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X-eno, Mexican labor leader and official of the Confadamolon do fr^bsjadoraa da Aeeriea. Latinotated that Ouata-naUocal point upon union tha qul rmst concentrate. Bo amid that la Qoataaala atraaaMmiily strong labor aoraaant la Mm formed wMati MMM ayantnally affaatall of Central America, tha cm had hoses that tha prorofianifl and agitation vett lt aaa doingntral smarten, anl union la mJw th* direction of Ylctor Manual OUTUJUoZJ of Confederacies General da anbajsaores (OCT) In frmtismlel hjuIiI leaull ln ten ohsagesi

the workers and tha farmers vould beeozse dlaoontont vlth their vay of Ufa)

b. Uth tha growth of dlawartent, they vould bcooneaaaira or tha attmetlon end bo aade to ton aaalast tha actual milll leedara of thalr respective countries. All of thla ecrald be aoooapllabed without tha direct lntarrauUoB of Oondat or fsMlaeilmi laadara. Bate QuatamtUwo-fold laportancoi

o uaa itaa* froa Which to Infiltrate Into other Central Aaarloan political gropsj

& help other leftist groups la Central aaorloa from that


vi th thla la ndnd.it la CTAL paliay to help in aU tatya poaaible vlth the programs of tha ABB2HZ goTurnaant,

OABCIA Moreno vent on to say that ainoo tha OSA vaa snare of thla mmraent. it vaa doing all it could to featar dlaoontont and rebellion, in Oontaaala* bat It vaa vary easy to present Guatemala to tha Central American republics and peoplerogiaaslTa country fighting against tha iaparlalloc of tha tj3a. Purtharnore, Cnatcmslii vould gain deny eyapathlRero vhlch Is shovn in tha fast that tha various groups of "Aoigoe de Guatatala- In TOrioue




rlcnn countrlea here Bany menbero who are definitely non-ooannunlBt and anti-American. ThuB, Onateaala could and will Berre the CTAXase froa which to work throughout all of Central JSaorlcu, Cuba and the West Indies Ha aald that in the oaae of British Guiana, where the leftist parties hada campletf; defeat politically, not such waa lost and the CTAL bad no given up the fight. GARCIA Moreno said Vicente LOHBAIDO Toledano bad dlscusae. tha natter with Luis SAUJAJrT In Vienna, and they had mode great plana, one of which la that for the tine being the CTAL will not edadt any of the labor unioi In toe Uest Indioe or British Qttlana as members, in order to forestall tha Bigliah from aocuaing them of being Cceasamiatla. However, the labor lead era of that region such aa jsjdth, Blaaloaan and Bart vere regarded by the kTTU aa men of oonfldenoa and they are steadily working on the laborers by means of propaganda and agitation under the pretext of unifying then ln order tofight for ind spend en eo.

3. In dosing,oreno aald that Asia waa going to be flooded by strikes and workers covoBonta, allrimary phase for arrfamenta ofVhlah are to ocas later.

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