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IHFO: Chief, WHD

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TO : Chief, Liieoln FROM : Chief of Station, Guatemala


ofnd of DIB

Reference -

Enclosedemorandum datedh entitled "Sumnaary of aPlanaa Film of Guatemala Today."

This memorandum was prepared byf reference (a) at the request off reference

Transmitted under separate cover for Lincoln only (reference (b)ossier onopy of the letter from Ouillerao PAIAQHil mentioned onf the enclosure to this dispatch.

lu Also transmitted under Separate cover (reference (c) ia the limiteddata available to us on Identity C.

January ISSk

'Enclosures! as noted




T,-rY 6

i^GHT.Tt ft

Sabjectt Summaryroduction Planm Film of Cuatmala Today.

This sumary will confirm our discussion of thla afternoon and ln brief outline the various points associated withproductionhirtym, black and white film vitb sound, which will through ths use ol" documentary pictures, filmed on the spot, show how communism was able to establish itself in Guatemala, what its present functions are, and how through its present plan ofommuniap. expects to maintain its position in Guatemala In the future.

As yet, in no other country in the world, has the situation been soand obvious as lt ie here in Guatemala, Ths opportunity ofilmthe communist systemedge into Central America through Guatemalabeen more promising. The general population of Guatemala, knowingly andhas boon slowlyart of that system. The story of howhappen ie veil defined and exists in simplified form sufficient for goodSince Guatemala has several distinct cultures of people ranging frommixed groups of sgricultorista, to Guatemala City's educated classes,politlcoe, and the Indian populations,the various Bteps andfor the comsuniste to gain ths support of these varied groups coversscheme of their propaganda measures as practiced in Europe, Asia and evenunited States.mall country, it offers the advantage of aunique In the fact that the film coverage will be greatly slopled, freemany confusing items which would be found iftory such as thisother country in the;

* 'it

To represent on filmountry and its people can turnways. In establishing Guatemala's physical character!sties, its people,resources, industries, general economy, cities, roads, schools, socialactivities, its international position, the government, army, airforce,and the historic background, it ie hoped that audiences willirmthan Judge Guatemala and its turncommunism. Within this living structure willthe intimate personal life of the. various groups of people. The comsunlstthen be analysed and clearly ahovn Inelationship to each group. Theshould in simplified formexplain and proveountrycould wake up one morning and discover that lt vas completely communistic,its complete ooctroi and dictates. Since primitive people as well asare represented in the film,audiences.of Asia aa well as in the Unitedable tohe many manifestations of communism in action. The point .willthat if it could happen here, why not throughout all of Central America.the film will make every effort of showing the many ways In which theand control creeps into sn unsuspecting '

HOW IBIS CAB fig DQKBt ee it, the success ofenture': would, depend on the cooperation of the various political parties and even of the itself. Naturally, they will not give such cooperation in this withoat knowing it. By position at the moment seams

*'Security Information

Paladeri, Mho is also one of the main figures in the PBO party. Hie reply Isa Rr ClareDoe Smith was assigned to vork vlth me. Together ve went to Seaaod completed the first partthe Roseau's aeaignsent. It is nowby ereryone that it vill be necessary for a* to visit fear Indian areasthe Roseum's work. Those four areas will aleo glre ae sufficient materialtbe political Infiltration being done by the party aye tana ln the Indianget the army side of theare started aagotlatlona toerleafilm for the OnateoMlan army. The response han been favorable, but in viewfastat not yet sure ofresentould not take it too far.has frlendn close to theiotial overtures for film

asslgnaeote from the PresidsnVe idfe, since.Ahehigh hopfte of becoming anotherthis possibility looks very promising. PaLalerl haa" expressed interestarty film vhlch If lt comesae tbe valuable core rage that

could not be gotten in any other way. All film idll be sent to tha Obi ted States for processing, and the negatlvea as well as .the prints will be in my complete control. Since the picturesould agree to do "for thaa .rould'not 'be"normal Wineeeould offeritrwely lov figures In order to assure getting them. Special effort haa been aade to establish the facteed money and the work badly. Ry qualifications are sound and they may consider that they areuy. is for the general corerage of the country, withoutee no problem there. The angle of tourism and promoting Interest in the united States vill get all theeed.

DISTHIBOTIOB: It vould be Impossible et this time to guarantee any definite form of distribution. Hoverer, through friends of mine vitaere worked many years such as Louis de Rocbemont, the proper contacts can be made when the picture is completed. Since the Press has been hitting the Central aad Latin American communist infiltration plan rather regnlarly the Interest ahould be each aa to aid distribution. Both theater and telerlalon shoving can be arranged, if not through the regular paying channels, then through the for-freeilm such as this, veil done,ahouldredit to any sponsor or distributor. By main concern Is not the distribution but tbe intelligent presentation of the situation here ia Ouatemala. Once that la acheived, the

distribution le 'V

i 11

L' ' "v '

Bote i If interest la such a' film as this ls seriouslyould

appreciate greatly the opportunity of talking; with the people most concerned. Directives

and objectives which they desire must be clearly understood'before production begins.

Aleo,olished final scriptould like to bring fTmammmammmi

ere to Guatemalaourist where he could develop hie materiel from

first band information. To dohould return to the United Statee for a

quick trip, get additional equipnent which this job would require, and have the

entire situation well ironed out in advance.

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