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SUBJECT 1 Official Cover Story

Lincoln Station Personnel

Ths following cover story applies to all LINCOLN Station personnel and may be used onln the Mi oral area. You should read thla cover storywa, if additionalor implementation of the cover story is needed, you will contact the Security Officer for advice and guidance.

You are an employe ofThis unit was established under hlch is an Agency within the Department, ox Defense, ineTTh you are assigned isield 'task? force sent out to make the initial exploratory survey toield adrun'strati ve office In other words, your unit was sent to thearea to setield office to handle the administration and paper work necessary for supporting tho technicians, engineers, chemists, biologists and geologists who will be arrivingater datethe budget is approved. At this time, only sufficient funds have been advanced for the unit to set up anoffice and make necessary arrangements to establish contact and channels of conmuilcations with various universities, manufacturing rosooroh laboratories, and various industrial end chemical concerns.

specific duties ore the aaao as in any government Job.

If youlerical employe, youypist, soorotnry, administrative assistent, otc. If youtaff omployo, you ore an "AdministrativeFinanceResearchLogisticsPlana end Supporttc. itle in tho government usually doesn'tndicate tho actual dutieserson, orake sense to othor government employes or persons outsido the government.

a. How did this take place and Just what is this unit all about? Tbo Department of Defense is the largest deportment ln the government and hasts Jurisdiction the Army, Navy, air Force, Marinesargo ruafcor of agencies. Officials high in the Department of Defense recognised the need for en orgPoiziUon to do certain research and survey wort that woe of interest cot only to tho Army, Navy and Air Force, but aj v> of interest to other government agencies within the defonso establishment. f this research is In the field ofsubjoctr relating tothingsineral deposits ord the tcrtirg of these depositsrible use In Industry or as possible sourcesnergy. Mirino doposlto (aboJ. eoraJ,ourd Jn Ironical rod tropicaluso haing collected andfor TWlooa


ft will also be

"i" rMUltthis rQSeQrchhelP inereat WW been madefT*?byhat manyplants are edible and con sustain the life

*deal of this research in the fieldsbotany, geology and chemistry Is naturelly classified. UCh ^search^ould develop ttbCaccept ,

Iou miBt remember that you are not one of the technical peoplenielda- Iou d0 haveTgeneral

fof the items of in torest to the technical people, but most of it is "Greek" to

W Job'ie to assist the technical

glow of technical reports, uditin*.

ewflli arenture personnel assist in typing those reports, makingmaterial for distribution,

7. In the simplest of terms, you ero working with aUnit to whloh has been'assignod members 5

rder to conduct' suxvly

0sed for other technical fields

QdiQtlon of various rare elemoats.V romefflbor the terms used In this Regulation Scurftv^rT^ JTer 3tCry- ontactfficer and he will assist you in putting tho story Into lan-


t0case. The fieldechnicafave any technical knowledge, andle of tit JiX1articularly interested once thoy learn of the technical nature of tho work.


x-Ono copy each staff




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