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Si FOR: of PBSUCCESS totorial

reference to previous conversations andting withm handing you herewith:

opies of the Report onf PBSUCCESS with appendixes A, B, and C, dated

Ky own PBSUCCESS folder containing copies of the general plan of action for PBSUCCESS as well as all correspondence concerning this operation which has been handled by me to date.

are certain jobs in connection withwere my direct responsibility. elieve it isyouoint of Inviting CVH's attention toin order that they may be continued and/or completedelse. These particular issues are listed below:

(a) All contacts with the Pentagon have so farby*ith the understanding that I

would be present ana actually do the talking as special PBSUCCESS representative. Main contact in the Pentagon relative to PBSUCCESS is Col. Brad Smith of Gen. Er8kine's office with whom very pleasant and constructive liaison has been established. This should, of course, be continued.

Col. Brad Smith hasist ofupport issues re PBSUCCESS. This is ttp subjecttno i'or yie record datedanhich you will find in my personal PBSUCCESS file (attached). elieve that the issue should be discussednd LINCOLN, and C'ffl should prepare Uie required list and be responsible for keeping it up to date.

Col. Brad Snith should assist in arranging for extension of the tours of duty of the ChieS of military Missions in Guatemala "ity (Col. Hanford of the Arny Mission andutchinson of the VofS Mission). In this connection, please refer

to meiw Tor

to memo for the record (Contact Report) datedecnd memo for the record datedan 5ll, both marked with paper clips. According to Col. Brad Smith, it is necessary for Amb. Peurifoy to request said extensions of foreign service, and it is contemplated that this should be arranged during the Ambassador's current visit to Washington.

responsibility for supervisingof the Chiefs of Military Missions inwas given to me at theannot mentioned in the minutesmeeting). This responsibility should now

be placed elsewhere, presumably with CffH.

reference is made to itemn the minutes of the PliSUCCESS meeting withatedan su, As indicated in the minutes, Ithe labor question with _zj andemo of confirmation oi said discussion afcedanmarkedlip in my personal PBSUCCESS file (attached^. This should be followed up.

The sameentions that Gen. Erskine and Mr. Ryes should be briefed on the reaction within the target country to the Nicaragua military pact.

I discussed this with Col. Brad Smith and told him that we would have more to say on this subject as 3Con as we have ascertained local reactions in the Latin American press. LINCOLN gets regular copies of the main Latin American newspapers and should follow up on this. Subsequently, Brad Smith, Erskine and Kyes should be informed.

HANSChief, PP/Cpa

3. As you know, there are supposed to be regular weekly PBSUCCESS meetings inffico on Tuesday0 hours. Likewise, there should be regular weekly meetings of the PBSUCCESS working group in CWH's office. Furthermore, thereeekly Telecon scheduled for Tuesdays at lJiCO hours. (For access to the Telecon room, please check inn. YcClelland's Secretary.)



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