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T. Arcana tutorial (obtai-iod Station fror

A. CsOTnn*itpacers, ponphleto;

llotry docir.onts coaceririar;mouestionnaires put to Arb-mz by Ar. and press; ai of for of oalsane3 and aroaenoaroahuro on AerarianUidy ofreaty; doouracnts oonoornlnp theof civilian nilltiaa. (Soo brochure of locm-cnte prepaid Tor Director's as beforo 'SO).

X Oc-aral Charactcr_pf the Dociuenta

K Ttm above cl tod Comun-nt boots, etc.ctant .al rtirxiat-'cnlnlst Library. do',r's of 1kmr Lonln, Stalin, !faoroJcn'cv; copies of Oordr-forc Journal; Soviet and satellite ranaBinee and ijool*. (Photographs of this rnterialt^>en). racial intci-oat:

copye Report of the SecretaryCP Ctatcnala, .lose Itutuel ForoConraitloc of thateariry- tho handwritten inscription 1

", ruiJ cocamplnry President ol' Cvntcr.-ala, lacnho Arbonz, with tho dee>a frlond

Jose ti.ny"

copioo of Fortuny'* Ron art on thetha Central Cotnttteo of Crne cpyet wcis avaiU*"the locallstor*-, Also, two rnvelonesnicoe(tro'-arayl

c; Tree ccuics thoiKJeMOV*edio-.'ior to ArVnK, vif-i




peal*Uy-bonad edition of two of Mao's theoretical works, "Cn Praotloeaad "Oa Contradiction^ Kane of "ARBESZ" lain gold on corar. Itandwritten lnaariptloni

"To Ooloaal Arbonu, tbe tin bsalo contribationfl

of Hko Tee Tung to universal NarxIsB,

Tfetllde Elena Lopes

It vas also aoccnpaoiedailing card of Batilde Rlsna Xapesandwritten Insorlptlsai

Arbens I

I an planing in veer bends the tee basie contributions of Mao-Tae-Tung-fo OtrlTsraal Tli n'tnd other laportsnt natarlslsoornlDE Agrarian Before lnent to talk to you to explain ey planaaogrsph on Agrarian Reform in Ouateeala whlohgather together, in clear sad aixple fore, all that has beenn awaiting your Invitation since yen said sone tine baok thateraldisit' Tear health! (illegible notation! probably Lopes' Initials). "

Tha "other laportant mterials oonoornlag agrarian Reform in Coins" to which Lopes referred versyped copy of tba Spsaish-langaage "the law on Agrarian Raforn of tbe People's Bapnbllo of China"oreign languages Publishing, wMahin addition to saideport by Lin Obao-Chi on iToblsas of Agrarian Before, sad tbe Statutes of Organisation of ths Peasant laceration.

Ths questions pot toA, by ths Amy General Staff oonoerning Ooaramlst infananoe in the Oovernaant, sndt

a typed list of answers to Army questions.

four and one-fourth legal pages of advise on bov to answer the questions. (Ths author le oleerly

e CP meebervery probably, Joae Manual Fortuny).

brochure on Agrarian Beforaaolalondootoenta*:

Report by Isador. ropDeaentatiTe before tha Sooncede and Social Counoil of tba UK.

Stataceatfl by Saorotary loheaon

o) Speeches by HLLUrd L. Thorp and Henryennett

d) Resolution of tho Eoononic aad Social Council of tbe UH.

page bearing tbe Table of Cbntenbe la anno tatodi

of the Department ef State ofnited States of Aaerioa.

Translation by the Offloe of Foreign Inform tion of tbe Mala toy of Foreign Relatione of Guatmala."

A dlBooaaloa ofGuatemala 6oBRarolal Treaty Gltoe need for changes} possible. sight take If treaty vera donocqood by GuatoBalai and action that OoateaaU oould take to counteract the effects of. action.

A Utter "to the Oovernoont of Ouatemla, (hatenelaroaand teehnleal Advisory Serriee/ Genoa, Italy, datedeferring to "previous eorre-spondanco" sad offering for sale airplanes, autaaehlne guns, and rifles. The planes vere DG-Jjh, OonsoILdated Vultoes, and The eras vere froa an Italian erne factory for vhlch the writers seredelegates j"

the am would ba suppliedwedish port,

Minis toy Material

a) Pgwateotei Cables (open and decoded) to and fron Foreign Ministry, letters and maaoranda of the Foreign Minister and Qoatenalenelated mtsrlal*.

b) flfPTTri Charaetar, gfftit

1) Telegram* aad4entral Aeerloe cooc-mingof elements of tha Army of Liberation aad attltodea of tho Teriove gowero-aeats.

X)etter from tha Booduraa Foreignaneeelinlng to alga tha additional friendship aad asm 'aggression past requited by Oeateasle.

copy4 freeTerlelle to Minister ef Ooweroment

ck.ra.od aad haeDonald, pretesting sselnstIn Qsatssal* againstgroup ofand re ipse table* people.

A copy ef General Laaaro Csrdeaas* Impression ef ftnppert efnd ofaressioa ef.

ef the Oeatssmlaa Mini.try of Foreignlaim faragainst the OorernBsat of Oenteasle, made by the fl. State Dapertswat In the asae of the Baited Fruit Company. Rejection is based on the Agrarian Reform Lav.

A Onateamlaa foreign ministry auawraadun, undated, (apparently fromorlellc to President Cserlo of El aalrader, seat by TorieUo ria his friend oalvaderan Aabasaador to Ouatesmls, Col. Joe* Alberts Femes)ine .ttltad. tovard Ouatemala la lta hear of seed,alradsr employ Its good offioes toimilar mttltade aa the part ef Beeduraii epeolfleelly, te put aa end to the prorocatljpe sots of amateamlsa ezUas which ere being performed with tbe knowledge andof Hooduxea.

7)ile of th*reraise Klniatrya re same, for tba rreeldsat, of (openoasiss aaat cr tha Foreign KlalatarOaataaalaa Ambassadors to El Salvador,Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama,BniU,rgeatina, aadtha falsity of th*. Stat*that tha Oaataaalaa Ooisrnsenta aalpacnt of araa froa ralaad. cltad, afforta to call ooaenltativeof Aasrisua ttataa toaffairs, aad urged Ambassador* to

I)linda sdim aoatainiaa aotsaoaver-aatloa with Wily Tor tall o" (QolLUrao Tortalls. Qaatasalsa Foreign Mlalstsr). aotsa argo practical stapa to Strang than Oaatsaala'a paaltisa ta vorld pablic opinion ia tha fas*. ariticiai. Ths aotsa vara clearly writ teaarson vith special anovledg* of blgh-lsvslpl, faan lias atepa ara srged ta ala Marl raw rapport of Oaataaalaa lis aotsa rasoaaaad sctiviv oa tba part af Arevslo aad athara. tba aia ia to via the ettpport of ths eaafetriss to which special salsaarles ar*at least ta "naatraliss than soasahst."

Oiiiaiiileatlons directed to Pr*eident Arbens

tsModsd talagrea froa Arsvalo Inay lvK, recounting pro-Oaataaalaa aaatlnaat and Oosgraasioasl actios la Chile.

Talagraaepartmental Qovvrnar,tating!

"aavolotlonarr. pre-arbens) palitlcsl partlaa need Fa may troops adraaoad rla Shape, Caparja, and Lais. Ue avsitrgent.1

4 from Jslae Bossaberg,Judicial, advising tha President of theaad antl-CoBaanlst aotlvitlsaeputy farof Isabel.

d) Maanraetnn, Jlrm Bc-gallo Gnu War, ffliief, Ooardla Civil, urging dnnral7at<on of ta* rises ofdelegation to tba antl-CceBaalat Ctjngrese held la W. oo during

etter4 at tba Hague by (quiteop Ouateaalan diplomatic repreaentatlTe at Barn.. It treats of tbo author'a delay la obtaining data daalred by the Preaidant, tee printingage brief (snbjeet matter aotraise of Guatemala's fire stand at the Oaraesa Coafereooei and tbe snthor'e dealra to return bone*

f) Letter dated4 to {resident froa Jalee Bosenberg, Chief of the Guardia Civil,opy of tbe ateteeenta given by captured arev aea-bsra of tbe ahip,which arrived at Puerto Barrloa loaded with ares sad aHltsry soppliaa. Also included is tbe stetensnt of awas vas awl ting the ahiaasat la Puerto Barrios and aba

aigaaled the ship upon its arrival. Anot*

is atUebad te the top of the letter} tbe est* polnta oat that 'all the persona mentioned la instsat report varaxceptev who were hoapltelisad with aerioua woueds.

(The foregoing does notoaplete, itemised list. The arbens do onsen ta are being photographed and tbend one sat of prints will ba returned to the Station).

OoBBuaiat Party (PGT), Ooateaala City.

Old dirty ooe-etory building with seven offices.

SuBercua papers acattered about on floor, on desks,

sod protruding in disorder froa desk and cabinet dravereelves. Steaks of propaganda aaterlal.

Character of Pocuaaqts i

Lists of CP depsrteantel, section, and eell offioUle, organlaatlonel ehart,books.

Cases of expelled (or disciplined) CP mecbara.

3. Internal OP correspondence and Jerty-oxgsn aubeoription Hate,

A. Propaganda materialhandhilLs, nevepepera, books.

(tefcsi Tha foregoing oonstiteteseneral appraisal, basederr brief survey. inute, lengthy examination of th* copious material, paper by paper, amy produce documentsigher order than those cited. ThlG observation applies equally to other prealaea and doonatsnte described herein.)

CGTG, Guatemala City.

frosrlseat Old, dirty, tvo-story building. y the GOTO proper and affiliatedfederation and

B. ppoamiaTitei Tnousands of papera aeattered about in great

disorder, in addition to some COTO oorraspondenoe notebooks still bound in good order.

0. General Chcraoter of Docuaamtet

GOTO oorrespondenea-notebooks, in good order, on relations with OTTO, OTAI and sone affiliated trade unions, aapecaslly

Thousands of soattered letters, handbills,tutine trade union correspondanoe nature.

GOTO propaganda material (and equipment)handbills, newspapers, booklets, pamphlets, wall-posters.

Prente uBiTersitario DeBooratico Ssadqnarters, Arenida Simeon, Ouatestala Oity.

A. Prestlgest old, dirty, one-story building withooms.

n- Poouaentei hundreds of letters, handbills, pamphlets, eto, soattered about on the floor of two rooms.

A pile of half-burned lettera, eto. (aa ahora)atio; fire apparently put out by rain falling into patio.

C Poacral Character of tha Doommntai

Circnlnr letters from tho WFD7.

Looal lettere ro etudsnt-polltloal affairs and personalities

Propaganda natarialapubli^oationo of WFDY, looal "youth" handhllla, pamphlets, newapapera, bookleto.

A nil pile of ittnceTlanoooa, routine peasant-federation records (left-orer fron preTioos tenancy).

V. FUss and Dootaeats Maintained. In Boob at noadqusrtera of the Ouerdla Civil, AnetcaaU City (Solved by the Guatonalnn Aray).

ravar file cabinets, eeverel dravers (restored

froKhree aaall caMnsta containing addressograpb plates, and snail steaks of Gonenmlst propajruEdF. mitarlnl.

gisraotgr of Poonoentei

nix file cablnsU contain oorresponosnce and reoordsSAMF. unrtervaffiliated vlth the CGTG)SooJedad de Ssguro Social dol Cranio Ferroesrril (SSSGF).

aJiWra of the eanlnete are of little interest; theyfiles vhlch deal vith indue trial accidents and iruraronce-policy dossiers.

b) One cabinet In of aodcrate intorestj it contains folder on therelations vith the CGTG,FTTJ, and Bona unions in Mexico and Central Alter loa.

loose file and desk dravers contain Bdscar-anaous 3AMPGF correspondence, stamps, and peaphlete.

Two snail eablseta containing addroeoograph pistes appeared to pertain to the SAHP or the SS3GF; other saall boxes of eddree bo graph plates belonged to the peasantOG).

One box contained photographs of what appeared to bo trade-union neettnga, personalities, and Soviet-worker somes (propaganda).

Tbe OoBunmlst propaganda material consisted of Soviet and Guatemalan nagaeinea, panphleta, and handbills,tack of copies of the Hosoov nagasine, "Onionoro wrappers addroBsod to The Libreria Future in Guatensla City, j

VI. teteriol Hado ATalJable to 8taUon by Col. Ruben Conaalea Sigui,

Two sack* of books, magaainee, panphloto, aad notes.

Character of Doouaantet

Too ceteris! consists, In Tory treat part, of routine Communist books, nagEEines, nevOpepere, panphlete, end handbills.

Ths noot interesting and useful material eoneints ofjj-ring notebook sheets listing OP {runtanale (POT) officials,figures, key addresses, trade union leaders, Danes of anti-Communists, Conraartate who hare traveled to Soviet orbit and Bad China, leaders of other pro-arbona Parties. (Hot* i This aaterlal may be tbe noteson-aneaunlst).

Btoeographed documento of th* OP Guatemala relative to tha statutes and progrsn of tbe Party.

(Hotel Col. Gonzales Signi also nodeist

of0 errested Oorsnedirbs).

VII. Additional tfaterlsl from Col. Rnbro Qotntelei Sign!* (Seised by Onatavalan Amy).

DocuwenhB t

Telegraos (and typed abstracts of telegrams) apparently frcaa the files of Augusto OtmrmM HacBonald, Minister of Oo verm ant.

Telegrams froa peaaent federation (OTOG) affiliates to CHOG headcnarters. (Possibly passed on to Minister of Government).

Abstraats of telegrame rant froa DepnrtzBeotsrovinces) to President and apparently passed on to Minister of Government.

Oopiea of censored cables of Haw fork Tinea oorreapondent (Kennedy).

*. Oenaral Character of tee Pocnaent*i

They reflectt

a) Expressions of support of tbe Arbensaring the hoatio, erltiosl JtJio days, on the part ofgovernors and peasant affiliates of tha Gf'CO.

b) Statements by peasant unions (affiliated with WOO)o defend th* regime with rt=sthe "imperialist lnr&ders".

o) Expressions of slarm, confusion and disbeliefArbens realgnation.

Th* deteml nation of cane ore to keep tha outside world front knowing about the fears of tba government and the populace.

Brief nottees re pianos sighted.

Aoouaatioae of disloyalty (to Arbens) on the pert of certain provincial offielals.

of various peasant uprisings.

of oupport of the arbehs reglBm on the part

of the PEO.

"'III. Material Located in Office of Miguel angel Maadlsahal, OMef of the Ooardla Judicial and Eetalned la the Office of the ttreeter of the Ouardia CItII (as of.


A snail oardboard box filled with OP Oaateaala documents and nenbarship books (obtained by Mondlsnbal at OP bend-qusrtara in early.

A list of foreignwho have been in Poetess la (with local addressee).

An alphabetical Hat of Guatemalan Ooceinnlrtc) with local addresson.

'Hotei Copies ofere obtained for Station


B. General, Character of tfw Dyouamtai

1. The CP docunanto wore mainly concerned with the DeparbMnt

of Guatemala; they ?lst dapsr teen tal officials; they are


Tho membership boo ha did not belongroainont Cosnaniete bat thoy am useful for Indexing aad poaoibla operational aaa on short-term

Tho lis to of foreign "Marxists" and frataaalan OoDBToalsta are of uaa; the lettar lo of libo aa an arrcst/aeerah Hot.

H. DoouBenta pertaining to former Chief of Ouardia Civil, Rsgelle ORUl war (Obtained through Station chaanela).

Of-euaantg: Tour polloe-type raporta to CRUZ, datedeaotlrltiea.

B. Ceoaral Obaracter of Poeumentai

report,ites the eetlrltlesemigres 'along theborder) vho were

contact la Cuatensla with that Col. Carlos GAS? DIG

Armas was axons the emigres. Surveillanoe of tha emigres was roooannnded.

report, datedited aotlvluLcSan invasion of Guatemala becked by tba United

Fruit Company.

Z. Documents Obtainsd fron the Palaelo Iteetonel through Cel. Joae Luis CRUZ Salasarember of the Junta).

A. Pocuaente.

A study dnted lnf the Mnner ia which banana production and marketing oould bo handled in the sweat tbe United Fruit Company should withdraw from Quateaala.

A Hot of the persons! eroendituros of Preeldent Arbena1 uifa, fron Febr'.sry through.

?. Memoranda and correspondence directad to President Arbont' wife, as President cf the Tnst! tutooa dauardartaa Infantllesonoaming trade union nativities relativeao sad oonoerning the witadravalonwailat woman from her peat Ir. the pertinent trade union. emnrAndisi fron tbe Coaarnnlattc Jose Manuel POnTFT, Sooretary General of the OP Guatemala, co.looming the same auhjaat matter.

XI. Doeunamt* Pertaining to Alfonso har tines (Chief of tbo DAI. an of Arbens fall). Obtained through Station sources.

A. Pooonentai Waoollanaoua letters, reoeipta, oertlflont*ca, nonnranda, etc,

Oanaral Chaxaoter of Documntaeste of possible interest)

ran* papers reflecting hla oilitary training and activities.

Certification by Jose Manual fortuny, as Secretary Qensral of.hat llfosso Hartlnss was

on active nouber cf.

) that Jnu-tlnoa vasoufileatlal mission abroad for thsand In* trusting a. eternise dlplosstloto piovlda necessary facilltiaB. Also,various dbblos, for noney reoedvod froa Amysuaelcns. 'Uf in tares'. Ln connectionof Alfonsoartidsstioo ln the purchaso

of the notorious arnsaperseskssvund fornlsalons" for tho Govcrnaaat.

As previously indicated, certain of tba docunantc mentioned in tha foragoiig gonsrnl notes, ware

brought back for briefing purpoeoa; thoy ar* being photographed and returned to the Station).

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