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DATE: /)

IHPO: Washington



Chief of Station, Quo tona la PBSUCCESS Reporting ofvelopments to Lincoln Reference: 1

have found from experience In the last few days that Itphysical impossibility for the staff of this station toreports on the usual report forms of informationfrom various sourcos and get it to Lincoln in timeto be used to advantage and properly interpreted withreceived by Lincoln without establishing somethe station of reoording promptly all informationit typod immediately, and having It ready forthe pouch closes, We have thereforeystem

of preparing what might beunning memorandum ofto which memorandum information is contributed by theot this staff when received by the station's manyis the first of the memoranda.

will be noted that the date on whlch^tne information ls rooelvec

member- ls set forth on;^ae^Khand side and allin the memorandum received^n. that'"^datbbo set fortl under .that ,date. ubsequent date will be sot forth under theto it waseparate items -in the memorandum are numbered'with evaluations-.being set forth as'of the time that tho information isThe"pseudonym initials of the station employee or officer are set forth on the right hand

v aide .beneath oaoh Item of Information. Occasionally, appropriate

;v comments will be made in tho memorandum.


It will be noted that there will be one running memorandum covering several days between each date on whioh pouches depart. Whereesirable to protect sources, aeparateVidentity numbers are set for In each memorandum and Lincoln and Headquarters will be advised by cable as to the identity of each where it is considered important-and by separate pouch In the absence or such necessity.

The utilization of this system is thought to be the most rapid and satisfactory means of reporting our coverage. Of course, from tlrac to time cables summarising information as It is received will be sent to Lincoln and Washington when the information ia of such natureable ls warranted. To avoid duplication, whero


information is includedable it will not necessarily be setn the memorandum.

5. The cmuloymentsis, c? course, subject to the approval of Lincoln andand if t.s anyrtieciate.dvised by civ.ble.


a-orandum as noted

anuary iQ-fU


the aftofnoon ofidvised s to clandestinely on or sriorU; thatand children currently are hiding inndhimself is extremely fearful of his personalLoldhat he would leave quickly Infuture but thathould not'worrycertain financial obligations which RUIZ owes escribed RUIZigh ranking officialDAN, aid that RUIZ isiffihlyand is extremely nervous.

the afternoon oflidvisedthe evening of3 herucst at ar,iven by the First Secretary of the Salvadoranarriving at the residence ofratomanysterical state atter.ptin.fs tofrom the house of the ?irst Secretary by1 was told by guests at the cocktail partv thatnaneNANDEZ and that her husband hadby Ouatemalan authorities as they entered thethe First Secretary to attend his cocktail party. The1 stated that later that night and onMrs. FERNANDEZ and friends were told by Dolicethey knew nothing of FERNANDEZ and dented' that he had

Comment: On 2kGuatemalan daily newspaper,

carried an article which stated that OabrielJttfERNANDEZ jlovannett had boen arrested while he and his wifen routearty onanuary.

2 advised that about noon he saw bjr chanceouth who is the nephew of Lie. ManuelapRELLAtf Aupon inquiry as to how Lie. ORELLANA Ofcrdona ishe was informed that the Licehciado ia all rightor less in hiding and not getting out on theyouth, whose names la unknown to the source, statedhart information thai numerous members of the Aeroair club with headquarters at Aurora Airport,ha! been arrested by the government and that thewns claiming that they had beened inrms and ammunition' into luatemala from the outside.

; Original; Content -


k. dvised that; onk he was contactedhis office by Identityn anti-communist student connected with CK'JA, who stated that tieInformation which heyconsldered true thatairly nrominent GuatemalanouthERSANDEZ, and Rodolfo ^endoza, who is in charge of the Aero Club, had beeny the government. Evaluation: Immediate; Original;


alled to my attention onkported the arrest of the following persons: Cordova, who had previously been reported% as claiming tocrs nal representativeIDIGORAS Fuentes; Saturnino BARRERA, and

Comment: It ifi noted that in El Imparclalyon the evening ofanuaryIt was stated IHat amonr^ Jfne persons detained were RobertoftCASTILLO Sinibaldi/ GabrleiyFERtfANDEZ, Lie. Gulllerr.:

tJ^AVILA Cordbva, and Jose MarlaftGUZMAN, efrt opposition newspaper mar.

r and OscarlfeERGER, the latter naving been put at liberty.


5 advised onanuary that Roberto CASTILLOstock holder of Radio Giro, disappearedanuary, and that police have denied thatholding him; that CASTILLO Sinibaldi had been approached

u by persons seeking funds for revolutionary purposes ande refused to give such assistance, he was approached byame persons for names of two radio operators to be trained jf In.ouple of months, with'which request he also If refused to comply; that CASTILLO Sinibaldi has been talking tc several of his "friends" about the requests made of him and it is conjectured thut police are trying to extract the names of the persons who made contact with him. tated that he received the informationource he considered reliable who claimed the information 'directly from the wife Of CASTILLO Sinibaldi.

Evaluation: Immediate source; C; Original source: P; Content: 3*



the evening ofdentitiesndinterviewed Jointly. Both were definite in theireffect that feeling against the Guatemalan government isas high as lt did immediately prior tore of the opinion that this anti-government feelingall social levels ln Guatemala. (Evaluation: ) Cf9

ndclaim that the currentarrests in Guatemala City as well as the fiery pressthe government describing subversive activities againstis being done by the governmenteal purpose. enough people end by crying publicly that thebeing threatened the Guatemalan authorities hope to createstrong excuse to suspend all guarantees (deolare aSiege.) By suspending guarantees, the government will becontrol the press in Guatemala, force the papers to printnews dictated to then or close the papers if necessary. be able to control local radio broadcasting stations andout" foreign broadcasts. The government is desirous ofchannels of communioations in order to keep thein ignorance of whet will be happening during theConference. The government believes it will bethe conference whether or not Guatemalan delegates attend. decided ta attend but will atteapt to keep the Guatemalan pubthe dark as to theenoe its desire to suspendhome, (Evaluation: ft

3* Identity jt claims that machine guns, mortars, rifles, ammunition and hand grenades are being sent to tbe Guatemalan authorities from an unknown country behind the Iron Curtain via Ro; Dutch Airlines (KLM). Souroe stated the weapons arrive in orates ar. are loaded into government trucks directly from the plane. Souroe pointed out that few passengers travel to and from Guatemala by Kll! which uses athat those few passengers are usually Guatemalan government officials; and that the plane lands here but once each week* Source was unable to state the approximate number of items received here thus far but stated the plane has been unloading the crated materiel for the past two months. (Evaluation: )

dentitystatedaohine guns have Just bee ptfrohased by the Guatemalan Guardla Civil. The weapons are of Belg c'ake but were brought to Guatemala from Czechoslovakia. One Frank


ocal businessman, is reportedly the person whotransaction. Souroe was unable to describe the

S"5. Identity instated he had learned the followingthe religious pilgromage held, 19

at Esqjipulas,lack Christ ofenthe Honduran-GuateBialan border to attend theof justen returning to Honduras, Identityhad aossed Into Honduras and that they made their way tovillage of Nueva Ocotepeque, Honduras. From there theyby truck to an unknown point in Honduras. Identity yo^vasdefinite opinionuatemalans were recruited tothe Guatemalan government and that they will returnwith others soon, (Evaluation: CE?

6. Identity x. stated that Colonel Alf onso^ALGARAjust been appointed by the Guatemalan government to actAttacbe"and Consul ln Nueva Ocotepeque, Honduras. will be to attempt to keep track of individuals who jump Souroe was amused at tbe assignment as he believesGuatemala City now knows of Colonel ALGARA's "sedret miss

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