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A. j) personnel freely enter Guatemala and make contactropaganda ia hand ctrriod and nailed intoto tbe present tlmo*> oiatchful attitude towardtrade union aid political situation. While lauding thethe present gDwerruoent they nave belatedly deplored theof control Baintained by the cofflTonifits in labor and political As yet an aggressive attitude on the part ofj has not however,es. It of the- report of

subralttod to the a

now awarenoes has cone -oncoming the Gnnteraalan situation. This awareness box been stimulated by two factors:

X.van dispatched tc Guatemala b. he

C e the largest single contributor tof

2. The fear of thehat the influence of Cbanunism

vill spread to neighboring countries where [.ffiliates exist.

fl. In addition, the gaaaral influence of the united Statesho calledtrongtatencot cm Ccvooxclsmon the partnot be overlooked b. the Etocutive

C. enunciatoryssuud duo to the continued balky nature of oany of the left wing elements oi C which still persistopeful attitude and have more fnereturn of an Ubicre


A. To capture and control tbe Guatemalan labor ard peasant oiyveraont throughction.

Throush trolrd-*v: of qualified individuala wellith caTfigtrierit of union activities and the place of the union in the eco.-iooic and political coopLcxof tbe nation.

the further training cyr.ticoodfhin tbe Guatemalan laboro work for peaceful captore of the unions.

Through the canipulatlon of

labor arganiaatioaclnec of positive political and

eoonofclc action.

u. By creatine an atmosphere ofcispheric andfor the antd-Ccnraniist lAieWnxianafacilities of the

If neceosary, to utilize trained Labor people for EL'KHK action*

1* Alone lines, to iseutrelixe the Lar>or til li tice -coasunixTts.

2. Tohe general; activity of S;..

than of the present &oateraalan situation. The leader ofeleraer.te isan exiled leader cf the

Accion Deaocratioa party of Venezuela and an 'or Central

The activities of ear careful watching, reporthas indicated that he visited Cossrunist leader Bias Roca lnin Havana last year. No further iiJbrnation has beenother (- feoBsnurJscontacts.his .ooition ulth

Q ecause of his close contacts with Poaulo oetancourt,leader whooes friend of luia Alberto rtonge ofBdJitant anU-Coanunlst

D. esult ofIndecision,

will ascertain the opinions on the Guatemalan situation

from the organisation's affiliatesead spheric tripn=ar


A. Despite the indecisior of thewithin tbe

Structure of the organisation er- the nost nilltant of tbeCocrainiBt labor elements in the hfedsphere. It is believed tha'. RK aany potential assets for development by PBS3CCES-*.

1. The hes advocated the estailisboeat

oraedttae of Latin *me icon Trede unionists in Eeile. ceting will be convened in the near future coapesed ofof Exile groups. It is suggested that the snti-COasunlst Guatemalan trade unionists in exile in co-tactUCCESS and other KUBAhX facilities tekc the icitietlvs in -be formation of this coBcaittee. In this mannor the Que tinsel ana could ally


themselves vlth those arti-Comaunl-ts of "he left whichbelieved the'. It was only the forces of the right thatArbent regime. It ls believed that by participating incomrdttoe the Guatemalans vould do nurh tc dissipatethe Latineft as to the nature of theuc'emnlar government. In addition, thebe usedounding board for PSrUCCBto purposes andQueterselans in developing the co. fldercc *f sincerity, and dedication to trade unicniac. In thismuch desired close working relationship with the acrecould be developed. Participation

ln the work of the committee could furthermore tend tc give the Guatemalanore-anti-totallfarla- complexion rather than an exclusively antl-Commnnlat one.

2. eople enter Guotexaleropercould be made to utiliro their contacts ard others krovn to PBSGCCES- within the country. It, does not necessarily follow that the Committee per se would be aware cf tbe aclvlties of the Guatemalans in exile In rc1alienshir to clandestine activities, but that participation in the wsrk of the Conrlttae could develop Important contacts and ogorts io furibar :be work of PBSOCQESS.

B. Basic to any looor plan, however, is the training upadre of militants to wore within and; Gustetcle for Tbe followingfor ecrioving this 'ask ls advocated:

with tbeflo exilethaoeelves in therceeaeic he utilised for fBSOCCEi,_placed within the -7

tenure In Guatemala has made him familiarlabor situation and labor ^ore sagos of that country. to XUSARX, tltheugh of ar teade-sic nat.t.rev tha".net adverse -oaecret cells for specifichas worked for :feetlor and ls no novicework. Contact hex ooec established with hir. andr his continued

development have beer forvarded


' ' the additio: al advantage of boing

lserd Press/

Propaganda Secretary^ Actually li is Ccos' Irfluenoe ln orga-ita'.ic al nattersbecause

of his position ardu cessful cffer'S cfingssnunists wherever he basan. orgarizaticn of strong

antd-Coamsnust laborsailcn* lr C na

is ahili'.y. In addition, it wnz;was suggested

objWi*.: by mili:ar.t eoonts early

in the recrgc izatior r* *'Q

3, Tbo etcrrf coursese instruction of the techniques of labor organisation and administration.

It is not believed 'hat any effwctlve "Training for PBS0CCES5 purposes

can be conducted within the nffSlow of an overt trade onionae advocated According todesires

tbat four Guatemalan6 be selected for tbe initial training course. The tints of such training is yett nay many months bofore he cumbcrsoaisndures allov the

achool to get underway. o four Guatemalans -Tevioualy mentioned, l dvocates that two ba selected froa the officially recognised unions within Guatemala end two from theopposition. This situation le frought with security haxardc for PflSUCCESS purposes. The individuals selected for training will beositione closely scrutirlzed by the intclllgenoe facilities of the opposition with :he consequence the- later utilization of tholr services wivhin Gus- aala will be negated.

i. Inr avert" school would be subject toof the c* operant organization Thorofore

it la suggested tha: for PBSUCCtcS .airpoecs, training of Guctemalers in labor for HTGOUE and HJHOa: be conducted oovartly. While the attentions cf the opposizioe are co'"centre tedraining cfafenOd be procured where individualsGCLJ* sulocionoeeining In labor

echniquesin sddition Kl/rfXt:y

individuals aade av_Ifcble .hr-nigh LUi^PX.

u-.ilize natvrioic made available to hla

b reason of hissupport materials for


training purposes could be aade eve. labia through rUBAEK. Incourse outline could be :ha', cfIs Jollcved frca

the InfonnetioD nov available -fvzilA


Selection of Individuals for Training up cadres of leedars ir, Hsxioo toend rale and build up a: orrtnltatlon to counteroaunlst ledcar. beaia-ingf through shottingcan be accelerated by developing thec:s crtioned previously.

d de-arxlne the best aethod of funding this opere-ion.possibilities are:

o 'ary.

theoaploa since it has nowthatorDnicn TrabaJadoros Lfcbres)at oeenthis

cvert trainingan bestthrough^dcitioral costs ofQuatcaale by tha tXHTOf. staff.


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