Antdecaaraista (PDA) accepteadership. Quoting NEDIQB's report, PUAlut does not "vuboit."

t. EB:2fCE clalce that he and associates have nado valuable contact* on the staffs of the principal lraSependent newspapers for theof obtaining cooperation in tho placement of aziti-ccessunlat neterialn.

Internal strife and conflicts botaiecn corrtendinG official parties Is due In part (according to HEDIGSl) to undercover agitation and the spreadinc of ruaars by rSSEXE personnel. In addition, ESSEXE claims that member* of hie group have penetrated at least oneparty, thereby avoiding governoent reprisal for outrightactivity and at the saoc tine placing theoaselvoeosition to engage in disruption activities.

d. ESSFTCE has cocpleted plans for two dailyradio pro-grara. One will be clearly political and anti-cottaunist and will depend in large part on tho support materials requested in reference Soonest poaalble action on those support naterlala ia dealrod.


Tha second fiftoen-oinufco program will be principally reserve time in tho event that the first ia closed down by the ipvcrnment. It willualc recording program at least in the early stages* Alsoto preaant plana, it will serveignal device for anti-comauniat conspiratorsog playedertain day willre-arranged nsaaage to anti-coowunists). ESSENCE claims that exiled groups outside Guatemala desireignal system for use in emar-ganclos. (Dotails regarding ESSENCE'e recant trip to adjoining couirtrlea and contacts with exiled groupa are set forth In reference

e. By earlyU it is expected that El Rebelde will becoae aand ESSEJCB la presently attemptingTo complete plans to sake thatally byU. ESSENCE claims tftat exiled groups have requested an Increase in overt-type propaganda within Guatemala (nee reference




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