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January4 ^preparatoryebruary meeting)


PhCWi Chief

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I. Operation

A. Gonoral

In your conversations with flUFUS* keep the following In mindi

conduct of operations from this point forward will

be based on anrogram. ying together oft J

legs, at the same tine keeping them field-compartaented.

Theendlegs are being carried out independent off. ut each has the sole responalbillty of servicing C 3- These ties are being made atlevel, four assignment once you have successfully established this concept, is to be in the field of L nly.

Insure that fiUFUS" knows that his operational plan will

be studied carefully ln order to preserve fulltbe indigenous slant as well as to fully utiliseto date. Hie plan as submitted will bo builtto, unfeasible portions, if any, discarded, or willdisc aided, the sole purpose of tbe finalbeing to conduct tbe operation by unconventional" Tbe term "unconventional* warfare* aseanc" allowsto tbe greatest degree. Infield itus to make fiUFUS* acquainted wltb the generalaround which the C ield will be based eo thatend planning will coincide with ours and soreasoning behind our requests to bin will totie final cperetioao! plan wili be cosaotiblo withcoordination and planning.

/.. Each iteia of this taeic fraeevork is subject to cheuigC as onc,C aforsiatienj wo, tonforraetiou on the assets end former alalia; mul our further progress shows come ite-as to be superfluous, sose to be more easily accoa-pliet.ee by hitherto unrecognized or unconsidered assets. However, as stated above, it behooves us to assure that all concerned roaliac what this basic thing will bo built Ground.


l-Mer of LootmaLIon2

B. At present It la considered RGTUS"ay points vith which hs vlll bo concerned in the target country*

Cohen Garrison and Plaid*



Hasateoango Garrioon end Plaid*

Quesaltenango Garrison and Field*

Quiche Garrison and Field*

City and Central Zona, Carrleons and Fields

ccaato points*


Barrios Garrison, Port and

The operations against each bopare to target vlll be coapsrtatented except at iiUFDS'a" ataff level.

maintain this compartaantation separata otaglng areasoperation vlll be obtained. In each case the otaglngbe Just across theline fromwhen feasible. Selection and obtaining of theae sites la

shouldriority Job for younthroughuring

February.vlll errexr* for sites within Its

jurisdiction at your reouest.will monitor

your oegotlatlono as per our discussion, you should

now be examining Uie problems to be encountered. These sites shouldented Isolated farm area bat you may find such farms Impossible to obtain in the Interests of security,lock isolated base on the border obtained instead. Thasesnould be clarified prior toebruary* meeting and action con corning same discussed at that Lino.

training now being lald-on too produce aa dlacusocdi


hock troop Isadora" i, saboteur experts*

alnatlon apeclallste"

as discussed,taff men* will be returned too assist In hie planning. Thorganisers" endhock troop leaders* will bo retained and, aa two-can teumu, provide theool allot leadership and/or viewpointpecific target. Theseteamo may.

Letter of Instruction3

Seed tbe organiser* to the target to conduct organisation while the shock troopemains at safe site collecting personnel and training and preparing them for action! or

The organiser* might enter tho target area only long enough to Instruct the selected leader already within the target complex ln organising for partisan warfare" and to set op future actions of supplying the partisans* organised and conduct such courier-supply operations as necessary. The shock troop specialist* for that particular target might only instruct already-positioned loaders or possiblyhock troop* action in assistance of alroody-positicned forces or sight bo released to train andeserve unit if such personnel becomes available. The actual employment of these organisers* and shock troop leaders" can only be deteralnod after RUFTJSevaluation of his easeta and capabilities aro thoroughly studied end assessed. Since it is necessary in orderreparations to get the fullest attention to have the operational plans in his bondserch* ct the leteat, you can readily see

necessity forJi^riority task to turn in the

biographical data on KUFBS's* assets end HUrTE's* operational plana.

S. Sabotage experts* ^reduced frois the training will ina three weeke* course at i. appropriate safe are onfcr approximatelydelected tcau leaders.

Where possible theseoaders will bave bean recruitedthoarea* ruid each will be responsible for ahis natural habitat. When possible, en excuse forabsence from the target area will be formulateda aabotcro leader" reinstated immediately to recruitnd commence his opora-.ion on signal. Again whanassessment of our present onsets near each sobotagebeen coapilod and whenrequests havo produced suffi-

cient indorsation from which specific targets bave been selected, it may be considered nore feasible to use the tialned expert" an an instructor to oersona on the spot in certain instances cs well cs melting back into the natural habitat and lyinf dormant until the tL-je to strike. This flexibility lo planning it must be aaiataiaed u? until the final operational plan isarch*. Hojever, positive sabotage targets" planning should be In your hands froit'ils Headquartersebruary" so that FiCFUS* can recruit accordingly. It ia tentatively the trend of planning that the sabotage* -irogrem will be ln three


letter of Inalructiou rfl


1. Paacive sabotage* which will bo thattho effectiveness of psychologicalot.lroctod sabotage* program norbe responsible for any portion

of It.

a on active stage which In any case will not be activated earlierays prior to the movement of target of the special units (tactical radiohocktc.) It is entirely possibleop la tod study nay show tho feasibility of holding thla second otags to raoroly hours shortour or even possibly to occur slpraltaneously with Stage 3.

illour, overt aabotage*arson* and other overt neant to coincide the opening of overtaction and al&ed at

cutting communicationomplete demolition of tha main radio atatlon" and blocking reinforceaants by the active opposition*, as stated above, designation of these targets should be forthcoming byandshould connence accordingly. Againtudy of evaluation of existing assets It will be decided whether assets exist within the vicinity of the target or whether training special!ate will return andeam to condiiat tho mission or whether training specialists instruct the existing assets and provide for equipping themj or whether the mission is to be initiated Inwith tbe attack or whether it Is only set up if needed during tho attack and consolidation. Thla planning will ccoeortion of Uio final operational plan dueerch*.

f. The assassination specialists will be utilised to return to hUTUS* K* &eaia for instructional purposes. These E* tea-ns should be coapar Wanted as soon as possible and EEX'e oa their targets will be compiled for thou and their operational plans fitted into the overall plan.

C. The Cocoa* treloeea will be turning out both reoident* oporatoro* (located near the targetaspar Ue on ted from tho activities at the target) and tactical* oporatoro* (located at the staging site until Just prior to operatoos) who will be the communications* link* during overt operationsay. Ia individual caaes where the garget commander iaart of tho target garrison* tbe tactical radio operator* will be positionedrotective unit and the marriage with the partisan" unit will beour. In individual coses where the target will be

itor of LastructlOQJ

attacked by shock troops" froa the outs ids,tacticalvlU travel with his unit. In combinedtactleal radio operator* will travel with the shookresident radio operator" will not eater into the overtwill provide Intelligence" before and after tbeproper clandestine procedures, we will effect athe leader of the underground' and serve as aostagetbe underground leader* and HTTP ITS'. a/ trans.ilaaioa of radio traffic" will go throughradio operators". During tba entire

will be getting field messages direct froa both tactical*radio operators*.stand as tha aeasaga*

center* during all operation*. The first two and beat twowill be sent to KOTOS* to establish directKOTOS". All Incoming intelligence will be forwarded

to HDTTiS* Immediately. All FOFVS" Instruction will be passedtarget leaders .piaThis will In no way affect the

spaed cf transmission norTUS'a* control of tbalessened by the fact that the equipment' and signal Do tilay trigger le pulled. Headquarters

will be utilising this control to lend direct loo to all operations. During tba evert action stage. Headquarters can only serveiasecdnater ofnd will be est up toeavy traffic culckly. It le now estimatedour round trip traffic canTTJS* andtarget commander* and Vic*llowingnswering* aod receding". KQTUS" should personally conduct the principal city target" country* ope ration physically al the scene of action. It lo realised tha increased value to be gained froa instantaneous- radio comao* with hie Individual units. However, there is little PUTUS" could do with instantaneous connunlcatlon in this situation and tbe major Job of conducting the principal city* operation will occupy hie full tine and attention. our time log will keep him well-informed as to events over the country before phone lines are re-established and Later-target consolidation Is accoapllsbed.

3. Tbe operational planning will allow for three different stages of planning, the first being the one Just discussed and the eecood to accomplish consolidation onceas been completed successfullyi the thirduerilla warfare plan vhlcb would be put Into operation In areas If the first plan is only partially successful. This thinking needs lo bo aor* thoroughly studied but tentatively it Is planned for stand-by overflight* with which tbese units can be rosuoplled and consolidated with successful segments of plan one.

Letter of Instruction fl



A. ouched tois to be

dispensed at the rates and within the Had to we discussed at our last neeting. This breakdown will be accounted for as follows!

1. ForCaoo



gd. force,en










oer our discussion, tho accountability for Januarywill bo your resoonslbiy. For February expenditures,be resoooaibJe only for that portion allotted to hUTua"andoo ere Lions. Finances for trainingwill be pouched tewill bedispensing of and accounting for the February funds

addition, expenses for running the Corvaio* trainingbe pouched to, and dispensed by, sod accounted for, bynan* at the training cam.

discussed, the other phoaeC of project expenditures,will bo tho responsibility of those officers

in charge of the phase of that leg end will be of no concorn to you.

February finances will be dell Tared at our 1and accounting of January expenditures Insofar asat that tlao.

III. Scope of responsibility

Loiter of InotrueUco #1


The entire project aa dlecuflsed, haa been broken oarao" udC onsists of,

I. Training

2. retlooe.has tho responsibility for training

which Includes logistical support of the camp in addlUon to directing conduct of training and insuring that training seats project standard a.

responsibility In operations ishich officer 1

caso officer.

Directs the Principal agent in all

to see thatart* malntalnod In tho

fields of:


Dlsbursal of funds

Prajaratlcn forMilling all contacts made by the PAjdo in the project name by tho PA| and the conduct of the preparations so that tha C peratioaa can

be carried out as project operational plan* direct,

A) ConductIn accord with

project Bead quartern directives.

ecurity in that the PA fully undarstandB the necessity of confining development of operational plans to hla immediate staff.

b. It la not expected that, this direction must be in the form of coywnda Lo be followed "orut you are directed to evolcv netheds of presentation eo that tbe pre-erst'on?. rati ops are carried cvhc brocd fratevorV. of the direc^ve riven vcu. Latitude will be conaidored in every case to allow for your advice ond experience to be utilised andFUS* advice and experience to be utilised but such latitude will be checked out through me whoa practicableill direct you within the fraaework of the directive given me. Every attempt will be made to give your advice complete consideration and you are to work within this directivo which has been broadened aa far as possible for your lap lamentation.

Latter of Instruction.

c. low of Information to project Eoad-quartera through:

Monthly uaaiasoat s to their ability, morals and slate of readiness.

Bi-weekly asf the training program aa dleouaaed.

3) Month!j . ting of expenditures.

4) lose bibliographical analysis on all recruited personnel and potential personnel being considered.

d. add your advice on the practicality of tbe planning and form an Indigenous perspective end from tha active opposition perspective oa all matters trader consideration by projeot Head quartern.

e- lou are to maintain coapartmentotion betweenoperations.channel le straight

to thie office. lour connections with tbe trainier camp will be limited to:

Setting up of the camp and camp procedures as discos eed;

Presentation ofproject personnel in the eplrlt necessary.

within the limits ofdiscussions.

Delivery of the bodies and assesomeate to the training area (all aasess.'aeaU tc be known to the training chief by code number only).

Delivery of bodies from the training area to the staging areas.

ontact and coordination with KfcTtJS*

to Insure that his personnel receive directionand preparation for cosing up to

standards of training.

letter of Instruction9

7) Bl-veekly asaeaamentthle office on training orogreas and standards.

3) Closo coordination of your operationalfor the purpoaa of implementing

into training.

9) Tba reception of Incominganddieposa? aa discussed

contacti Decesber ana

randua on black flight* preparations.

f. Tou are to operate independent of tha

except to keep it informed oo matters which they

need to know in order to corer up illegal operations connections with the. Government*.

p. Tou are to duscuae all orobleas within the jotion ofandwith those nd receiveroval before

contact withjroutside the 1'OPUS* organisation.

land within the Jurisdiction orresponsibility.

n. You ore toapproval before recruiting

i OPUS* raonnel for any w: ttlng duty uitliia

1. Your report*nd written and yojr cables are to be addressed

IV. Support

1. C 3have the solo function of

making your C ctivluccess.

B. lb* initial eculD'aent is arriving as discussed (see

cooesort* andn black flight* arraage-ieats)

C- 1. reak down of ocuipuont oor target for placing atalia area for that targot Is being considered. total of ecuipnent is aa discussed (eras andffloao). ibis In designod to make all aca

during tha abort tern active operational period aelf-ouffIcient as to weapons, equipment, medical and survival ratioac to operate with full efficiency and solf-oufficiency fortea day period. Iho method of getting the material into the target

Letter of Instruction

area sod too Lime for movement of eoulpooot to th*ia yet to be firmed up except tbat it Is con temp lainto tbetag lag site* viU be by black flight*fields or pre-arranged cirxLcopping andto the staging aites by means to beto the target area will be determined by thealtos end will fit tho individual case. It issubjectstudy that continuous black trips*

by courier transport utilising surplus personnel aa couriers and subsequent stashing and cashing willuild-up for casets-irr-position while theound self-sufficiency oqulp-meat kit will enable tho shock troop end radio operators* aad inocclng sabotage toaas* tc bo eelf sufficient for the ten dayexpected period, here research will be forthcoming along this line of thought.

recuireaenta during the second phase of overt

will be Halted to possible reolaceuent of

key instruments and items necessarily destroyed byonsolidation requirements, operational funds, speciallteos.

ort eouipaent for tho third phase of the overt C .will have been arranged, gathered, packaged, andfor emergency black flight" so that if any of theit necessary to go into this third phase, re-eupplyarranged through their tactical radio*. This third phase

operational plana w.f necessity be lira tedhort mnber of veeka due to tho topography of the target country and the nature of tbe expected consolidation of those unit* successful In the first stage.

T. The purpose of thie letter of instruction was to daf.ne the ocope of your re sensibilities and acquaint you with the path of thinking cow prevalent Li your project headquarters. The iapleientatlon pf thiscontemplated program are subject to constant change a* the situation develops and1 be notified iaroedlatoly on any change*.

Yl, lours andability to implement the massive scale of

planning and preparation that Is going into 'chin project ia the deloraining factor in the anount of success achieved. The conversion of this plan into actual facteavy responsibility aad Lhat fact is recognised in this prelect Headquarters. Take advaatago of Lbe excellent sup orteel Is behind you.

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