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ErneBto SAMAYOA Caoeros

InV edition of the Dlarlo de Centro America, the offlolal propaganda organ of the Guatemalan government, here-appeared an account of .anlaterrier given by Ernesto SAMAYOAexican agronomist and representative of the Sooledad Agronomica Mexicansho had come td Guatemala to study the agrarian reform activities tn this country.

In the Dlarlp de Centro Amorloa artlole, SAMAYOA Caoeres was'being Li5 years ofraduate6 of the Katlonal Agricultural School of Chaplngond presently the Assistant Agent ln tho State of Veraorus, Mexico* of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. SAMAYOA Caoeres was also described aa having previously worked In the Department of Agriculture, in the Secretariat of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, in the Society of'.Hydraulic Resources, and In the Rational Ci-eMlt Banks of Mexico.

The aforementioned article in the Dlarlo de Centro America atated that SAMAYOA Caceree, aa the special ropresontative of the National Kxecutlve Committee of the 8AJf, hadwo hour conversation with Yaldeaar BARRIOSnown Communlat and the head of the Lands Section of the Departftmontq Agrario Naclonal (DANK during whloh the latter explained the progress made to date by ths Agrarian Reform Program ln "

1*. Nothing further was heard concerning SAMAYOA Cachrep /until an odltorlal appeared In^ Issueommunist newspapor El Espectador. In this edltorifcl'pientibnIs made of the conelaerable publicity given by the govarn-^nt press to SAMAYOA Caceres when he first arrived ln Guatemala',

frank of the

oby these organ!rations,Jefofm^v^ PJ*ovok8 dlfficultiea.in'thI?=ent and seriously endanger respect for_ in Guatemala. However, SalttYO* Cactrea* greatest mS

according to KL Bapectadorwas tonown Communist and high-ranking uXN offlolal (apparently referring to waldemar BARRIOS Klea) that tha Agrarian Reform leaders, in Ouatomala must beware of Communist penetrationSAMATOA Caoerei allegedly stated that Mexico's experience with Communists In the agrarian reform movement had been most unpleasant winoe the Communlsta had invaded the lands and had done so much harm that lt had taken tho hoxioana fifteen years to undo the damage. While admitting that during the time of CARDENAS he bid also been infected by Communlat Ideology, SAHAYOA Caceros warned against permitting the Communlsta to Infiltrate the Agrarian Reform movement in Guatemala and said that the hexloan experience should be .an objeot lesson.

. Acoordlng to El Bapectador. SAJUYOA Caceres* antliOommunist stand resulted In his oomplete Isolation and, being unable to renew contaot with the authorities, heelegram ofPresident ARBSNZ and then returned to Mexico.

. autlous, looal investigation tends to indioate that the Bl Bapeotador story is basically true and it la the opinionstation that the SAMAYOA Caoores inoldent oould be of considerable value If properly handled. It Is considered possible

Jcould arrange toigned statement fromconcerning this afjMr. tatement, ooming. fromofflolal, might prove of considerable value for usein LIBC

not be feasible, it might be possible to havs

? ioa Cacerea interviewed by representatives of the antl-Oommunist press and, on the baeis of thla Interview,ampaign against Communlat domination of the agrarian reform aotlvitlea of the Guatemalan government. ampaign should prove of interestundamental premise of Guatemalanboth within and outaide the oountry is that land reformreat and noble measure based on elementary conoepta of social and economio Justice. Chargea of Communist Influence and/or

reform movement in/:QuatemaU,*ra brandedolmply being $he mesne ruaed byrthe' landlords and the^ imperialistic United States to conoeal selfish reasons for opposition' to'land reform ln Guatemala.' .:

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