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Chief, VB

Chief of Station, Guatemala City Chief of Project, PBSUCCKSS


Forwarding of Reports on Revolutionary Activities against Ouateaalan Government

, datednd Io, dated

9n Revolutionary Activities against the Ouateaalan Oovernnent, vere received at LINCOLN In triplicate.

are the original reports for Beadquarters, one

copy for Guatemala City; one copy of each report is being retained at






Vaah atta.




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3 Wean

1 Ouateasla

1 Bafaasay

1HUitary Attach*

SOBUCT OF [ 1 3'


le unable to evaluate the information contained In the report.

Subject cppoarB to bo very sincere, bat beendency to forgot taaes, dates, and other facta. Ho Is notdear thinker and it is often difficult. If not fcapoosiblc, to corrorchend hla at all Unas. It la believed that there are aom details to the "door of battle" than clwm by Sourco, but ho appeared rolnctent to elaborate. It ia possible, howrer, that he doaa not know auraat he told, or Just can not rensnber.

2. Sonrce stated tbat be would ace the Case Officer after he bad seen OSOHIO and would oubedt the results of their abating.

* thathas recently received information

r- '/-

fron two difforont aourcesThat Kra. Oanaon ALFAEO Tllanova, Aunt or Cousin to Mrs.ealthy, Prominent social worker. Bayooaanrlot. the Station ia invcotlcating.



ugust ly$3


(Lawyer) and Manuel^LI ho"'BSav Colonel Boberto^BAiyaCQ


legal political party, but tha actlvl-and BKHHSZA araa) propaganda ^gWSffllaa'OoTarnaent of Ouitesatla andj (b) aubaralTe Uv- GoTcrrorirt. Sooxoe stated tbat thisfirst plan, and the prlnd-


I would bo taknnocroscESS3r- (One Goorgc^ff&LF, roportodthe Caribbean IntoFlorida, has. avejy, ioutojdo -ofand he will be, upon paynent, raeponolblo for taking:th'oSalvadoran soldiers across British Honduras in-

In PETHi the soldiers will take air strips and sill announce via radio thonew OunUanlan OoTumaent, Tie radio they will ask for outside help and internal revolt. Source stated that airplanoe will be flown in froo Hondores to boat) tbe airfields outside of Ouatonvile City and to protect the airstrips taken in Poten. He also eta tod that about thirty thousand antt-Coonomiot Quatenalans bo In the streets of Ouato-nala City at tbe first sign of Insurrection. Be also stated that HAH10QUTK baa boon approached by representatives of the State of Peton (where atwolro thousand people live) with the offer of help when andevolt against tho Oorarnaant takes place.


h. The Bacond plan of attack this group Is considering lo the foil

fron, General Rafael*!JOJILLO of the Dccdnican Republictrained soldiers who will drift Into the North Coast ofiii mail groups as "agricultural workers* with tho "aid ofFruit Company".

soldi era will assemble at LAGU1IA AL7AR5D0 (directly sooth of When assembled and ready they will leave In "landinghope to get fronor Puerto Barrios, Barrios will bebetween mid-night end dawn, Onoe BArrioa IsewBen will proceed to Livingston where there are aboutsoldiors stationed. From Lib logs ton tho others willCiudad Izabal on the edge of Lake Isabel. They will then marchto Cuirlguaa, This strategy according to Source will givean excellent defensive position as the surrounding area isor Jungle* The cutting off of Barrios and the- bombingairfields outside of Guatemala City will, Source believes, start

an internal revolt against the Gove resent.

As witht ls believed that Sourcedid not reveal all details of tbe projected attack. Source stated, howover, that there la. one thing that le needed frost tho United States Government and thatmplied moral support must be given to THULLO. Source stated that his group does not believe that TiSJJILLO will aid than if ho doou not receive oaao encouragement from the United States. Re said, "of course, lt le understood by all that the United Statee cannot shew any outward sign of intorferring in Guatemalan affairs." TRUJILLO will be approached ou the above request about the end of September or the first of Octoberessenger fron the Bonduran ex-President Tubercle CARTAS Andino. The messenger nay be one

has, according to Source, promised that he vould use his influence

to obtain airplanes. Source revealed that MARROQUIH ROJAS was once secretary to CARTAS.

atated that there are about five hundred South AmericanCaribbean Legionalree, etc. located in and around Poctan

in the State of Peten. On or about lU August Source beard that in this group there werepaniards froa Veuesuala. Be reported that fifty of these Spaniarde left Poctun forew weeks before the abortive attempt against Colonel BATISTA of Cuba and have not yet returned to Poctun, Source said that it waa believed that these fifty Spaniards were to take part In tho revolt against BATISTA. -

emphasised the report he bad previously given to tha effect thatwas receiving instructions froa into ma tional Communists. Thehis informationt.fflcer-in-charge ofGarrison that guards the Presidental House.


la reported to have shown Source the ansa cache In thepaseagcsay which connecta tiie Presidential Garage to UieHouse, across the street, and to the National Palace. that about the first of July he sawhundred thousand roundsaliber nachlnehand grenades, tear and smoke boobs in the the passageway.stated that while tbe underground passageway connecting the garagePresidential House and the National Palace la well known. It Is notthat the passageway extends past the gareeeouse numberedUi orn 8th Avenue,

stated that HAHHXMIN HOJAS had In his payaG^CLTJ{DffiS whoof the Secret Police,tudent (presumably at tho NationalThrough CQLIKDIES it was learned that Major Joaeof the Salvadoran Detectives, waa in the pay of the GuatemalanHH3BAHO ia believed to have reported directly to ABBSBZ.ew cum tha ago COLTKDEES was dismissed fron his Job andafterwards he ccranltted suicide. Source atated, however, thatsoae doubt about his death being the result of his own hand.

lso through CQLIKDIES it was learned that General Loonidae PINEDA, Minister of Defense of Honduras was being paid three thousandonth by the Guatemalan Government, Souroe stated that PTHsDA keepsonth for himself, tho remainder going to other paid agents of the Guatemalan

ource stated that when he saw PresidentI0 concerning the request for help In overthrowing the Guatemalan Government, he would tell the President about the activities of his Chief of Detectives, MEDBABO. He also said that heto warn the President about the dangers of the University Student group who are presently attacking the Government on lto treatment of Coranaurlat atudente. Source stated that the National University ofSalvadorarge Comnunlst cell which is taking orders from Guatemala.

Heroin tiomry Activities Against Ooatoaalan Oovwmnent

apt S3

Salvador, San Salvador




1* do Source of revolutionary reports against the incuabent Ouateaalan Qovernaunt Stated that he waa unable to ace President OSORIO during hla stay in El Salvador, but thatthis was not too important as Clearatof-HfttSOQUIH Rojas, Guatemalanleader, vac working tilth tho Salvadoran Ambassador to Ouatonala, Lt, Colonel Jose Alborto^FUlES.

Source gave the full nans of CaftSOmi as Federlco^ABSOKUA of Jutiapa Depert-Bent where he bae aany followra. Source reported that CAHBOHiLL waa one of two men who went to Gonoral Jorge UBICO In iylih to aak to resign from tho Presidency.

According to Source, KAESOQUDi and Ranuer^fflARZA aVAVJ cono froa the Julspa De-par^aut where they0 "brave troope ranginc from soldiers to Colonels*.

h. If tho Ouateaalan Revolutionariea adopt their eeoond plan of attack which in the use0 troops from the TJoadnican Republic to" capture Puerto Barrioa,Ciudad Icobal, and Cuiriguaa the elaborated plan will be as follovai

aesistanod bo ground forceb ln Julapa, Jutiapa, and Coban to captureadlltaiy basse in thoao aroas.

oncentric drive on Ouatonala City froa Julapa, Jutiapa, andthe OovomDfcnt bas not capitulated resulting from air raids an militaryin and surrounding the City.

Standard oil Conawiny will be zequestod to delay shipnent of oil toInstallations in Puerto San Jose. The Texas OH Coapany will beto give Laeo thoir oil and gasoline needs frai Uie Texas storageln Puerto Barrios.

United Fruit Company will be asked to stock its' cenniesary ln Barrios.

the Jutiapa Department is taken, lt is expected that helplow into Guatemala.


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