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Office Memorandum .'vmxzD states

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FROM : Asst. Director for Communications

SUBJECT: Considerations Involved in Selection of Site for SHERWOOD Program.

1. As originally planned, the SHERWOOD program consisted of threeropaganda broadcasts, the use of "ghost voice" technique against target city radio stations, and the taking over of the target area listening audience on "D" Day.

- 2. Technically, all phases of SHERWOOD can be accomplisheduitable ship. hip must be of sufficient size to accommodate the antenna and equipment installation. In addition, the ship must be of sufficient sea-worthiness to maintain stationeriodeeks. It is believedhip lengtheet is required, however, the exact length of ship will be determined by factors of ship design. Final decision on type of ship to be used would be made by the Navy based on exact requirements furnished by communications engineers.

To maintain the SHERWOOD program for an operational periodonths, it is necessary to have two ships assigned to the project. Twoof equipment would be necessary but all equipment would be The assignment of two ships allowing for necessary ships replenishment, upkeep and repair, and crews leave and relaxation would provide uninterrupted program coverage.

The security problems inherent in the use of two Na,vy crews are many. It may be remembered that the AEC had security leaks following recent atomic tests even though efforts were made to indoctrinate the Navy crews in the necessity for security.

It is believed that by use of properly equipped aircraft thereossibility of pinpointing the broadcast and locating the broadcast ship. If the ship flies. flag the broadcast would be of known U. S. sponsorship. However, while

U. S. sponsorship would be known, it would be very difficult toase that would stand up in the United Nations.

areful consideration of the problem of the selectionite for SHERWOOD indicates that there are four possible choices:

ependent upon re-selling Somoza on basinghis country. Drawback.Somoza has complete control over program andat any time.

- Requires assignment two ships.

with backup shipboard. If Somoaa resold on program,in Nicaragua. As contingency planning, have one ship assignednecessary equipment installation. Ship to standby to take overforced out of Nicaragua. In addition, the ship can be used to giveadditional coverage if the Nicaragua broadcast remains tenable.

Central and South Americany eliminatingthe propaganda broadcasts from SHERWOOD program, baseany other politically tenable country.

Approval and sponsorship of SHERWOOD would be required of the selected country.

The number of daily hours that could be used for broadcasting would depend on the country selected. Depending upon the distance from the target area, this coverage could vary from full desired coverage to two to three hours daily coverage.

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