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Weekly PBSOCCESg Maetlng vltb6 Jan $tt

outlining procodnre for subjtct meetings, the following order of buslneae waa established;

I. Status and progress report.

II. Reviev of action called for In previous adnutea.

XII. Bev business.

I. Status end progress report.

a. Execution of PBagCCESfi re OAS Conference On subject of 'OAS Conference, Col. King-reported that Ambassador Puorifoy favored tbe execution of PBSOTXESS before the Caracas conference. It van agreed by those attending subject seating that this vould be Impracticable. Kr. Wiener undertook to cover this point with Ambassador Puerifoy. actiosi Kr. Vianer.

e^wiBtlon'offlng of "th* Military Missions' with respect to the announcement of military aid peats with other Central AEorloan oountries was discussed.Wiener preferred not to decide the timing nov In view of the possible use of the Military Ktsslon as observers andhannel to feed discouraging neve to Guatemalan army people, thereby seeking to alienate them from the Arbenz government by discreetly blaming the latter for the apparent hold-up in tha old program. Kr. Vionor called attention to the fact that we do not have at tbla time adequate appreciation of the army's loyalties and should therefore not elisdnate the possibility of using the Military Kiaslon to develop and exploit such opportunities for dissension within the army that might occur. ACTIOSi

aa agreed that it la highlyfor intelligence aod PW purpoaee,or deny the reported presencein Ooateaatla- If hlaconflrsad, lt sdgbt be used at VBD andC to be VBD -

of phrtlnes'order te erplolt the departurealong; the lines ofienertrntm on thla subject, itte confer vlth KB) and WED vlthto ascertaining possibility ofstory appear ln tbeecondary phaseick up by the U6 presslo or pick up by Mexican presscalled for.

ACnCBl r.

S. Fell, Check

heck c* Peliller to be fallowed up and reported on earliest. ACTTOHl T- Kstcrllne

P. Black Plights

In 'ecniwretton Vlth MrP*P

on the logisticalne rara-

sdlitsry plan. Col. King expressed concern over the security problens raised by the nuaberof Black Wights envisaged. It vas noted by ^that In tha absence of BeadaTBrters authcrityHo yn*cce*fireltb dla-euaaion vith Honduran and Coata Sloan contaete on thla subject, ve are notoaltlon to atste vhether Blaok Flights can be received under relatively secure conditions- Mr- Wiener advised that ahould suoh flights be code to these countries, the first flights should carry innocent cargo. Mr. Wisner asked for further consideration by WH of the subject. He observedeneral principle tbat aircraft used in such an operation are lees subject to niscbance than the coMbination ofor air transport. it vaa concluded that lan ahould be referred to BUFU3 for ccement end tnat Col. King raflev the entire natter at LTHCOLH. ACTTOH: LINCOLN

0. r* Masting

wits regard to tbet.meetIns. it vu agreedil control of

through foot bo It In poaitlon oootlma obtain financial eapport; (t) '_ 3end BU7U8 to bo told to accept nut vlth Pares Jlottoet aad attempt seekfroa hia, and that ha would bo edrieed. Also explore Trojtllo ln this) tbe concept expressed inb) (Tactics) of ISot correct. The correct policy, contrary to the one atated, calls for designation of Ouateaala City as primry target. The developmentlan laying emphasis oa PJalled for. It vas cotyrlodad that If ve becoaa at any tlaa convinced tbat early political control of OoatsamU City cannot be acccscjllshed, the entire project will ba aaadnad. This thinking will be made clear to CALU0KRI8. Thia policy does not sain abenaonsast of LTJCOUT's thinking as to action against garrison towns, eat rather making actios against garrison towns definitely secondary to tba primary and prerequisite objective of Ouateaala City. Hr. C iulan establishing Qua* small City as primary

ACTIO*. ol.

n. Berltv of action called for ln prerlona ajnutas.

for 6hsrvocd

It was agreed that the useb1 craft orTeaselaas? far "Sbstfvoea" ahouldto bo consulted

for altercatlTa.

AOTlOBl ol. KlngL Jet LOCOm

Arms Deal

Col. King reported" thai he bad taken up vlth Kr. Leddy tbe matter of tha proposed Canadian -Guatemalan arsa deeli Kr. Leddy undertook to bare tbe deal


night to BDT08

Kr. Tofte reported that the aircraft used in the Black Flight to Managua vas InAT aircraft. It had hot boon brought to thia hemlspberc specifically for tbe operation, but vas ussd because it vaa due forour orer haul.

D. AlffiHAfl/OCASA_Vtylt

Vlth regard to ABKKAS/OCAHA fund-raising efforts, lt Vaa decided not to encourage or dlawouraga tbea froo continuing; oontacte (Sen, McCarthy vaa contacted byut rather eee that va are kept lnf oned on this and slollmr attempts thay sdght Bake. ACTTOTr ol, Klngst LTHCOIS

E* PlacosBlon vlth British Rep.

Mr. Wisner requested that actionbe carried through

ACTIOS | r. l

HI. Mev business

on Latin Ami-loanKing ooted that thecut-down on Latin Aiserloeninterferingom! nl eat loosPBSuTJCSSS. zt vaa agreed that It vouldto have an increase ofrather thanIA couriercover. During the course ofMr. Wisner referred tba isttter toasking his assistance on this natterit be handleday ao as notIA request. Prior to furtherMr. Berry, Col. Kins; la to obtainon this subject and specificUHCOLJf.

ACTION: ol. King follOV-up

Burr, for Hr. Mcifcuany.

Mr. neliu reported 'toe reouest inat Agency protective enrvanlance ba accordedcSasara (Sub-conwlttee for Zsnlgrstloa) ln Ouaterala. Mr, Balsa agreed to secure acre inforaatlon on Mr. Ma2auaara'a esaignsemt, thereupon the Ouatsnala atatlon to be advised. Heanvhlle Asfoessador Puerifoy's attention to be called to the proposed aaslgmasnt of SanaCTION: Mr. Belss and WHD

Cuh Arranganeot

Col. King BfTCMNn ecoaaro orer thoUBCOLS cash on band and requesteda reserve funding arrengeaamt VhiehWH to Maintainaah accountfigure op top 1 WBD -Tfr-

Poaltlon for OAS Coafaranoa

After rafaranoa to tba. poliey poaltlon, It waa corwlnndd that tba specific iteasj Klght be iwpported by greater detail. Xtn eluded that WH ahould prepare for consideration eabeaauently with Mr. Barnes and Mr. Isjddyia* to preparing such details for see oflaaate. ACCOsTi WaD - ]Hr. C- Q

(Mr. L Jaa asslgnad tba task of saeping In touch vlthtakan".)

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