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esting with9

Present: vr. Wisnerr. Helsaing (CWH),


X" skwffor detailed he recent blackdue hoffie

to RDTOS. No one present wasoursto provide thei Tofte to procure "Juad AMD.

2. Voneaaelan Aldi

The reported offer of support froa the President of Vaseiuela to RUFUS was discussed in general. It ass agreed that, provided this was bandied urv'er our supervision and Bonitorlnc, thla issue night serve as on* of the "local oooke screens" that could protect PBSUCCESS.

ACTIO*- to workRUFUS.

APJuKAS/fl"ANA Visit-

Recent reports conoernlng the nove^ents and contacts of AESHAS and 0CANA in. weresod. Concern was expressed regarding their approaches to Congressional figures including Senators Mundt and McCarthy. It was agreed that VN/LXNCObN ahould

Wrotel/$Ii after checking draft with DD/P. Report forwarded to DCI via CWH and DD/P.

eaaure ofARENAS and OCANA their

representatives in the target country.

ACTIO Hi Tofte to preparefrono DCI. o see draft.)

5. Piaoaaslon with Hrltlah Rep.i

CWH renortedwetlng thathad with

British Eaeassy

here. reeeed concern about the target country and appeared to be "fishing'* for inform tion aa to Agency activities. ClH hedged and diecuaaed generalities baaed on recentress and ueriedBritish reaatlon to poeaibla cnrtailwent of oil deliveries (Shell Co.). He stated tha British ara ready to assist ln action against target country Including carta!leant of oil

ACTION iprovloe copies

of Cabot's (StateTrecent stateaante. Senator Wiley's official remrka and senator Rlckenloopar'a speech for i ndleating that this repreaented ln. official attitode. At tha earn tlee, British views ahould ba solicited in light of above official etateaenta and BrtUah outlet* should be ancouraged to supportherever possible.

6. Canadian RusloesB Inauei

decent report about Aiwrioan business-nan in target country contacting Canadian flra concerning arcrainitlon

firmm Pont subsidiary) to be investigated and counteracted by CM. ACTIONi o handle and report at next week's meeting.

Psywar aaterlal:

Certain aatarial in thebaroaeter report" tnto

attention for psywar use. This aaterlal Includes alleged Soviet aid0 as wall aa planting and expanding ruaors concerning die-aatisfaction within targetis Oovernasnt. ACTIONi CWB to handle.

Discussedt -J

to Nloarafloa Pactiiscussed UP news its* dated

anoncerning solitary pact negotiations with Nicaragua andto sane on the part of national Convention of pro-Oovernaent Party of Guateaala revolution. General Labor Confederation and Rational Peasant Confederation (the latter two protesting against Alexander slier'*CT!OHi Tofte to ask Q C/IO) to arrange for official Anrrican labor /ICFTU denunciation of Ouat labor organisations

atvire protests. ahould be lnfomed of above

regarding r aid.


^y> infora a) tottention to isawidiate result of Nioarague pact news within target country and (b) encourage tapt. of Defense to wakethat pact not necessarily directed against anybody but part of. policy to asslat deserving people all over the world.

ACTION- eH to obtain textopted resolution fror Ouat otation.

Saw f ours.

He will arrange aatter for AFofL oieetlng scheduled soon in Uland-

Emphasized real need CIFTU to carry ball.

0Sh re briefing

C 3

I SAMS V.p/Ops

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