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Chief of Station, *aehln;;ton


Information Regarding Anti-Government rltina Reference: ,

for the information of Lincoln anda copy ofletter from the American AabaaaadorEDDY of the lepartmont of ^tete end dated


enclosedony of the memorandum attached toletter and prepared by Andrew B. RARDLAW,in the American Babaaay. It le thoughtInformation may be of interest in connectionabove project. It was supplied by the same source

as that of.

K. Heagey

Letter and Memorandum as noted




American Umbasay,

Guatemala City, Guatemala,



Dear Ray:

Enclosedurther memorandum on anti-government activity in Ouatomala.

Sincerely yours,



Copy of Memorandum.

Raymond G, Leddy, Esquire, Officer In Charge,

Central America and ranamfi Affairs,e* State,

Department of State, Washington, P. C.



TO : The Ambassador PROS: Andre* PL Kardlaw

SJ3JEC1: Purtnor Information Regarding Anti-Government Plans by Source of. Report ofU

Tho entl-Oovornmont.leaders intend to strike next month before the Caracas Conference. They contoaplato an Invasion from Honduras end simultaneous uprisings In all parts of In most places these uprisings are expocted to meet with lamedlate success, but in Guatemala City, Puorto Barrios, Zacapa, and other points, they are likely to encounter strong resistance.ders are not particularly concerned about opposition from the Army,ey believe will be largeeutral or divided, but they are worried about shock troops composed of selected workers who have been organized and, presumably, trained. They also are worried about the police. Thoy are particularly concerned about tho possibility of heavy street fighting aod possibly mob action by workers and Indians especially brought into Hint one la City to protect the Government.

To arm their forces in the country adequately, there le needed. In addition to preventight machine guns,eavy machineub-machinexplosive handncendiary hand grenades,ortars, and supplies of pistols and rifles. Apparently arms forforces constitute no problem, and singularly enough, no mention has been madeeed for airplanes.

Thereteady stream of men leaving the country by train, plane, and particularly by highway, going to Join toe prospective invading forcesonduras.

?he anti-Co!TT.jnIst forces need moneyofor'use In Ounte-rala inlimate for their move. They wish to carryf propaganda in tho proas, ln leaflets, and in pamphlets. This would probably be dono by the rcr^lar antl-Co-rnuniat organisations In tho country and would be as open es possible. ce the nooglns aoney will be neededylnc troops. mphasized to ay contact that they jauat not look to us for nonoy since wb wouldo do with their reoverrent.) Re Indicated thut money was not needed for forces now outfide of the country or for winning over key unay or othor personnel.


An ef.'ort will mado to glvo aa aonio kind of forewarning on the attemptocul.

Tho leadors arc concerned about the possibility of movea by the Government aiiumunir to anticipate tliti attenpt by the anti-Coanunista. They fear the Government supporters nightaoaotaso" in which mobs would kill enti-Communii't leaders and sack their homes, taking their records and arms. Inircumstance theould probably ba not too discriminating about whose homes they were pillaging. Possibly the COTG'sat the end of this month mi;ht serve as an occasion forsuch an attack against opponents of the Governaont.

-Ic. Julio QO'AJZ Jadilla, wail

known pro-Communist magistrate, recently told his father, Julio

Robloa, that the 'jovernuiont actually ls expecting *uifroa Honduras and Salvador, and the Government has decided tnat when it begins It will take "hostages" by arresting tho aioet prominent members of the opposition, anti-Communists, and itoabers of the wealthy classos aaeople knoim for theirsympathies. Lists of persons to be arrestod aro already troparcd.

The anti-Communists think that it la possible, although not probable, that pro-3overament any leaders suoh as >laz or Sanchez al-ht seize power andartial oloan-up of tho situation beforo tha anti-Communists car.launch tholr movement. This wouldifficult problem for the anti-CoHmunlsts. Howover, they bollovo thatrour could not remain long in pooor.

My contact gave aie tho naiae of an individual who hoo the Internal Civilian loader of the.

In the event my contact leaves the city, his contacts would

like to kt-op the pretant chunuel of communications with thopen, and have suggested nomasaid that no would be -ladnrta or of tion.

Snrrlos Pens ls not trusted by thla group whose principal leader is Castillo Armas. Barrloi lena is sitting alone ln SI Salvador without friends or supi orters. It was pointed out that it ns'j stranje that barrios "ena'a brother whoandidate for Mayor of 'iuatesiala City was connected with every unsuccessfulagainst tho TovernToents of Arevalo or Arbenz, but was never arret* tod.

The recent1 tho CUAUOL, the ooanltteii of exiled anti-Cossunlst students ln Honduras, outline .he pl<f tho CA group snd wore made with full authorityA.


Fopadoupolls, the Secretary of the Guardia Judicial, the Secret Police, was founder o" the Communist Party in Puerto Earrloa.

The Ouateaalan Jovernaent Is trying to purchase9 froc Costa Rica.

Cleawnte Uarroquin Hojaa, the anti-OS, antleditor or Ir.racto.a god-father to President Arbens' son, Jacob!to.


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