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SUBJECT: Conversation. Ambassador Hill and SA/DD/P,h

X. et in Roomew State, with the Ambassador to the Central American country, as you requested. Dueoul-up in the arrancsnsnts for the conference by that office,onflict in conferences end our discussion iras compressed.

explained to himad beer, asked byo getspecify and clarify the points which he had made to the headCentral American country to which he was accredited, inthey mi^ht be amplified and reiteratedignificantis hoped thatuld disabuse the country head of histhese points *ere simply expressions of Republican Partyhe thoufhl nould not be in power for the next election andbe adopted by the Democrats.

Ambassador's sole point was directed tor^rd theattitude aeainst the expropriation of the proocrtiesprincipal company having holdings in the country in question. stated that he thought it should be made clear that itbelief of bothpu*licans and Democrats that the Unitednot stand for the expropriation of the property and thatshould "t- raade clear at this tire.

took the position ttu "jgtwee^frican


countryIn the event the necotia-

settled; and that onI



tions broke" sown


eV^ltientrominent Democrat is to be Tiaae, it narfit well he couched alonp the following lines, whichmy expansionev: points the Ambassador made:

a. The statement should be madeuitable occasion and/or with seme suitable peg upon which toalk, such as reference to the recent Anerican cenpany reply to the proposal of tho government in question. The statement should be more subtle than belligerent, on the belief that the head of the Government would clearly understand the implications. The Democrat would state, in effect, that both sides of the aisle

followed with interest the developments in all

American countries; that in this particular country, the head of the government has made considerable advancess to be commended for his work in eradicating Communists and Conraunism. However, it could be pointed out thehelp that the United States has fur-.ished the country in question, in no small way contributes to its present state of development. Further, it night bo stated that ne did not take kindly to the speech recently made by the head of the (pvernment and reprinted in an American magazine, stating in effect that foreign investments were not welcome; that the days of the Americanprogram are over; and that if this attitude towards foreign investments continues, we should re-exawine our policy and attitude toward the foreign government; that both Democrats and Republicans believed in respect for contractual rights; that assurances that were given and received in good faith, and anted on, Tiere expected to be honored. In this particular, the Democrat could point out the attitude of Guatemala on the same question and compare it with the attitude of the jovernment in question, and that while the head of the povcrnment was to be praised fork Ln oustinp thi-e would do veil to see they did not come in through the backtatervent endorsing sO-ne of Assistant Secretary Cabot's recent speeches or, American policy in the area would also be appropriate.

6. Beyond this, the Ambassador had no other points to offer and stated that if there were others which heSave forgotten, he would be happy to discuss them with me further.


Y. If an approachemocrat is appropriateolicyeel confidente Western Hemisphere Division can supplyacts to put meat uponmes. and rarslialt further supportoints.







KILL, Robert Charle*

US AabsssjJor to UosU iiica

Has been Aabasaador toilea since late liove-nber or early tit iathat Senator bridges may have hid something to do vith his appolnUent.)

Aboutaar3 old, narrlud, one child (born recently in San Jose)

PresentlyU; in Oupartudnt in Wasamcton for consul tat ion.

There was no press rtlujsois appoint .oat as Ambassador and Ilia nane is ,iotecent Depart-ent jublic^Lions. (This qay have been an oversight on axieone'e part.)

At one tlao HOI Clitrk, *JS lunate Cocittee on iianking and CtHTCQCT (BOth Jonrress).

Servedice Consul oi" KoroiQi ServiceCtttta, India.

At one tias Jep.-rt^ont rt,3ros*:itativo ia Ciiina-Buraa-India theater.

Atf hiss .'jabassaior to Costa iiica, aast Vica President. jraco aid Cawry.

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