Created: 2/5/1954

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Office Memorandu


to i Chief, UB

CSD li- or 7

Historical review PROGRAWi


now hief, Communications Security Divisionncrease in High Precedence


A study of the recent South American traffic patterns sbovs aincrease in the number of Messagesrecedence of "Priority" or higher. For example, during tbe month ofhereotal of) priority messages to and from South America with noof higher precedence. hroughotal of tvo hundred andigh precedence messages have been processed; of this total,) were "Operational Priority" and tbe remainder vere "Priority".

Almost tbe entire Increase is attributable to those stations directly associated vlth PBSUCCBSS. It is obviousactor such as tbe use of high precedence indicators can serve to drav undue attention to tbe stationsand in this case could conceivably link those statlona directlyln PBSUCCESSubsequent Identification of U. S. Interest In the target.

3- ' file their cable traffic either by com-

mercial cable facilities or through the Jradio netvork. Tn the formerthe precedence indicator has no meaning to the carrier agency; in the latter, transmission of traffic takes place during scheduled contacts and again the indicator is of little value as all traffic Is transmitted at the contact time, regardless of precedence. Farther, the Communications personnel Involved have been alerted to process PBSUCCESS traffic as expeditiously aa possible.

If the purpose of the assignment of such highto assure

prompt action and/or replies by the recipient, the addition of

"Immediate Action" to tbe beginning of tbe drafted plain textwithout focusing attention upon the transmitted text.

5. In addition, as you might anticipate, the volume of traffic to and froa the stations concerned has multiplied at approximately the same rate. Guatemala City, for example, increased froa four thousand groups in3 to tventy six thousand groups for the first tventy six days of- Such rapid and large Increase in the volume of traffic canazard In and of Itself.


6. It la our belief tbat tbe clrcuaaitancee noted above canerloua hazard to PBSUCCESS. We suggeat that you Inform the stations concerned of the potential dangers of their current cable proceduree and that cable facilities be uaed only when necessary and with appropriate regard for precedence. To Beet the requlreaasnt for rapid action, lt ia suggeated that the phraae "Ianedlate Action" be uaed aa outlined in paragraph four above.

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