Created: 1/20/1954

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um^for tbe Record

Frank Schroeder, of tbe staff of tbe Immigration Subcommittee of tbe Senate Judiciary Conmittee, informed me that tbe Committee has an "agent" who has performed very good services for them, and wbo Schroeder bas arranged to have sent on private financing to Guatemala. He ehould arrive In Guatemala this week.

Schroeder stated that the man was quite brave and foolhardy and bad at one timean. He was, therefore,.afraid for _hig agent's safety, forand vlth the thought that we night* keep ajTeye^on bla, he nas furnished me with the agent'6 name; wnTch

3- ^ellegedly has extremely close contacts with certain people in Latin America through Batista In Cuba. Schroeder has promised to make available to us any inf onnation which Iproduces in Guatemala. It may be that we may wish to inform our station chief in Guatemalaestricted basis as to whof. 3lc in case he should 6tart wandering around Guatemala.

h. It would be of some interest to knew also how good abe.

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