Created: 2/10/1954

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14th Quadripartite Plenary Session, Berlin,r. Dulles:

The United States certainly cannot take offense atof the Soviet Foreign Minister that the Europeanget together for their own collective security without theof ths United States. The Unitedhink, hasitself as an unwanted participant in European affairs,do not have any Intentions of doing so in the future

I rocall the pact of mutual assistance which the Soviet Union made9 with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania which Mr. Molotov at the time described In language which is almost exactly the same language he bas now used in the Second Preamble of the new treaty he has junt proposed.

The pact with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania'was described by him as, "strictly stipulating the inviolability of the sovereignty of signatory states and the principle of non-interference in each others affairs".

econd Preamble toefer speaks^of "Respecting ths independence and sovereignty of the states and non-interference in their Internal affairs."

What happened to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania has gone on and on andm afraid, created the division to which theSoviet Foreign Minister refers. Itivision between those who have been absorbed by the Soviet Union and the others who do not want to be absorbed.

Whether or not the Soviet proposal of today will obliterate that division for European nations is,ay, something which is primarily to be considered by other states than the United States, which, as far as it is concerned, is determined that it will not be absorbed.

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