Created: 1/9/1954

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. Subject will be the PBSUCCESS representativedirect all

PM, PP and FX natters under the direction of LINCOLN end coordination


b. The representative will be placed in contact vith SEQUIN, whoin overall charge of the CALLIGERIS organisation in This channel can be usedeans of contact with. FKf

PP and FI personnel.


The PM program will be the most coaplex and that ln whichbe the most activity providegives his full


* * 1 C *

consent and fully "cooperates. The most important,part of this program will be the shipment of arms into Guatemala.outes and means for shipment of arms:

Meet the necessary station contacts,

tc. Station will introduce representative to necessary'



; The representative will provde LINCOLNirecti^

tbe PP organ inj!

This group is being directed by the CALLIGERIS organization inirect, on-the-spot contact is needed. ;-

The FI effort 1j

mostlyE nature.

Our contacts with immigration and therovide us with any

information we desire in regard to all; people entering or leaving

the country.

Tbisairly good check on couriers being used by the enemy,

their destination and whereabouts. We also through these channels

have access to information obtained by these two government organs.

olitical situat


all future developments, with thtJ representative via'sensitive natters and by direct courier from on

routine field operational

For any detailed operational developments the

representative can come ta conferenceatter

ol inutes by plane and return the following day.

1 trip totb- L JJ representative 'would be


as'consisted* himself inaneer^ tothat it makes it extremely difficult foro drop tho ERRATIC contact without sose moans of doing so. "f't'f?'-

. . vi * * * 'r* " '

When the f_ 3representativeRRATIC that he has done everything be possibly can end he-la now

* fat**) :

turning the contact over to this new representative L.

who will review his assets and determine whether the ERRATIC assets

operation* ;

This maneuver is being made to takeff the hook and to keep tabs on ERRATIC. The new representative has to:be very '7 careful not to bocome too involvdd or make any corandtawints; whatsoever

are worthwhile giving future backing and making plans for' an

ERRATIC so that he will-not be committed

any way so tnatne


drop hla any

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