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routing and record sheet

INSTRUCTIONS: Officer designations should be used in the 'TO" column. Under eachine ahould be drawn across sheeteach comment numbered to corretpond with tli* number in tha "TO" column. Each officer should initial (check mark insufficient) further routing. This Routing and Record Sheet should be returned to Registry.

m TtigfeRfeftL review program

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tt^- -- -- i, 4



Proposed PP Program, Stage Tvo, PBSUCCESS

I. General Objectives:

for PBSUCCESS, un-numbered TS Documenttated two general objectivesUCCESS:

covertly, and without bloodshed if poMtbltj

the menace of the present Coamunist-controlled governaent of Guateaala."

"2. To install and Buutaln,ro-US government in Guatemala."

conformity with the above general objectives ofgeneral objectives of the overall PBSUCCESSrogrsa should be:

instill covertly, ln the various Guatemalanevolutionary program that inspires their willwithout bloodshed if possible, the raenoco of thegovernment of Guatemala.

instill covertly, through the revolutionary program,

a political cliaate in Guatemala that willro-US government.

II. General Objectives for SV>re Two. Preliminary Conditionine;:

A. Stage One Report, iBSUCCESS, un-numberod TS Document datedtated four general PP objectives for Stage Two:

"B. Create dissension and defection within the target."

nc. Discredit target at bane end abroad."

"D. Demonstrate inability of target regime to represent beat interests of people."

Create hope and encourage patience among non-CoamunlatB."

B, The themes and methods of media employment hereinafter proposed are designed to achieve tho above objectives of Stago Tvo.

HI. Phaaini::

above general objectives for Stage Tvo call for threepublic mood to be engendered during Stage Two:

Depressionnd Dj

Division (Objective B)

3. Hope and Patience (Objective E)

themes and methods of media employment hereinafterthis phasing.

IV. General ftimnrv of Target Croups. Aonroaches. Media:

A. Political leadership Groun

Hostile. Thoro areoacow-trained CccBaunistP members, and oovorol thousand pro-governnent politicians, officials, and labor leaders,

b. Friendly. Thoro are, in and outside Guateaala, two antl-Coaeunist leaders, perhapshard-core" antl-Ceramist students, and several hundred active anti-Coanunlst politicians, professional people, businessmen, and labor leaders.


Primarily intellectual and theoretical propaganda with thefollowing objectives:

Communism and Irreconcilableand without Guatemala.

doubt and defection among weaker CcgraunistsHow- trave lers .

the onti-Communists self-assurance and rallythe promise ofpositive platform.

d* Energize politically less active individuals to join Uie anti-Coamunist leadership.

SErfEf *w

3. Media

Rtbelde. the anti-Communist student paper being publlshod weekly in Guatemala Gity, supported and partially controlled by CIA. Because of tho traditional influence of students on Guatemalan politics and the connection of Rebelde backers with other antl-Communist groups, this medium appears suited to leadership-level propaganda.

fU>- Radio- The proposed clandestine radio, or RUFUS stations, will be heard by friendly and hostile leadership groups, and will therefore devote part of its time specifically to then.

Overt Certain general attacksthoory and practice can be planted in the Guatemalan independent press through and, possibly,

ps. Mail from outside.


Has. Mail to outside, ostensibly frca target.

1. Description

There arermy officerswith the army or ln other governnent posts, who mustto bo hostile until proven otherwise.

KUFUS, in addition to his personalto bo able to makeen. Retiredand non-coms within Guatemala nay be candidatesgroup.

2. General Approach

Primarily propaganda onand military subjects with the following objectives:

army officers who adhere unuaveringly to and the ^cenmunists.

less committed arpy officers of thedanger of the present course, and begin their defection.

the RUFUSolitical conviction fortraining and eaployaent.

for the RUFUS forces.-


a. The^riting staff of CEUAGe) astudent publication

Honduras, saouid abandon ^ls current work and instead begin ublicationeekly entitled approximately "Nuestro fclprcltoor circulation to both Cuateoalan officers and rufus trainees.

PT/U. Radio. The clandestine radio,stations, will bo heard by Guatcaalon officers,therefore devoto part of its time specifically to them.

Guatemala. UjJ Military Missions inUS Military Mission personnel will be requested tochance remarks and innuendo, the demoralization ofAray.

c Overt Press. ertain anount ofand doubt can be communicated to Guatemalan officersplanted in the Guatemalan independent, overtthrough Guatoraala

C folltlcal Followers

Politically cccplaissat andprofessional people, landowners, workers,officials, policenen,ostileproved otherwise. The numbercf such politicallyis, the rdghest number of peoplevoted in Guatemala.

Tho same groups ure variouslyer cent anU-Coanunlst at heart.


Prioarily factual, or allegedly factual, "what's-in-it-for-rae" propaganda with the following objectives:

seriouu worry and fear about poraonal

feeling that followers' politicalcause of their dire ocononic prospects.

choice between collaboration and miserypolitical attitude, and prosperity.

choice between collaboration and punishmentpolitical attitude, forgiveness, and prosperity.

3. Media

The writing staff of FACE, aCIA-financed emigre publication in El Salvador, shouldcurrent, general work and instead begin publication ofentitled approximately "Nosotros Cluda-jancs."to the political followers in Guata-.ala.

PT/U. Radio. The clandestine radio, orwill be heard by political followers and willpart of its timo specifically to thorn.

c Sticker and Handbill Campajrn. The CU-financed ESSENCE group in Guatemala City should abandon its sticker campaigns which attack Communism generally, and instead circulate stickers and handbills that complain about prices, wages, taxes, payroll deductions, poor medical services, graft, mismanagement of land reform, etc.

d- Overt Press. The Guatemalan overt,press can bo counted onertain amount of criticism of government policies and actions in the social and economic fiold. oMBBaat Guatemala Station assets may be able to systematize this criticism.

Anti-Communist labor leaders. be equipped with propaganda materiala endto enlarge their following and impede


The mass of Guatemalans ls Indian,politically inert. As long as they acquiesce in thethey must be countedostile asset. Inmass elements have been duped by Communist propagandabe mobilized by the enemy for demonstrations andviolence.

Given the low level of politicalcohesion of tho mass, it should be possible to mobilizeit for expressions of discontent, demonstrations, andagainst the roglme.

2. pproach

Principally emotional, superstitious, non-rational propaganda with the following objectives:

on religious and superstitious mass feelingsan atmosphere of worry, uncertainty, and restlessness.

the present regime and situation assuperstitious images of evil.

3- Media

cT/U. Radio. The clandestine radio, orwill be heard by poople with access to the mass,for mass consumption vill therefore be carried Some radio broadcasting may be in an Indianon availability of linguistically trained personnel.

Overt Press. The overt pressthe radio campaign and carry certain original

. Anti-Communist laborshould be encouraeod to instill recalcitrance andComaunisL agitators and organizers in peasants ond

ESSE1CS Group. Certain stickers anditems of superstitious significance to the Indians should

be posted or distributed by the ESSENCE distribution aechanlsifl.

Landowners. Through landowners'should bo guided in ways of worrying theirassociation with Communism and the present regime.

Political Leadership Propaganda Themes:

A. Caioral Characteristics

1." Political leadership propaganda speaksuthoritatively, and decisively net quibble; it does not cry over spilt milk; it does not fuss with statistics, minor incidents or legalisms; it does not argue with Communism. Political leadership propaganda declares and prophesies.

leadership propaganda disalsses the recentdoes not bicker aver who betrayed the Guatemalan Revolution ofwho violated toe Constitution; nor doeo it argue the meritsof the Revolution or the Constitution themselves. propaganda simply accepts the factera in Guateaala; that era has conplotely lost its vitalityits usefulness; it is timehange.

leadership propaganda honors the past. Itha true heir of and successor to everything powerful, noble,

and worthy in Guatemalan history.

Political leadership propaganda captures tho sense of the future. Itadical break with tho sordid present. It ummons up remembrance of past greatness. It calls on the people to enter Into the most glorious phase of Guatemalan history.

5. The media for political leadership propaganda support each other. El Rcbelde leads,eneral, impulsive way; this is desirable because it is visible to tho public and therefore can be taken more seriouslylandestine radio; it is also important or the morale of the most dedicated antl-Communists that they are the spark. The clandestine radio supports Rebe^de's campaign,ore thoughtful, deliberate, authoritative manner. The overt press, where possible, actshorus, repeating, discussing and advertising the work of RpbeTde and the radio.

Specific Themes (for thirty-dayPr/lg,Rcbejlde; PT/l, PT/2


is the Voice of the Future. Ue are in the hills of Guatemala. The Futuro boginsisten to us...

Repeat above. 1, Repeat above.

U. Kisery of country. 1 All pride and hope are gone. . Fear, worry, misery ln

every heart.

5* The people are divided.

7 Nobody truets anybody.

. Everybody la out for Civil chaos exists.

_ 6. There is no leadership. Corruption, confusion, and timid incompetence reign.

/ 7. There is national humiliation at hone and abroad.

In its issue of the same week.

Kebelda censer to be astudent publication.

Students are theional leaders of Guatemalan politics. They must' today. Politicos must"join and follow them. Paper now speaks for entire national leadership of honest men.

Country's thinking people are mentally bankrupt:

depend on USSR

depend on Reds

is chaos.

Me protest against our wn past inadequacy. Ue resolve to atone by leading the country out of chaos.

AH must join and help, s

Notes appearance of radio station.

Notes changed approach of Rebelde and wishes it well.

Assists in self-examination of thinkers.

Elaborates on internal/ division and humiliation themes.


Kabeldo; PT/j, PT/2 /

Press: T/l2

Why havo wo failed? Tvo reasons: thinkers arc Isolated from peopleorrow froa abroad.

Isolation ofroa ladinoo.

Isolation ofroa Indiana.

Lonelineos of leaders. Unless wo get back to the people, we and the nation vill oollapso.

Borrowing froa abroad. We applied ideas out of context. EBtrangodand hurt nation.

Ue borrowed liberal democracy, capitalism and Fascist. Played vlthfter another like toys.

U. , vo borrovod oreign socialfst' Popular Front idoas. Uead good intentions. But our vanity triumphed. Ue were not so much interested in sound ideas as in simply being with the Intellectual avant-garde.


In its issue of the seme week, El Kc-clic disavows the Kcvo-lutlon

Ho time to quibble over what went vrong. The fact is that the Revolution, once full of hope, Isiasco.

The Revolution buried Ubico, and that was all to the good. Kow it has served its purpose. Let us bury it.

Revolution has wound up in sordid, hopeless mess. This is no time for false sontl-entality about dreams of ton years ago.

Many able men are now orrified by the Frankenstein they created

On to

Reports that Reds are' worried by the radio.

Discusses> repudiation

Discusses lack of v" national solidarity.

Replies to Redn radio and Rebelde.

have Communism, the worst borrowing of all. Its influenco ia only the sign that we are too lazy to think for ourselves. Folly of borrowinglaviciles away.

Communism doesn't fit x/ Guatemala bocuaseis religious.

CoBBunlso doesn't fit becaase Guatemalaarming country.


Communismelatlvo ph It is withering away.

Why not have it disappear in Guatemala: This could givelobal leadership.

Therehance to como out of this chaos stronger thaa before.

Inapplicability ofto Guatemala.

ng. 1. Makos general at-

on Communist theory. irst2. Shows how wrong theories load to practical' fiascos.

Expresses hope that uatemala can be "cured."

Declares Reds and government really worried.

Replies to Redn radio and Rebelde.

vj rj/->

Overt Press:T/l?

doesn't fitause more than half theare Indians, and Reds can only deal with tribal groups by liquidating them.

So Communism has no validity for-our people. Let's get rid of4 Revolutions

Perhaps the past ten years have been to the good aftere have run the gamut of irre- ponsibility and have brought our country to the lowest ebb. Perhaps things had to get so bad in order to get bettor.

Ho use crying over spilt milk. Tine toresh start.

Can ue? Can we get out of Communism? Sure. Marxism will wither away just like previous systems. Prove it by Marx.

Marxism is relative. ill fade

liave ue resources for resh start? Suro. Look at past history of country.

fore history. .

I-fere history. .

Have we resources?ure, look at our country.

Have uc resources? Sure. Look at our people.

Jieve we resources? Sure, look at us.

Let's go tos the year.

Past national greatness.

IrcsenL potential for greatness.

National pride.

Let's be really avant-arde by finding what is best for Guatemala. Let us, for once, be true toand our people.

Forwardhe. year of greatness.

Report Mountingorry and despair.

Echo radio and Rebeldethenes.

Reply to Red attacks. ^


leadership propaganda enphaslzos the concept of-"citizens first, soldiers second." V

Military leadership propaganda emphasizes the conceptoyalty to an illegalia

Kllitary leadership propaganda combines talk of honor and glory with the "wbat's-in-it-for-oe" approach.

The media far oilitary leadership propaganda support each other. "El Siercito Huevo" loads, in order to givt prestige to the friendly Hi forces and to establish RUFUS leadership over those forces. The clandestine radio supports and elaborates oaerclto Hyovo" themes. Because of the sensitivity of the subject, limited support can initially be expected from the overt press

and very limited support from tho US Missions.

B. Specie Themgs (for thirty-day period)



which is to

1. "The Voice of

Ei Eiercito Huevo: rT/6

the Future" will be speaking to the Army. Listen at..



Everyoldier oustfor his Ue arebut we are of our people. Ue know about their plight. Describe.

Ueave lent aid to Communisc. Look what that hasto our land. /

Look what that has done to the army. No aid. The army loses, the people lose, the nation loses.

'La Ejercito Muevo.

appoar in place of CEUAGE, andSe the CEUAGE symbols^ will appear weekly, with four pages of four columns each.

Lead editorial-center twoTimetates Nurabergof soldiers as

Article,general misery of country. Cont'd.

Article,,escribes how army- ccrile alliance haa hurt country. Cont'd. Thus,how link between misery and Ccmmunista.

, Col,4lack of aid, high costrma, damage to country at name and abroad. .

Feature article diacusses weakness of given garrison.

sue on which tbe German offcs failed. Loyalty to an illegal govt is treason.

notes on transfers, Ue have the is-lproootioas, orders in Ouat

anything to show army it is penetrated by friendly forces.



Motes ap- earance of EEJ>.

Motes radio show for army.

Approvos idea that soldiers have civic duties. *

Documents Army-Comnie alliance.

Comments on military pacts.




US. Ctiafay^

they do to Army Ay' offcs in USSR and elsewhere.

they have doneuat Army.

Commies &they jointly hurt the Guat Army.

he has done to v' the Anay.

/ personal weakness, hypochondria,on wife, fear.

Summary of week, showing bad situation of army with its present partners.

Summary of week, urging split of army from present allies.

editorial, centerp.l. "Time to Doubt."question whethernot better change its tack.

otesills ofequipment,otc..

Article,. General harm thato to ArEry and Army offcs in SSR and elsewhere. Specific harm dona in Guatemala,.

p.l,nand political faultsand Arbenz are linked

on facing pages.

Feature article discusses weakness of another garrison.

Short notes, as above.

Mews story on military ^


ts. Feature article on murderol. Arena.


Speculation on Commieof Army. v

Advertising of EEH byenting on it, favorably or

Replies to Red attacks on radio and SEH.

Comments onho military pacts

Polite-ment that Communist is bed.

.No comment on Arbenz, except to say that Govt-Army relationship is different in US.

Horror stories about Russians. '

army doesn't split, onnies plan to^ infiltrate,liquidate.

Arbenz will let Army down by going with Beds.

Then Comoies build theirorce. Progress already made in that line.

IS. More on Commie plans for PM force Bolivian case.

editorial, center"Time toays will meet terrible fatecontinues present course.

Article,lans for Army infiltration and PA force. .

Article,,etteres basic ability and integrity of seme army offcs and says they could do better than present.

Feature article on inurder of Col. Arena.


Reply to Red attacks.

Innocuous pieces on Arbenz1 illness.

Speculation on Arbenz-Comnde breaHay pres-ure. Makechiefly negative.


BJercito Huevo; PT/6


US. Cuatesala

that esse, Arbenz vill go along with that against the Army.

Arbenz vill fold completely, leaving Army to be licuidated by Red's.

Amy canthisle fate by timely decisions.

p.l.rbenzgo along with Commies onand finally fold up. Thus,rbenzon facing pages.

articleof another garrison.

eature on progress of military pacts.

Short notes, as above.

are clear. Army and people againsteds. Duty of Army to stand with people.)

Who is the Army? Some in it have compromised so much that they are not fit to stand with the people.

ample crimes that would makeffes unfit to stand vithany are guilty.


However, the people can also be generous. Ifthe less guilty repent now, they can escape vrath. Many can also get honorablein future.

Choose now. Wipe out past guilt. Get on the bandwagon.

six pages)

editorial, center"Time to Choose."want to be oh thevith the triumphthey must atone for past

errors and start serving the good now.

,hat crimes vill be avenged vhen right triumphs? List ofvith Commieswill be avenged. Stated in general fashion so that readers villunry but still think they can qualify for the bandwagon. Cont'dCol.l. .

,ists punishment for crimes in Col.l. Sample ourt-martial chargeol,4.

Article,, two center columns: "Array and People against Arbenz and theictures Army as sons of people, Arbenz and Reds ss men who have gone astray., top, center two columns.


Say very little. Avoid contact, but vhen made, show great concern over stability of

sk Guat offes if they think it safe for USto stay.


urry, for the lists areclosing. All around, seme have made their choice, when these programs first started. Very fewHurry, don't be late.

ame general/ theme

ArCy and people. Theof selection is underway.ime to act,ime to choose.

Same general theme

Eierclto Bueyo: Pr/6

iography of Bolivarther great South American military figures who fought for political freedom.

iographies of Guat.leaders who fought foral freedom.


Short notes, as above.

Comments on aid agreements.


itizens! From this daydel Futurp will bring you vital news about your daily bread. That bread is in danger...


In first week, FACE changes name to "Nosotroa



Overt Press/Stickers;T/1, PT/12

Targets ofass of

t workers harnessed to

that week's pull elegant bad news oi car carrying



Complain that wages are too.low, price, too high.

Complain that labor cod


Radlo: Pr/M. Pr/lL



Financial instability and dangers to the currency. Money you receive for work may be worth much less. Govt, is spending so much on anas and for the Commie profiteers that it cannot keep finances sound.

Danger of large-scaleMoney mayxist to meet payrolls or finance production. Secret plans of govt, to curtail farm production because coffee markets are tiircat-ened. Plans to reduce govt, payrolls.

Description of poor housing, social services, wages too low, prices too high, onerouseneral catalogue of misery.

Possible threat to food supply. Diet for many people already too low. Poor govt, farm policies threaten food supply; govt, stockpiling of food plans may make less available to public.seizure of crops may follow seizure of land.


Lead editorial, "What'sescribes general economic misery of country.

Article onbudgetary, financial plight of govt. Govt, credit in doubt. Currency unstable,

Article on the plight ofFn. markets in home. Mai-have to discharge workers.

rticle on the plight of labor. Wages too low, prices too high. Poor housing, low social services. Diets inadequate, clothing shabby.

Article on the plight of farmers. Farm prices too low, urban prices too high. No aid for farmChaos in land reform.

Article on the plight of govt, workers. Wages too low, prices too high. Jobexistence.

(KOTEs Eachhort item ln this issue musticture of gloom.)


Overt PressStickers;T/12

ill .torn in half.



poor urban and one poor farm family.

Emphasisomic book showinggiving ortages or farmers land, life of ontletting them

=ultivate, thet seizing harvest imd land, &eking farmer )ff.


shackles union organization and bargaining

Call for effective government measures vs. unemployment.

Request gov assurances tha workers will not be hurt by any devaluatio of the currenc.



Responsibility for Guat niacry lies with govt, and Commies. Communism equals aisory. Cito alleged high number deaths from starvation! in other Red countries. Cite industrial inefficiency in same. Cite Red incompetence in economics.

Guat Govt, puys tribute money to Moscow to keep rotten Soviet ecaicej/ going. Hake up fake account of sums sent; Guats money actually pays for Soviet articles lauding Guat, and Guats get charged higher rates than other countries.

From what little is left after inefficiency and pay to Moscow, Guat leaders take get-away money.

What is left after that is spent in personaland high living. Redo ln mink.

First govt. dept. always deprived of money whendemands is Socialbecause leaders figure people vill put up vithnext to suffer Is Education. People remain sick and illiterateofontempt

for thorn.

Cost of internal spy system. This takes care of people vho do see through tho colossal deceit being perpotrated.

Why are things wrong? Summarize all shove.


Roosevelt hospital.

vestigationtii ty Ministry ofto removelar worry.

Plead with govt, to open books on its ausidy to Moscow in order to calm people

Plead with govt, leaders to account for personal fi nances to dispel ugly rumors.

Overt Press ;Stickers;


Generalon govt, and Redpolicy.

Requests at agitation for highor wages.

Requests ft govt, aasuranc that moneyoep its value

Requests f< Improved socle services.

Challenge Red unions to open their books on mone} going to Hose;argets of opportunity.

HC theewi .

ofrs, govt, workers, etc. in Commie countries.

Ask govt, to deny the "nefarious charges of UC and radio.

plays two main them tion on radl< opportunity.

and people only get govt, they deserve.oad editorial:are thetresses deoression

people themselves are rcapon- es: eco situation sible for their plight be- *ill get much worse cause they have beenpassive. If collab. continues, situation will getf farmers keep colla-

collaboration of people with Reds, iusinessraen pay re-insurance money; workers go along tfith Red unions; govt, employees obey illegal orders [etc. If collab. continues,will getrticle on real or notional cases of} businessmen,govt, employeea] [who collaborated anr were then deprived of land, fired, etcong article, or several articles, oij alleged Cceraie plans: expropriation all privatexpropriation" of small landholder! and institution of kohlkhozes, forced farm deliveries, parf deductions for "stateessation oij consumer goods la-ports, impossible work norms,lothing rationing. Articles should be brim-full ofics, but popularjy presented.

borating, they will bo presee: of Guat due to

into kohlkhozoa with forced dell very,f workora keep colla->borating, they will be pressed into govt, unions, without right to strike, with forced payrollwith Impossible norms, etc.

IS. If govt, workers keep collaborating, they will have seme labor norms, payroll deductions, brutalTor lateness, small mistakes. Specially,will be cut.

If businessmen keep collaborating, thoy will be completely expropriated, tried as reactlonaires.

If woaen koopthey will be put in abor brigades,children taken nway to atat/ schools, church attendance/ forbiddon, etc. y

Summary of above-collaborators dip their wn graves.

r/U. PrA?

Requestfroa govt, that no kohlkhoz plane

Requestthat right to strik will not be unded.

Requestwoman labor will not be made compul sory since it would flood labor market.

Circulate info, on labor conditions in Ccordc lands.



Prosperity or punishment theme.

Prospects for farmers if theyCommunism.

Prospects for labor.

Prospects for govt, employees.

Prospects for business.

Punishment for those who do not ch change in time. Lists of guilty are being prepared. Get off those lists new.

Repeat theme

Report thathas alreadyword from some people that they will chang


Lead editorial: "PunishH ment orays Reds mean economic doom. Prosperity is possible,heirClcklowever, noireveryone will beto enjoy fruits of new order. People must change soon, not overtly, but silently.

Article showing sample legal indictments of people for collaboration. Make up indictment for businessman, landholder, govt, worker, etc.

Articles of "chicken in every pot" variety, pointing out what great economic and socialcan be made in land. (Brightno firm

ounsel patient resolution.

ecapitulate pros-Jpromises.)

perity or punishment theme.

Press; Stickers;T/12 PT/1. PT/12

Discussion of the bright prospects mentioned by radio and KC.

(food piece on mental turmoil that radio and NC call for choice is creating.


Ask govt, to providein economy onseal*

Generalto workers to think of tliei:specific.

propaganda speaksariety of manners. It mayharp, direct attack; it may deal in veiled allusions; it may be deliberately self-contradictory; it may be outlandish.

Mass propaganda must be most closely geared to the moment, to tho moods, habits, topics of public interest and customs prevailing _

at the time it is put out. For this reason, although themes

ere assigned to mediahese themes are only illustrative

since research and events nay dictate the need for great flexibility.

4. Ruraorajor part in mass propaganda. Mo rumor opics are assigned below, since rumors should constitute targets of opportunity.

Specific Themes (for thirty-day period)


Items are to be inserted in lar newscasts. First weekis to create

Sun spots will cause strange

Plant blights of new and nalignent variety


of odd weathertrangeof witch doctors.

Strangein hinte land.

Poor harvest prospects.

Some outlandish incident, like irth of sextuplets.


hat certain Redhave something like "evil

l.Stress anti-religiousure of regime.aymen label specific govt, leaders as doomed to' hell-fire. -

Stickers; gp/i ft/1?

"ifce pasav

Indian bol.


Discuss plant blight and poor arvest danj with farmerj

Tell far: ers Red agi: tors have "evil eye."

weekis to

ovt, plans ban on bull- ights.

ollow-up on radio claims, ,

denials.edical J? column.

Same aseek, but widen circle of men


Same asweek, widening circle] of men accused


"Ifestnakes" or "can of worms" type of sticker to convey idea of confusion.

Evil eye propaganda.

Discuss radio Iteai with



ood inis unfit

Deny or amplify items carried in previous week.

Bus schedules are going to be

Govt, willsomecustom.

Rich govt, leaders willtheir fincas to the poor.

IA. Ambiguous reply to govt, denials of some of above

Labor;Pf/ll. PT/12


weekis to create fear.

Volcanoo are'/ going toctive again.

Ghost ofArana seen, but not confirmed.

eteoritelanded iji Peten waste.

Warnings to notionalthat some catastrophe is about to strike them.

Repeat^ for different

eport of strange fear gripping an area

Speculation on radio items, where possible.

Medical column.

Science articles, of Vclikovsky type.

Continue "evil eye" campaign.

Spread radio reports

Same as Pear" precedingome terri-

Lay groups fying symbol, discuss nature of Armageddon.

Continue "evil eye" propaganda.

Repeat radio items.


In fourth week, objective is toense of change.

octor predictions that great changes are ccciing.

Horoscope items on- change. 2i.hat volcanos explode to punish the wicked. .

Old legends.

notion letters read, claiming that all will he well in country if people mend their (ways.

ors letters.

Unexpected eclipse of the sun may come, with unforeseen consequences.

Ghost of Arana counselse patient and wait.

Old legendpatience. I

Labor;T/12 Church

Evil .eye





"Cambio" "Que



Continue evil eye theme.

Repeat radio items;

Assure workers tha" all will be well if thej avoid Reds.

IX. Other Media:

As other media become available, they will be used to exploit the above themes and such others as may be approved and appear appropriate.

X. Targets of Opportunity:

All media will utilize targets of opportunity.


The foregoinglanning guide for Headquarters, LINCOLN, andeed-to-know basis). Its implementation depends upon

variety of factors, such as acceptability toCALLIGERIS,


organization ofssets, the trend of actual events, etc. While the above general plan is to be followed, operational necessiti and desirabilities will inevitably require nany changes in detail.

XII. Recommendation:

that the foregoing be approved in principle.

that general procedures be established forof future additions and changes to the plan.

Original document.

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