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RoooDmendatlone ra Efforts

Prior to and During OAS Conference

tha enclosed asaoranduB vas propamdable. Dos to Its length lt is being forwarded In this aannar.

Jsroaa C. DUHSAfi





DiCOLMeh 5li


1. Recognising Importance of and relationship to PBSUCCBSS of OAS confcrenca LINC suggests following as of possible assiatance HQS joint effort vith OCA CD),

"X. Herewith LINCOLN recorrandatlons for KNOCKS effort prior to and

during OAS conference.

?. Plan has three main eloonntai

assassination of WSBURNT delegates.

URHT delegation In Caracas.

and foreign press exposes of WSKJHNT domesticCoranunlst activities.

3. Proposed actions toward 2Ai

WSBURNT and ODACD) to determine nsnbors HSBUHR

aBBURHT, other BJBARK screes, ODACID, ODSNVX,be queried for bio data on WSBURNT Delegate* and data Based on above, HQS and LINCOLN to deterarine specific linesagainst each individual by forged,and press articles.

of attack should occ'ir in three phases! rior to confer 'nee,plant press articles attacking one orfi-Tirea of WSBUtkVT delegation thro'f*>out Hendepherejor forged docuiwnts burntna about half of snallfry onall the way down t* secretaries. t conferenceor two leading tSbMRHT delogotssl LMCither on openingto coincide to the day witi aajor *ffiBURHTWo

re" cccss

"press edition or radiot carriesfcharges of "intervention" sno Id carry story of-or TOhijfLlO expoaura as Coanunlata. or past of conference bum raaalnir.fi half of WSBUiOT delegation aeallfry by aeana of sslaad or forged accusants, Proposed actions tovard Zbt

a. Have ZRWCUJ cet-raine hotel, entertalno*nt, official recaption,rraneeapnts badfig made for aaBPaaT da legation.

plana for conference,

c Haveocoarasnd defensive aaasures against local Coaninlst plana, d. havexplore possibilities of embarrassing HSBURKT delegationn asansiokatlng of delegates* residence,

tonato and agf throwing at WSBi'KNT delegates en route wsatlnra,

exploiting WSUUHHT official reooptlon by planned povar failure,rinks, interception of Invitations to importantt- crashing by Inebriated boors vho pose as Slavic friends of VSKJtlKT dolejat-s, Bailing treat exces- of invitations.

a. Anll-Co-vnniet poster campaign In ZpIIKU. f. Bring refugees froa KSbiWiT to ZRB for public appearance, itava them gat publicity by trylnr to era.*, ferince to protest against

Propored actions toward 2c Preparation of "rod papor" describing (growth of Comunlsaprasont. v parallel between Oowtfa

ln_filtratioo in USB'RNT and in other co ntrisaj parallal between China agrarian reform prograa, thus driving ho an dsn gar of Realsphere-wide Conaunlst cons? lracyj olearly defining the Co*-uniats as the true ir.tarveotlonlatsCLIKC pouching acre detailed suggestions.) Thla dooument to be lntroduoed ot conference by Latin nation,

t ten days prior to oeoferonca tepin exposing WSBURNT,Soviet agent* in various heaiapnrre countries.

a: other Latin nation lntroduco roraallaed recordCorannlrt, Soviet current Intelligence andin Hemisphere.

forefo'nc always refer to WSBURNT as operations baseccraplracy.

6. Proposed approach! ReeoBmend that special team be established at HQS to lnplaaant each of the three foregoingOWI efforts."

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