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"The People of Guatemala *lght for tha Tjdepepiiance of Theiretter from Southy J. Rodripieg

For over ten years American raonopollca have carried on all possible provocations against Ouatemala, with the aim ofegimetoegime oatab11shedesult of the persistant struggle of the people, "hey are striving to force upon thiaovernment which would serve the interest* of feudal-imperialist reaction, which would promote the mastery of foreign capitalist* in Ouatemala, and which would suppress ths movements of its masses fighting for its right* and national independence.

u, patriots of Ouatemala arose against the government of Generalco Casteneda, which hadilitarysurpassing ln lta cruelty all of the despotic regimes which Guatenala had endured. Thla government represented the Interests of feudalwho Interfered with the attainment of democratic freedom in the nation, bert>aroualy oppreaaed workers andnd destroyedInclined people.

These Guatemalan feudal landlords, in carrying out their policies, enjoyed the rapport of North American monopolise, to whoa theygranted tha basic wealth of Ouatenala in return for their polica aid. ajjnoatof the nation's territory and port* were placed at tha disposal of the Acer!can United Fruit Company. The railroads wore handed over to tho International Railways of Central America, and tho production of electric power was entrusted to the American firm. The Electric Company. US monopolist* robbed the Ouatanalan people and looted the natural resources of tha nation, ami amassed fantastic profit*. Had this wealth been left in Guatemala, the nation would have been able,

ear's time and without any difficulty, to double ito national


The government of ublco Caatenada waa overthrown by the people. From that moment on, the people's movement for demooraoy, for theof living conditions and national lndependonce began to takeroader and more decisive soope. The progressive government which cane to power, headed by Doctor Juan Jose Arevalo, astablished democratic freedoms, and limited the influence of foreign monopolies within the country.

All thasa meaeurea, plua tha reaolutanesa of th* new government ln defending the nation'a Interest* againat foreignave evoked In theront led anger and an aspiration to ilea troy the democratic Institutions aatabUahed in Guatemala. Over thirty conaplraciss, prepared and financntl by foreign ronopollea, have been organlwod against theof Arevalo^ of these conspiracies was openly directed by the American, "lchard Patterson, at that tine US ambassador to Ouatenala, It was for thla reason that the aforementioned gentleman waa declared to be "persona non grata" by the Guatemalan people, and tho government of Arevalo demanded Pattereon'a immediate recall by the US State Department.

At the same time the American monopoly, the United Fruit Company, blocked tha weakly developed economy of the nation by eueponding tbe roveaent of merchant vessel* under lt* control, and by refusing to abide by the laws of Ouatenala, thus doonlng to unemployment and poverty thousands of the nation's workers. All of thla was done in order to bring about tho overthrow of the decocratlo government of Ouatemala. But these intrigues of foreign monopolist* were shatteredovement of the national maaaea. Tbe forces of reaction did not succeed in halting tha march of democratic forces In ^atamala.

Over the paat three years, thanks to the growth of organization and Improvement In the morale of the workers and peaaanta, and thanks to tha unity of all of the nation's progressive forces, the people of Ouatemala

have made significant strides. Upon demand of the national masses the present government of Guatemala, headed by Colonel Arbens, successor to Doctor Arevalo, has announced that the national resources and the people of Guatemala shall not be used for an Imperialistic var. At the sama time, the government of Arbens has begun to lntroouce measures directed tovard the development of the nation's economy, measures which inoludeof new highways, seaports, and hydroelectric pover stations, as woll as the carrying out of agrarian reforms.

Ia order to con>rehend the significance of the agrarian reforms, one must keep ln mind the facteudal regime rules tbe agriculture ofegime supported by North American monopolies with the aim of keepingource of raw material and of further enslaving the nation. In Gjateaalaandlords own virtually all the land, -hla land is passud on, through inheritance, to children and grandchildren and thus remain ln the possession of these families. The system of large estates leads to the situationortion of the land remains un-vorksd, while the cultivated land Is given over naliGy to ooffee, whloh comprises the basis for the economy of Ouatemala. "Mb coffee is bought up by US monopolists and then resold to other nations.

Thousands of peasants, particularly the broad strata of poor peasantry whloh oomprisoa over 'jot of the nation's total population, do not own even tbe smallest patch of land. The life of these people is exceptionally difficult! they work from sunrise to sunset but their hard labor does not provide them with even the barest subsistence. The land owners "grant" thon only hunger, disease, and death.

The law on agrarian rofona, adopted last, yearesult of the persistent and prolonged str-ggle of denooratic forces, ia destroying the feudal system of landholdlng in the agriculture of Guatemala. The land Is passing fron the handsmall group of feudal owners to the hards of

the people who cultivate it. Large estates, belonging to Ouatamlanend foreign oonpanieshe United fruit Company, areup and distributed among tenants or transferred to thofarmhands, agricultural workers, and soldiers of the GuatemalanIn addition, will receive credits, seed, and fertiliser fron

The progressive neas-^res of the Guatemalan governmentrensied anger in the enemies of the Guatemalan people. US monopolists aro making great effort to prevent the government of Guatemala from aoqulring machinery necessary to the construction of highways, hydroelectric power stations, and ports. The landlords are seeking to obstruct the distribution of land to the peasants, are arranging tho morder of peasant leaders, ate. After the collapse of the legal machinations of the United Fruit Lompany directed against tho expropriation of "its" land, the company demanded theof the US State Department,

At tbo present tine, the intrigues of reactionaries against Guatemala are being intensified. The press of lhe United States of America is openly inciting to armed intervention against Ouatonala, employing the ftlse thesis that the democratic regime in Ouatonala allegedly "threatens the poaco and security of tho American continent." And such American public figures asne of the representatives of the United Fruituts forth the "thesis* that "action by armed forces of one or several American govemmnts against Guatemala should not be considered intervention."

Tho reactionary governments of tho nations of Central America have united, through the Organisation of Central American Nations and military alliances, into an aggressive bloc directed against Guatemala. In the spring of this year its participantsdlltary insurrection in the city of Salami. The insurrection was put dovn by the army of Guatemala and the

national masses. In view of similar provocations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala considered lt necessary to inforw the United Nations that the people of Guatemala will intensify their efforts in defending their national Independence and their democratic regime.

The Guatemalan Workers1 Party has called upon all patriots in th* nation to cone out againat the Intervention of foreign troops, to develop the movement for poaoa, and toireless battle against feudal-Imperialist reaction, Tho Workers' Party has oailed upon the people to assist in introducing the progressive measures of the Arbenz government In order to achieve an Improvement in workers' living standards. It callstrengthening of the alliance between workers and peasants, and the unity of workers and of all democratic foroos of the nation. Although the Interventionist measures of foreign monopolies were overturned thanks to tho resolution of the national masses, that does not precludo thethat imperialist* and their lackeys in Central America will anka now effort* at open intervention in Ouatemala.

However, tha people of Guatemala, despite its ssmllness, ia aware of lt* strength, and realizes that it ia not alone. On it* side is the sympathy of all peoples of the world, the growing forces of fighters for demccraoy and peaoo.

Throughout all of America workers and all progressively Inclined peoples stand solidly with th* peoplea of Cuataamla. "The example ofhearty of the United States declared, "shows thatmall and economically backward country. If its people are united under the slogan of tha defense of independence and denocratle freedoms, is capable of withstanding tho prosauroa and Intrigues of mora powerful imperialist

Source: Pravda, U., loverines, fall text.

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Latter to the UX Secretariat" Guatemala nitbdreire froa Orfeaiaalioa of

Oenlrel American Batlma brain of lnterferanoe ln "liaala 'Internal


'kroh, Page I. Company's land ln Guatemala Expropriated" Hova,anuary, Page 3 "The People's Determination to Intensify the

Struggle Against Iaporiallet Enslavers Grows -- On the Results of

Elections to the Guatemalan National Assembly" Isvestlva.anuary, Page 4 "Victor, of Guatemalan National UheraUon front, iivasiiaa* January, Page 4 "Theof Guatemala Vote For Candidates

of the Progressive Bloc"

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