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Clandestine Radio Program.

1, The Assistant Director for Communications haa been consulted on above subject and roplied as follows.

2* As originally planned, the SHKRWOOU program consisted of threeropaganda broadcasts, the use of "ghost voice" technique against target city -radio stations, and the taking over of the target area -listening audience on "D" Day.

3- Technically, all phases of SHERWOOD can be accomplisheduitable ship. hip must be of sufficient size to accommodate tho antenna and equipment installation. In addition, the ship must be of sufficient soa-worthlnees to maintain stationeriodeeks. It is believedhip lengtheet is required, hovever, the exact length of ship will be determined by factors of ship design. Final decision on type of ship to be used would be made by the Kavy based on exact requirements rumiahod by comaoinicatJona engineers.

To maintain tho 8BBVDGD program for an operational periodonths, it is necessary to have two ships assigned to the project. Two installations of equipment would be necessary but all equipnent would be recoverable. The assignment of two ships allowing for necessary ships replenishment, upkeep and repair, and crews leave and relaxation would provide uninterrupted program coverage.

security problems inherent in the use of two Navy crews

are many. It may be reawnbered that the AEC had security leaks following recent atonic tests even though efforts vere made to indoctrinate the Navy crews in the nocossity for security.

is believod that by use of properlyossibility of pinpointing the broadcast and locatingship. If the ship flies. flag the broadcaat. sponsorship. Hovever,. sponsorship wouldit would be very difficult toase that wouldln the United Nations.

7* Careful consideration of the problem of the selectionit* for SHERWOOD indicates that there are four possible choices:

a.^NicaraguaDependent upon

b. equires assignment two ships.

p c. Nicaragua vith backup shipboard.

3 As contingency planning, nave oneax;mea wu*necessary equipment installation. Ship to standby to take over program if forced out of Nicaragua. In addition, the ship can be used to give simultaneous additionalf the Nicaragua broadcast remains' tenable.

d. Other Central and South Americany eliminatiru all but the propaganda boradcasts from SHERWOODse program in any other politically tenable country.

Approval and sponsorship of SHERWOOU would be required of the selected country.

The number of daily hours that could be used for broadcasts-vould depend on the country selected. Depending upon the distance from the target area, this coverage could vary from full desiredbO two to three hours daily coverage.



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