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Col. j. C.

Ho*ev of my spontaneous impressions which say be of interest,

I aa vary men concerned abort the international eenseausnees of visible signs. official support, especislly In case the violent otepa planned for the final stages auat be carried out to achieve the objectives of PBSUCCESS.

It eeema that lt la now time to re-examine the extent toovernment Intentions have already been compromised.

If. Oniiioing to be obliged to shov its hand to achieve syocessr, ve vOsld be better off etteanrtlng to do the entire Job economically (economichlch ve probably could do; ve vould stigmatise our iirternational reputation lass through economic Intervention than through military intervention.

in adnd that the closer BTJFU3 geta to the target,

the ies. vill b, (and the less ahould be) our control, it vould therefore


5. m not sold on. pressure in most cases. Thetoe upcoadng Caracas Conferencease lnother latin American country should have been induced to We ahould be careful about this in all phasesttarget people in support

hat ve did la Argentina daring

aia0ecord" ofives as the*O remove covertly, J'wShout"lobbed

intensive PP action before the

o the record, RTJFC3 fears

that advance PP action villremature, abortive andelaying, coup. But BUFUS must alsohange of ragime without bis being on band to carry the banner. Therefore, his views about advance PP action are probably not entirely object Ire.

that the greatest weakness in the KJJCCVH

aspects of this operation is, end will continue to be, lack of control.

distances" involved7 acurlty, the numbers of people and

In order to take up theelieve sone of our PP develojamnts, froa now on out, should be In tha form of activities conducted only. clt liens; example -

coffee advertising clrdlsx to that disseminated by

the target country's Departnant of Agriculture. Usenly Guatemalan Coffee ls Free of the Injuriousend these folders to coffee buyers throughout Europe and. This vould help to discredit the target vlth other coffee-producing countries.

using our own aircraft, moke high altitude drops of black materials over tbe target, in case lt Is not otherwise operationally feasible.

mall naval0 toss or less, to usurp the target's radio loog-vave bands. The ship would broadcast bona fide programs recorded earlier by our station In target country. The programs would bo Interspersed with statements by target labor loaders defiling the fat, rich and lazy arsry of the target country.

We could also fake some broadcasts from Moscow praising the target leader for his paternalistic guidance of the five countries in his area, his ability to give the lion's share of the fruits to lafaorvithout Incurring the Ill-will of the Army,

should try toistasteful black campaign.other countries of the area paimtfilets eulogizingUtlA" as the guardian angels of theto theVITA" approach). Ve would have tostamps and postmarks.

(a) Covert economic pressures could be Initiated now, but. band (and certainly. official hand).would have to remain hiddea. The ideal way would be to bang the blame for diminishing supplies of oil, newsprint, etc. on target labor. But even engine trouble. tanker at sea vould probably be very difficult, operationally, to arrange. Preclusive buying of the usual target imports would be effective, but difficult operationally. Any internal monetary maneuvering would probably cause enduring difficulty for the consolidation teamay. Thereew import items critical to target Industry on which we couldyes ia one ouch item.

6. My remaining niscellansous thoughts are; -


we mutt chooee andiberation slogan vhieb vill appeal to both army and labor.

We abould promote ABABA aa the martyr.

(e) eptember le national Independence lay; the armed forceo vill be off-balance because of the usual parades; most of the people will be half -unconscious from overeating and over-drlnklng;ay?

will have an easier tine getting recruits from neigh-

boring countries under theUBT.OH CffOTRGAMSRICAIlA COTTRA CQMUZTCSM At least fourteen Central American armies have been organized since

parts of tbe PBSUCCESS project requireend logistical research. It la suggestedlready have most of these data in their- power stations, telephone centrals, water conduits,mountain passes, level-covered ground for staging areas).

eelot of excellent thinking has gone Into theand will undoubtedly alter some of my first-hand Impressionsew days at Lincoln.



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