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tha aorning weong discussion of concepts while at the breakfast table. had contemplated that he vould want to go to Churchny wife and nyself told hi* that there was ain the nearby vicinity and we were wondering athe would like to go to Mass. He replied that actually

he isracticing Catholic although he believed inof the Catholic Church but not in the Churchsaid, however, he had no objection to the fact thatand his children were extremely active andgoers. He said that tbe Catholic Church, as itisorce against Cocmnuiisn and hestrength in combating Convunisa. However, he saidconvictions were slightly apart from theof the Churchj therefore, he did not feel itattendnlarly. No further plans were madeMass ir


same morning3again read to me hlaof political and ideological ideas, theive page letter which he had prepared beforefor the United States. My attention was calledgeneraltated thatublicity man,be highly advantageous for the propaganda campaign topoints, whenever possible, of certain generalwhich this plan contained. dvised that although

his program asked for social welfare care, lt would be much more advantageous if he could pinpoint one or two specific activities which he would like to accomplish immediately after he took office. He agreed with roe and stated that in the future, when possible, specific points would be made.

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promises would be kept, and carried out, if he were to assume the control of tbe Government.

3.C 3thenit about the visit ofARENASHe stated that both men were des-

perate for news regarding the early activation of tbecause against the Communists. They askedC f he had been able to raise any money, and he saidnat, he had not been able to raise any money in the United States* They then asked him where the money had come fron, up to date, and he told them that the money has come from Guatemalans. They said they were surprised to hear this, but they thought the really large support must be forth-cooing from the United States. They intended to use all of their contacts to exploit their case. They said that they would talk to McCarthy, to Vice-President Nixon,and to any other representative in the Department of State or any branch oj the government who might possible give them some assistance.

u. C aid that he had advised then to make no overt effort to gain support. He told them that the matter would be handled by hisnd that it would takemore time and training forovement. At the present time, ARENAS and OCANA could offer no assets to obtain any backing from any of the people they indicated they would see. However, he said it would be Impossible to stopJ,hem. He heard no further word from them until ARENAS and OCANA were returning. They both advised him that they had seen many other people whom they indicated they would see in Washington; however, they said tliey had received no tangible aid or financial support from any of the individualsthey had contacted. They were desperate then and wanted C. o advise them whathey could take back to their groups and to RUFUS. aid the by-word for those groups and for HUFUS is to be patient. The words which

"*ed in Spanish were: "Tenga fe enaid that he gave them no further indicationconnections he had in the Unitedndfact that any support 'we'were

getting would be from Guatemala. He further advised them that the entire attempt to throw the Communists out of Guatemala would come from within the country and not from without.

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aid thatonBidored OCANA and ARENAS to be opportunists or personally not Intelligent enough tothe necessity for waiting until the movement was ripe for success* sked him how be could control the actions of such individuals as ARENAS and OCANA. aid that was quite easy because hla group gave the financial backing to ARENAS' PGA group. Therefore, it would be very simple for him to cut further trips to the United States merely by controlling tbe purse strings, he said that although he waa not personally knowledgeablo, lt was obvious to him that the two men had made the trip on funds which had come originally from hlo group.

7. At thisdvised him of the arrival of Mr. COLON, an individual who was collaborating with ne and who presently would be in HONDURAS. tatedoped we wouldood chance to chat with him. witt C ince we hoped thaif^ ouldetter of reccommenda-tion accrediting Mr. COLONrganisation indvised him that Mr. COLON wouldoawatnications linkechnical advisor who would provide assistance to propaganda group in aid that he wouia de very happy to do this and that, in addition to this, he wouldersonal communication to RUFL'S indicating that COLON would bo available to assist the propaganda group in Honduras. At this point, it was neoessary to break up the conversation because of COLON' arrival it [_



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