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Humbcr orSIO


or tbaa oan be utlllzod or celled toapecirlo Job? (INTELLIGENCE)

Ans. SI Salvador -

Nicaragua -

c. Total number of orgenlzaea, active nets Uitt cen be aopenaec upon ln tne dlnerent countries? Ans. One in voch country (outside. COORDIMATIOK

a. Prom whet groups insice ana outslae Guatemala coes R. reoeive ale? What kino? re be obtained? vvhat Kina? Are trine other groups that at this time are not collaborating but wfcose elc could Be obtained or who cen give aid? Have offers of this kind been received?

Aqb: aitnin therlonaly Giplooats,

^CIRO, etc.

OutHlfle thehe net or each country,

rriencly aiplomets, Uept. or Investigation or Honduras, Costa Rican exiles, poll-tlcnl rrienCs frora Honauraa.

b. In whet wayne or sew-tl aeleys afreet the

intelligence nets.Jncase or being affected: Whloh

c^iaryo? in what way?

Ans. 1, The penetration agents would be endangered.

2. Other personacollaborate with ueaespair ena be attracted to some other dlsoroerea rash attempt such es thot


Investigations hove beenor tne personnel.

(whether tney ere to be trustee, ar not)?

Ans. aaoh person berorenejabbr or our

organization is inveati^ated through rrUnaly persons wno Know their pust actions witnin the poiitlcbi or aubveralKve ilela, their lcees ana tendencies. Ii tne result Is ravareble, he passes tnrough an observation perioo berore he is given iuii participationh us.

security Measures hove beeno eretne installations (sates, aiems,hysical security"}?

Ans. Alarms- hoven ins tailed in ourbut 6hey are planned. Cartain parsons arioso, with piscols hove always been Kept in the Installations.


a. How is tne money oistnbutaa to the principel egenta (net cnlerM anG to fie nets?

Ans. Through persons or conriuence who serve as couriers.

tne agents receive aelerles? Bobos? Payasntaaccon^ilsneo? Assistence?

Ans. Oar agents have never receivec fixed aelerles because lt xa.tKiialBBxsaeen consideredixec salary gives the lT.nresslon that tne person wno pays is in an obligation toward tne recipient ana, ir thereelay in payment or the payment were not mace, this would cause discontent. It has alwaysustomory to glvo sin. money in the foroi or aasistonoe,

varying sccorolng to the neeas or the person. source doea K. attribute tne -oneyarger sums)? That la, wh tdoes ne give ln casequestions?

Ans. To collections maae by the anti-communist groups witnln Juatei.ala.

a. Are tnure roreign sourcesey that alo the

intelligence operations?


e. Ir large suns or money ere going to be needed in the ruture, or whet aenoalnaclon will they cave to be (coiones, leaplraa, etc.)?

Ans. Possibly ln coiones, corcobes, lemplrsa, and

r. Who knows that there is "iorth American assistance?

cone retely.

k large number or persons probebly imagine lt witnout having eny proor or this.



a. Biogrepnles oi each principal agent, tgent, courier, ire&cnt domicile or each?

See richeros. IFor ao:ie persons there ere

richeros aaae alresay, snc o: tiie othersoing to be maue.)

See ficneus.

in inge.ligence. -that klna? {Inheoaling special eouipment, vigilance, Seo richeros.

0. what occum tion noes he have at Tesent within tne net or organization? Inaex or er iciency, whet Improvements can be made Ipleclng him in another place, whore he cen oons. See richeros.

a. Training that will be reoulrea to Is-rove his efficiency? What type?

Ans. This win be ceeluec by mures, as be learnsabout eecn one.


eppeerences ere kept axaa^xXaa betweenagents eno tfle nets? Axong tne agents

Ans. The reply to tnls Question will be given in the rieaeros to be rreae ln tne future.

o: tne agonts? Coula it be Iraprovea? Does

lt coincide with whate doing (this refers to

tne occupation they neve tae the rest or the world

anathv evet

the fact thet, if ror are toerson is installing an apparatus

toelephone, lt will have to be to-neone wno

workselepnone companynonstrete itj?

Ans. oeme en a.

#. What security measures are usea in the net to assure compartmentizatlon Usoletion ornets from one enotner1? eesures or ohysicel security areow they keep their papers, etc. J? Ans.

are the payments ana remittances or moneyor sent?

Ans. When tney neea money, thuy go to the principal agent am eak him for it. from n. to theagents tnrough couriers j: comlaence.

wouia capture em torture arrect the securitynet?

Ans. It varies accoraing to tne person. Hero to

answer. It also oeDonne upon what each nerson knows.

4. comtkCTc.:r: ons

ls contact malntainea between the nrinclpeltne agents? Describe the metnoas ora :aost aetaiiea manner. Tn" sane with respectis nlannea for tbe future.

Ans. Between n. ena other countries through couriers or conriaenoe. Within Honduras in the seme woy or through liaison egents. The methoas ere varied, eecorolng to tne particular ease. It wouin be very olrricult to enum*rate them ell et this time.

ano improvements?

Ans. The majority or improvaaentsave to be

raaae in the future. The .ost urgent ;re already in preporetion.


e. What control Is there over enoh agent? By whom? Hoy; couia It be Improved? (Control moans: whet one hae over en agent to assure his loyalty, forrime oomnittea by him or something o: ns. Compulsion ras not been us en.

ia the primary motivation or eachlaeolosicel, etc.?

Aaa. loeoioglcal. (It ia prerei able to answer tnls question in the rlcnero or eech agent.)

wnoa ooes etch agent think he works?

Ans. The Guaiemeiens in otner countries: ror K. In tne.


Is tnore apooial equipment ln use?

Ana. Photography nss been usea in tne interior ana In Honduras.

possibilities ere trtre or using soecielvigilance, photogrfiphy, secretralslriec uocunents,wneie lt cen be usee era how, in orflermay know whet klra orula be


flan the nets be euiergea? SxtenaedV New agents recrultea?

New pieces to which egents cen introauce themselves? cite?

Ans. Theycan ena must. QU!CSTIOr.'S RT'RRim TO TIIE SlJiKY 1. PffiSONAL

aata on toe Can1ot bo anawerea just now.

oi" operationrea or operetlon,tnat each agent hes?

Ans. Cannot be answeredow.

In intelligence uauuot be enswereo Just now.

a. ocal or Soviet)?

Ans. Cannot be answered Just now. 2. P SSCURITY (COVER;

personal appeerance ooeiits use? tney oiain to be?)

Ans. Those who use cover generally use tf-Mt or traveling businessmen.

iielson sgentss) anc couriers do they

checKsmade to corroborate whether theya rents?

Ans. Or the principal ones,a. Possibility or "djubiing" the egent (to double: to

h&vw him puss to our buna)? Has it been cone with any?

Ans. Not Known. It has notone, e. fhysicai security ln their houees, lnsteiletlons, etc,?

(Aiorms, aarea, guards, etc.)


r. Possibility or vatching them through technic hi means (epperatuses) ana whether they have lt? Ans. Yes. Details are not known yet.

g. Possibility or illegal entry to their inpteiletions?


e. How oo they maintain content between the principal

egent end his agents?

Ans. Orel enc written. It is not Known exactly what other methods they use.

their meetings be watched

Ans. In some thereossibility. It must be studied.

contsot with the Soviet?

Ans. Through the Guatemalan Government. Aside from the Government's espionage servioe, ther< is one unaer the Orders or the PGT. They must neve this through the PGT In Guatemala.

tt. Whet cornxunicetions eouipment qouse?

Ans* Not Known.

e. Do they have directional equipment for discovering xuisxkxaKttEzsxsx

radio broadcasts? Oo they use recioteleg'enhy, secret writing?

Ans. Directional eouipment: yes. Commuricttions between Guate-nole eno foreign ax countries, generally through the diplomatic pouch.


Is theover the people (if they

Know something,thot they uxk* seize them,


Ans. When they cen, they apply compulsion. Up to now it hta not been dona.

are their aotivetions (money, ioeology,they be nHuteallzeo?

Ans. Ideological among the principals enc members

or the parties liKe KT, PAH, etc. Among those or minor importance, generally money, economic security, dome advantage (speoiel favor).


e. Froa what groups ao they receive aid fo. their

operations? What kino? Whet amount?

Ana. From tne Quatecfilan Government, Even the political perties receive tfcia eld.

iniluenoe or aia?

Ans. There has been. (See reports from CIRO.)

there Individuela outside the govaparties thet give aid?

Ans. Foreigners both insloe ant outside Oueteralo

eld through sympathy. PC of iloncures, Seivedor ena other oountrles. Persons or leftist ideology, llberala, etc. Insidehere are some capitalists, who in order to gain protection have essinted economically.

are the normal payments for the egonta? Amount?

Ans. In Honduras fromemplrasonth. .

there been et'empts bv the enemy to doubleour agents? Did they orrer money? Whattney melee?

Ans. They heve trleu to demoralize some or our sympathizers in Honcurea (emigrants).


or the effectives or our organization(INTELLIGENCE) (With egents, ll*iaoa

Ans. See enclosed sketoh.

epeclel equl-oent is going to be needed in theetc)? Forhey going to0


for example, the caliber or the erm for which the silencers arens.

(Written In on question sheet: a rifle /StauserJt eeeh)

3. Estimatfaai or the potentlel or racio-op-retars, where

t:iey ere, where- they are going to be trained, in orter to

be able to place them near the military zones and berrecks

etc, ln order to send the address as rapidly as ossible.

(Who is the technician of the orriclel raaio stations

who wasiography, etc?)

Ans. First part or this Kef erring to the technician data are encloseueparate sheet. U. Does the possibility exist or checking pirsons here in

Honduras through the invaatlgetlon or the Notional Police?


5. Who ls NIN7A?


1. The Military Attcche to the Guatemalan Ecibessy in Hondures Col. Luis'^CRALES, has the following egents working in Honduran territory:

This ls the principalost


barber in the barbershop downstairs in tne Hotel

ai les Arrericas.


0. (He woi kb also lor ua.)

a. agent)

he ia in the Embassy but instead or

VALDES. ^Hehotography scon in CoraByaRiiele,

but It is not completely nroved that ha works as an enemy apy.)

As for our agents, there Is also en employee or tte Embassy who haa en or ridel positionlnc er- second secx-etary).

In aoaltlon thot*ortero, employedORf.LES, who la in reality en egent or the Koncuran police.

2. Beaiaes the above-mentioned ugents, the Guatemalan lovern-

ment constantly Is sending group* or several agents, who

are in Konauras only temporarily. Sometimes they enter

via the fro-tier, pass to SAP, ana then to Tegu, leaving

for SI Salv. Other tiaes they take this trip in inverse


J. The only lnternotl onal agent that we know is tne Charge d'Afraires ofArgentine Embassy,CIHAS.Ha Ha passes propaganda vie the diplomatic poach.

A. The net is supported ana aireoted. (See enclosed paper.)

NOT1: MCRAI-rSO0 for supnortins his service, but

OTfR IWMLIG-BNCE ACTIVITIESPECIAL CASE 1. Our intelligence activities arepecial situation ror the following reasons:

a. Ourrganization ana eil its activities ere or purely clandestine nature. That is, we act completely anu at every moment outside any legal protection. However much many governments ntve been ulsposea to give us certain facilities, it Is on condition that we ecto covering the appearances arc assuming all thety of everything wo oo.

IncAerinlteneoe oi' our negotctione (for itbean possible toelsion intne Communist Government or Guatetermining circumstance I'm- givingto the "security" fector, to tne mostsecret/orteps wa were taking. Kencenot entrust very delicate missionsm we aid not know how rer theyto resist enemy tortures or beoi* their loyalty ir the waiting situationhave been eLOurlng ror many yeus shculatoo much; so much the more as theat every moment on greater resourcesour men or rrightenlng them, as thebe.

ifit we hove that, the day theobtains an authentic, concrete proorere acting against it ln feet, it willInterna tionel organization, reoueetlrw

our expulsion fromhere endreat international scandal, has obliged us toull certainty that at no moment wes lt going to obteln eny concrete catum. This returelly has changed pinoe the moment when negotiations ln high snheres were stooped and we started tooncrete plen.

Far tne above reesons, our men havo acted more for true

conviction, for love or the oause, on the basis or

Intuition ana knowledge or then vMohre

moving ena with tha rew orientations that we have been

able to give them on the basis or technique, then in


the rormreel/espionege net. These hove been, then, the clroumstanceaeve governed the ^resent system ana that the commana has nsc in mina in view or the multiple airricuiiiea tnat hso to be racea. To instruct men ana oeaicete them exclusively to these runctlora lmpiieaontract with them that wa we were not sure we couio firefly rulrlll ir thirgs were prolongea too muoh. lerUh an

aviator, whose silence arc, aval Lability for the ends ha

has been working vlthusWS) e

eereir. J. The complexity orxfcSflt HonGurun politics in recent tinealsoctor in our manner of pr0Ceealng.

H. suggeat the aovisability or giving hla In ecvenca a

qUestionnaire on the questions ana aeta that they will

require vhen theyh hia, ln order to prepare

materiel ana be Max 8ble t0 report to them ln the best way on the situation.


WTHJWms oet:ral2s.


EL Salvador:igaragua:tfreiCQ:



"I J

Una an cada po.Cs. (Fuera ds Guatemala)

pontro del pals: Dlploiaaticoa anlgos, Giro, etc.

Faera dol pals: La red do cada pals, llplocatjicos anlgos, -Septo. do Invest!

gacicn do Honduras, exllados costarriconsos, asigoa pUi-tieoa de Honduras.


Se pondrla enonde ponetraclon.

Otras psrsonas que coltboran con nosotros nodrlanarlgunn otra lntentona deaeabollsda coro la de Saline".

Toda persona antes doonnar parte de nuostra organia&ci6n, esravos de poraonas anlgas que conozean sub actuaclonoa pasa-daa dentro dol cacpoubveraivo, susendenclas. SI el rosultado oa favorable, pesa por on porlodo do obaervaeion anWs do dareele una particlpacicn do lleno con nosotros.

Ho se ban lnst^lado alarmas on nuestraasro se ti?ne poo-yectado. Sleicpre se halgunas personaa arnadas dt plstola on las Instaleclones.

Por sedio do porsonoa de confianza que slrven de correos.

Nuostro agontea nunca han persibldo suoldos fljoa, puos sorha conslderado quo un suoldo fijo da lo laproolon de quo-la pes eona que paga esta" on una oblLgacion hacla el queialtar ol pago,produciria descontonto. Slenpre so ha acostunirado dar dlnero on ferns do*una ayuda,to sefrdn lasde la persona.


Dal Qoblwrno do Guatemala. Aah los partldos polltloos reciben 6st- ayuda.

Ha hatido. (Ver lnformoa de Ciro).

e) EJCtranjeros tan to dentro coao fuera de Guatemala ayudan por slrr;atla.

PC da Honduras,tros paiaes. Perscnas de Ideologls izquleralsta, ^iberales, etc. Dentro tanbien bay algunosue para ganarro proteccion, han syudado econ6=icaaento.

En Honduras da) mengualea. En ctras

Han tratado delgunos de nuestrosnemlgr-doa)


er eaqucna adjunto.

parte do est*erentoicnlco,djuntan algunos

datoa an hoja aparte.







A colectas hechas por lao entidades anticonunlstas dentro de


a) Posiblonente endobas,uetaalefl.


Gran cantlded de personas probablenente ae lo uitginan, sin tenor ninguna pruba de esto.



ficheroa. (De algunas persona ya hay flcherosas denes ae


Ver ficboros.

Ver flcheros.

Ver flcheros.

sto lo decidlra* Andres, conforms sepasotre cade uno.


Lasta pregunta dare* en los flcheros tub se hagan en al fjturo.

Lo mlstno que la anterior.


Caando ntceaitan dlnero ae dlrlgenentee lo aolocitan. Daos agentes prlncipales por medio de correos de confianxa.

Varia sogdn la persona. Dlficil de cont*stir. Tamblen de lo que sepa cada persona.


Bitretros poises por medio de correos de confianra. Dentro de Hoodaaae en la nisnaor agentes de enlace. Los me'todos son Torisdoi, seg-dn el caso particular. Seria muy difioil enumerarloa todos en ostos.aontentoa.

La aeyorla deberan ser sejorados en el future Los de =syor urgencia ya se er.euentran en preparacion.


Ko se ha uaado le coacclon.

Qentr .lnonte ideologies. {Es preforiblosta pregunta en el

flchero de cada agents).

Ho. Total de exllados.

Qulenea do ellos ao puedenlarnr pura ejecutar un traba lo aspecffico. (iWrEUOENCIA).

Ho. Total da redesctivaa de las cualesueda depender, en los diforentes paises.

De qua gruposuera ds Guateaala recibe R. ayuda? Qua claso? Se puede obtenor mas? De que clase? Bay otros grupos que en estos moaontos no ao encuontran colaborondo, pero cuyaa ayuda se podrlaue puedan prsstar ayuda? Sa han recibido ofertas de esta clase?

En que foraa afeotariaariasedes do Inteli*encia, en caso de ser afectadas: cuales? en qua forma?

Due inTestlEacionoa ae han hacho sobre el personal. (Sobre si son deo).

Que nedidas de sogurldad se hane toaas en las Installclones? (Cajas fuertes, alantisa guardlas; oseguridad "flslca").

Cocao so distrlbuye elos ag-ntes prlncipales (Jefes deaa redes?

Reciben loa agentos salarlos? Bobos? Pagos por brabejo reall*ado? Ayuda?

A que fuente atribuye H. el dlnero cuando lo reparte (cantidades0 se la expllcaclon que da" en caso de preguntaa.

Ray fuentes de dinro extranjeros queis operaclones de Tntoligencia?

SI sereelsar cantidades grandes de dinaro en el futuro, de que deno-ainaclfa deberf ser? (coiones, leiqiiras, etc.)

Qulan eatd enterado do que oxiate ayuda norteacericana?



Biografiaa oobre cada Agents principal, agente do contacto, correo. Su dod-BiUo presonte.

Eraluacldn del cardctor.

Rxperiencia on Xntellgencia. Que clase? (Qi redactar infornos, rmiejo de equlpo especial, tjgllancia, etc.)

Que ocupacidn tieno on la actualidad dontro de larganizacion? Indice de eficiencia, quo nejoras se puodo hacer (colocarlo on otro lugar, donde pueda rendir Mta, etc.)

Entrenardonto que ce sequiera para aejorar su eficiencia. "Que tipo?

b) Apariencla de loa agentea? Se podria rejorar7 Coincide con lo que estan haciendo? (onto aea oenpacion que tlenen para el reato del ni coincide con lo qua esta haciendo, seue si una persona esta instalando un aparato para vigilar un tele"fono, debera ser algalen que trabaje con una conpeflia deue lo pueda denos-trar.)


dessguridad ffsica usan?

a) Que medldas de aeguridad bo uaan an la rod para asegurar compartanentacioh?

b) Cooo see envlan loaeaesas de dine:*o?oao afoctarfa laertura la seguridad de la red?


se mantlen contacto antra el eg entoos agentea? Loscomjnicaoico descritos da la oanera seta datallada. Lo niarro con respecto

a lo que ae proyecte para el future.



or quien hay aobre cada agente, coao se podriaqulare daclr: lo que ae tiene sob re una agente para asegurar

su lealtad, por ejeaplo us criaeon conetido porlguna otra eosa por el estllo)

Cual es la motisacidh priroaria de cada agonte? Financiers, lodologica, etc.

Para quien eras cada agente que trabaja?


Hay en uso equipo especial?

Que posiblldadea hay de uear equipo especial? (Vigilancia auditive, fotograffa, escrltura secrete, radlocirainlcaciones, documeotos falslficados,esoribir donde se pueden que fonca, para saber que claae de equipo ae nocesitarla.


Puodon agrandarse las redes? extendorse? reclutar miovoa agentea, nuevosos cuales aa pueden Intrducir agentea, etc.?



Datos bigretficoa sobra los agente s.

Wrtodos derea de operaclon, responsabilidadeB especlficas que tenga cada agente.

Experiencia an trabajos do inteligancia.


* loe ofaotiros do nostra orsanlzaclea, fuor:. le Qaitenili. (TKTKLIGTX-CTl)(Con ofeBieo, agente da analce, ate.)

Qtte equipo especial aaecerdtar on el future (sllenciddorea,ue aesplear. por ejomplo el calibre 'el arsM para ol quo se necealten loa) +WSGWA*.nf)

Eatlnoaldn deladlooperudorea, dondo ue cnouentrea, donde aentreoari para podei-loa poner core* de laauTtwloa.ara enrlar la direeolco lo aata rapido pueibls. (Quien ea el tecnico de laa rediodlfueoraa oflolalea de quien aoetc.(

2dste la poalMUdad de chequeeraonafl aqui en Hondurie ?or acdlo de la inrostlgaolon de la Policita Baclooalt.



lo.regodoa EmbalJada da Guatemala en Honduras, Cnel. Luis Morales poaee los slgulontas agontea trabajando an ter-itorlo hondureno,

KEHTIZRBAL. Fate es al agentsa mayor lnportancia.

Oh barbaro en la pelnqueria en los bajoa del Hetel Laa Americas.(eate trabaja tadblen para nosotros.)

A) (Agente nuestro)

(este es plenaceae de la einbajada,ua perclblr sueldo,

ejecuta sus fanelonea gratultamente)

una fotografla en CooayagHela, pero no esta conpletamente

cooprofcado que traba Jo de eapla del enei-lgo)

Enoa agentes nueatroa, tanbien ae encuentre un enplendo de la Knbajada, qus ocupa el lugar de oflclal. (Dna ertpecie de segundo secretnrlo)

dema's hay un portero, arapleado por ol C. Morales, pero que on relldad es un agents de la policfa hondurefta.

2o. Ademas de los agontes anterxores, ol G. de Guatemala rttmda constanteaente grupos do varios agentoa, loa quo solo se eneuentran de paso -or Hond. Algunas vocon entran por la frontera,egu, sailendo para El Solv. Otraa vocesea inversa.

l finico agente Intemacional que conoceaofl os el Engazsgdo de Ilegoclos do la Eobajada Argentina, de apellido LERCrHAS. Este pas propaganda coaunista por osdlo de la vail ja dlploattloa.

4o. Est* la redlrlglda dlroctamente por el PGT. (Vor papel adjunto).

Hota. Moralesara aostoner su son'lelo, pero se eabolsa rrfa de la odtad.

c) Loa guatemaltecos tn el exterior:n ol


So ha uoado lo fotogrefla on olndure, s,




a) b)) no so puedon contostar por el sorento.


Los quo usan cover, genoralmente de conerclantes arabulantas.


Da los prlnclpalea al.

No ae aabe. No se ha hecho,


Loa detnllas aun noOWNICACTOHES.

acrito. No se sabe exsctonente.que otros ne*todos usan.

En algunas hay posibiladad. Hay que ostudlarlo.

traves dol Cob. de Guatemala. Aparte desplonajo deluno bajo las firdones del PGT. Eatosraves dal PGT

No se sabe.

Equipo direccional: si. ConunScaclonos entrel exterior, general* oente por nedio de la valija dlploge*tlca.


Cuando puedon aplioan la coaecion. Haata ahora no se ha hecho.

Ideologioo entre losdemtros de los Portidos, cono PGT, PARjete Entre los de raenor ijmportancia, goneralDente dlnero, seguridad oconoraica. Abjuna granjorla. Jpavor especial)

NUESTRAS ACTTVTDADES DE IKTFLIQKNSIA) CASO ESPECIAL. lo. Nuestraa activldades dsae encuentran en una sltuacion eapecia, por las siguientes rasonesi

a) Nuostra organlzaclonodaa sus activldadesar^ctor purainente clandestine. Esto es, que aetuacosn todo cor-ento fuera de tola proteccion legal. Por nrfa que mucho gobiemos han estadorostar-nos aJgdnaB facilidades,ondloion do que actuenos ocultos y, cubrlendo lassuniendo tosa la reponsabllldad de cunnto haceaos.-

b) Lo lndefinldo que han estado nuestras geetionea, pues no se habia nodldoosfir una decision final de hecho contra el gobierno ccsmmifta deha sido clrcunstancla determinants para dar toda prloridad al factorl |ias absoluto secrato deos qua dabamoa, De ahf que no podlaaos conflap nisiones nuy dellentes que no sabiaaos hast* dondeesistir las tortures del enemlgo, nl tampoco estar indefinidamente aoguros de eu lealtad, ai es quo la aituaclcn de oapera que heeos venldo oportando por largos aftoa se prolong aba desn-.slado; tan to mis, cuanto que el enenigo cuenta en todo memento con sayores recuraos parauestrostenorizarlos, segun lea aeguridad que tenemoa de que el dia que el gobierno de Guatemala obtenga una pruebaonareta de qua nos encontramoa actuando en contra sura en vias de hecho, se presenters' ante cualquler organIsro internncional solicitando nuss'ra expulsion decaBionondo un gran escandaloclonal, nos haenor plena seguridad de que en nlngun somentobtener algfin datosto,nataralaente, ba caablado deade el nomento en quo ae terrdnuron de hacer las gestlones en las altase harab;.Jar dentro de un ;lan concr eto. 2o. Por las ra zones ant;riores, nuest os hot*as han actuado por verdadera coo-viccien, poraase deonocimionto del modio en que soon laa pocas orlentacicnes que les horaos pndidoase de te-cnlcn, que en forma de una verdader red organ!?nda de ospionaje.

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3o. Lo complejo de la polltica hondurefla en loa dltimoa tlempoa, ba aide tembion

un factor determlnante en nuestro nodo de procoder. 4o. R. suglere la conveniencia de antiolparle un cuestionarloas preguntas

y datoa que requorlran cuando hablenin de preparar naterlales y

poderlea informr de la rejar canere de la sltuacion.

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