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Arrant'onenLs to date concerning Black Flight

Jiaitiatod certain arran^aatntBlackby plana of initial equipmentleaving

Headquartersnd ii"recording tne progreeaof auch arrangements in vieHjof the complexity of the problem and probable necessity for other responsible peraona to know tbo situation in hla ebaence.

2. Following approval of the nemo from CWH toAMD was contacted and tho problem from theSoecialists1 point of view was placed in the MndaK Gilding,

Tils three nen into the picturo inaofar aeneed forand times, daatinationa, weifhta and Cubic loadabeing approvoda need-to-know


documentin order to aralnChlef'a approval to

U-Jt at laat ho aaw the giat

of the project's miaaion (aurmiaed from weapons' allotment approval and destination of Black flight approval) and to inform CWH that HI approval would be forthcoming on any related subject concerning the project with only the barest knowledge of tie detailsullhead with hie beat wiahea and any necessary signature approval).

of AMD and hla

ataff andpreaented tho problem, giving nTJn the following(some of the decialons herein being formulated after information discussed).

haveounde, approximately

ubic feet,ht. and escorted intothe proper timepropor

loading facilitiee, etc.M) would assure sterilityand positioning the- insure the

otorlllty and security measurea of positioning the load cn the plane.)

In order bo coordinate thin, AMD gave the nam ofTraffic Coordinator,

AMD will brief

immediately. Insofar as the flight ls concerned,et together

logistics on reoelpt of notification

auareness of thele oar logistical planner

on this phase of the project and who ie aware of bis pertwill more toIntermittently to control the

the last-minute preparations. It la estimated

That tho boot manner to insure coordination will be to havoC the opot to meet with Q ntry into tho field atof loading to insure concurrence with beat securityfield. C ird-dogging gathering, packing, andto the field snd on receipt of notificationwillontact between himself and contemplated thatC JMmaalf will handle the to Insure isolation of flight knowledge. If notification Jjwenoso arrlvee before departure ofC- will bo laid on and announced to responaible paraone.

B. Proper packaging, gathering, and

movement are still in an unsettled state, but it is not considered an insurmountable obstacle and the following are under wnyt


ido the flightJ to b.

ii.briefed insofar as


_ 1. The majority of tho ltono are assuredly to be InC anuary. They will arrive ln approximately sterile packages, l] be on hand the final throe days to insure proper sterility. Proper sterility will include shaping of packages to resemble farm implements, marked with only MM to identify lt to SSERFORD's reception party, and mingled-with certain open fans Implements to complete the deception. Since the plane will atop anroute to pick up commo equipment (see Inter this ill have stencils and equipment handy to markor o last takeoff,_in Spanish, Farm Implements,

piano havu been formulated to insure their capability of carrying out the above.

C. The pickup date leanuary, and tho exactarrival of Ott load at the plane will be announced by soon as staffing ia complete. This

Information should be passedJIsbmiJ] stely. Theinsofar as locationooncerned will

be paaaed same manner when determined.

u. The plane willompletely sterilizedtechnical equipnent, marked with Improvised Arabic numerate. U. S. .ownership. It is oomirg In Tramarrival atwill bear Army oover and markings and will

probably be flown by C This covor will be maintained until takeoff time fron Cone pickup point, at which tine Army markings will disappear (responsibility of AMD) and pilots will assume dress and atmosphere of soldiers of fortune.

completion of loading, the plane will departa time to be designated after complete staffing, and will JJfleld. The detalla of security of landing and ^Tare the responsibility of AMD snd will be forwarded He have been assured that tbe problewa are ootand that our security retirements are understood, "he and point of loading will be forthcoming from AMD to

Js>ave on hand at the designated0 pounds of commo Packing andmovement to point of plane loading to be responsibility of '

and coordination effected between him and AMD on this subject can be explained in detail by him.

3. SBEKF0KD has boon instructed to determine thoughtheon what requirements

he lays on the actions at his field^Insofar


arrival, and confirmation Jan. Hi date.



instructions (including refueling instructions).


SEBKFUKD has been instructed as to the urgent needinstructions and expects to get them to us via cable,this office, byanuary. This officothe information to AMD immediately.Lincoln,

will also pass the instructions tollure of receipt of information.

If, for anyeason, tho date of arrivallaiddo not concur withit would be more feasible to work towardsrequirements than changing AMD plans. Duo to theecessity that parallel development procedures be goingimultanaously .


k. SEEKFORD has made preliminary arrangements forwhich insure his ability to gain specificfor this load and to gain arrival security. SEEK] sruckage fx

C ^Unloading crew to be RUFUS nen. He has been instructed that PM equipment will be designated MM andiat of the MM weight and cubace. He has boon instructed to have sufficient truckage to sg pa rate.MM and truck ismedlately to PK training site. SEEKFORD knows that Ccmrao training equipment is to be on the plane narked XX and that hS is to track immediately to Commo training area.not know on departure, that other Commo material, markedather siaeablo portion of the shipment, would be on board. Ha is boing informed by cable and will be instructed aa to size and cubage and that it is to bo stored under our protection immediately in the commo training site, if, as expected, the PP site is not


or receipt of same. SEEKFORD is aware of the needfrom local interference of thecr the offloading and tucking-to-aite proceduresalthough the exact manner cannot be predicted

at this time iturety thatinsure anmo

poken work and that it will be dono.

mooting with AMD Just prior Jmtiould tie down more of the above and will beby/"* . he following ahould bo tho probuble sequence

of tine departure flight fromloading Instructions received from AMD.

C Jfiald.

Contact betweenamd

scourlty problems resulting fron their coordination mooting presented

for Security perusal.

of equirements and dissemination of

these requirements to AMD.

of work by AMU and relay of progress info.


?. Continuation of C Jgathering and paokaging-*id and ovaraoelng to insure conformance with PBSUCCESS

Tnls paragraph is the resulteeting atdate, and nnkes report nnocossary.

A. Tho only changes ccning from the meeting are 1. rom JfieZA will transport thethe morning of This plane will

load0 onh. Jls to contact JJany time after the fifth. 7 will bo offloaded onto tho BC-6


on arrival at Jfleld. OK and leave

in accord withrequirements.

Commo gear will be loaded onh.

2. AMD understands that its point ofat the gate of

IfUi5 octane gasoline is not available, C JLa stopover will be arranged by AMD et Vest Pain 3each. Florida.

li. AMD willersonal representative at tfestover prior toh who will be in contact with Dillon.

B. Artor conferring with AMD and noting their thorough mannor of handling this particular project, it is recommended that as little supervision as possible outside of that outlined lne exorcized ovor their planning of this operation.

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