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Chiof, Lincoln

IKPOi Washington

Chief of Station, Guatemala

Psychol eaji oal Barometer Report (Period Endinganuary ISjli)

Reference -

Metwlth standing the release of tha sensational "white paper" by the Guatemalan OoTcrBaaat daring thisaper In whichllegedeatoonsplraay wu being planoed to meatlmi tha incumbent regime, lt la believed that no appreciable change baa taken piece ln the basic attttadaereported.

On toe basis of first reports It appear* that tba general reaction to the"shlteas unfavorable for the government. The charges of internationalespecially as they relate to the United Statee, are viewed aa trosped-up fantasies baaed on faked documents. Antl^ovsrnnent elements who aooept the ehsrgea aa tree are apparently Inspired by the reperta that effective opposition forces ln the exterior are ln being and planning the early overthrow of the present regit*. Pre-government elements are leas accessible, and their raaotlona hare not been aa aloscly reported. However, it la believed that tha onargas did little more than unify already confirmed partisans of the government. Almost certainly tbe chargaa did not inspire any significant nunber of conversionsosition. Detailed reports regarding this subject are forwarded in the. daily running menorendaay'

3* There la still talkosaonlat-dnsplredprior to tba Caracasin order to precipitate premature. intervention that can be denounced by the Guatemalan Government at Caracas. Tha possibilityoup staged by the government itself In order to nnriernrfnc domestlo snd International opposition la also ruraorod, but lt is believedaked coup will not be followedenuine elimination of oomtamlao. Indeedoup would probably beaken with tie support and consent of the communists themselves. Tnith this topic, lt is rumored that the Army Is no longer capable ofhe internal situation. There la acme feeling that the Ouardia Civil and armed ooHwanlst labor groups are noreatch for tha Amy and could probablythe latter if It attempted to overthrow the government.

U. The Second national Congress of the COTG waa held1bIncident. Pro-co/sooniot, antl-G. S* propaganda contained the same old themest unity and welfare of the working olass| Agrarian reform) against foreign intervention; worldd nauseam, Aa might have been expected, the COTQ

afie 2

esolution calling for tbe confiscation of personal property and tho death penalty for persons engaged In subversive plots against tho governaent. For ths purposes of this report theCOTG congress did not result in any changed attitudes or boliofs. Ihe true character of tha oongresa and the sentiasnts of the attending delegates were clearly revealed by the loud applause and cheers that followed the readingraternal aessageuaslan labor leader.

ollow-up to the reverts contained in) of the reference, it is believed significant to atention an editorial froa PRENSA LIBRE during this period in which the writer observed Uie undeniable circulation of aoney, given ln good faith, to coabat ecaaaudsav The writer added, however, that publioatlone, radio programs and other media sustained by such funds had no appreciable content. He concluded by observing that he did not know how certain propaganda item were circulated and tbat he didn't oare either.

It le believed that the foregoing is further erldenco of the indifference with which negative anti^oaatunist propagandareceived.

Oeorge L. Tranger



- Lincoln


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