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a result of tuo months organization, planning,certain solid patterns for future (_ factionformulated. easure for solidifying the vast,and support movements to be completed within the nextit is felt nocessary to sot up this basic changes to which will be recorded as subsequent basic documents.

Conor al

The basic key to all operational planning is the realization that the strength of our novewont is going to be iron within the target country rather than being in the nature of an "invasion" from without. Certain shock troops will be utilized; however, mainlysychological lector, consoliaation center, and aid to logistical support.

The reasoning behind the tactical planning is the realization that AuAM is the,key area of resistance.or support to our movement. Comparatively trained, well-equipped, well organized troops andivil arc centered here, in addition to its geographical, topographical, and psychologies! position.

There aro nine key points of resistance withust cope: Adam, bond, Connor, Doc, hddle. Prank, Goss, Hank, Ike. Their significance and strength and capabilities of opposition will be brought out in discussion on each

v. arget.

3is- vorking towards self-assurance oiof each of the key areas of resistance prior tomove hereinafter, referred toay.

control as mentioned above wili beone ofombination of the following methods:

by an inner organization, organizedlocal coa.iar.der iron his own personnel plusthrough Psychological Warfare persuasion.

by shock troops launched fromoutside the target country with definitebeing performedimilar innermentioned. above.

e. An inner organization capeble of neutralizing and nullifying the positive reactioney point of esistance until success at other key areas is attained and consolidated; then inner support missions to the aid of the consolidated forces.

d. Blocking strong resistance points from* the entire action by organizing partisan groups in strategic areas and by strategic placement of specially trained sab-teans.

hb overt move will be made until KUBARK self-assurance of capability of control. by one of tho first three methods is attained.

Defected army personnel capable of influencing units will be the main source of Psychological warfare for defections within the key areas of resistance to produce organized assets forL ^activities.

6*. Defected and influenced and sympathetic civilian organizations will be utilized in support functions.

All planning will be based on the aim to allow defection, allow capitulation and sympathetic action before enc during activities.

Preparations will slant touaras the capability to implement the three plans:

Preparation for and seizure oftarget country.

BAKES: Consolioation and prevention

C. Plan CHARLIE: Contingency plans for seizure of control to include alternate- and emergency actions at each key area.

fl. Organization for Plan ABLE, GtMERAL: With fulJ cognizance of the present vaguo knowledge by ail concerned of thostatus of our real or imagined assets, the follouing cautious inner organization ia to occur at each key point:

1. Military.

CALLIGERIS is to conferand Staff

to determine each local garrison military figuro considered most leyal, most unco ntomlnn tod by past experiences, etc. This man hereinafter designated Area Lender will be cleared by KOBARK facilities and his name piecedatch-listSBUKKT for continual observation.

will confer with his staffroven local citizenContact H) nearby each garrison who isuafobousc and contact with the selected NOTE: Submission of the identitiesis to occur priorarch.

the staging area for the particular key

area (seeraining graduate

hereinafter designated Organizer, will be launched black to contact tbeThis Organizer will have received clearance along with other trainees and will be established on the appropriate watch list.)

the safety ofacilities,will inform the Area Leader:

(1) The movement is continuing, butautious realization that large portions of former assets have been blown or disaffected or contaminated.

is to stitdy his garrison sltuetion

One man as his executive who will bo responsible for the mechanics of inner organization, leaving the Area Leader comparatively inactive from an opposition-eye standpoint.

One manutout-contact to the incoming rosident radio operator (See paraCoiwno).

One nanut-out courier to tbeor the garrison.

is to ins truethe Executive (andtnc organizational operations ol the txec)

he is to investigate cautiously and examine and submit to him for approval tor recruitment:

One Ban who is in the best position to organize within the cobbd system ancapable of controlling or negating comae co signal.

One man who is in best position to organize within the garrisons air facilities an organization capable of negating the air

arm through defection of pilots and/or mechanics, destruction of fuel and planes, assassination of

pilots, etc.

man who is in position toof organizing for special missionsdestruction of critical suppliesfacilities, crippling ofammo and arnored facilities, raiderthe garrison, etc.

appropriatetechniquesbe passed by the Organizer to the Area Loaderto each recruited person.

Organizer will withdraw to theonce instructions have been passed toleader. From that point the Organizer should behead tofor the inner organization he shouldecruited courierK and set up ai tcraete and emergency coaaao to

the Area Leader which does not require utilization of Contact v. KOTE: Area Leader and groups will be identified by the crpto denoting that target.

2. Parti can organization sjjrnpcul&ee surrounding each garrison:

a. Organisation mechanics of approach will be similar to tho organization within the garrisor. discussed above. The initial contact bj Organizer within the garrisor. vicinity, hereinafter called Contactwill thereafter provide the cutout between the key area civilian, hereinafter designated Partisan Loader, and the stagingourier to staging area headquarters.

b. The Partisan Leader will be instructed to recruit on Executive whose function would be similar to the Area Leader's free. The Partisan Leader's Vxcc would examine, recruit, and instruct heads for each of the following comportsiented partisan groups:



Reception Party for ir coring Materiel Kits

der, to head deoo and raider teams, later lo be assigned jjca Leader supportby CALLIGStlS via Partisan Leader.

NOTE: Partisan Leaders will be Identified by tbe crypto denoting tbe target and tbe letter P.

3. Sm-fiol Pitrtlsen groups strategicalrgan! gedt ln certain areas already spotted end others which will develop along with tba situation, there willeed for partisan organization with harassment, retardation,end diversionary duties. These will be designated hereinafter by crypto3 key town with the area to be organised followed by the letter


A. There aro two training sites at present in KKi'LUSH.

training site SAUAKAC Afield crypto ELlocated approximatelyis en an isolated fara owned byf ^.

prosent twenty-seven nan are inabotage course designed to produce ton

sab instructors, seventeen couriers, staging area personnel, transport-couriers for runiing arms, etc. This class is known as "A" class. These men are being exposed to some clandestine-technique subjects such aa: Resistance to InterrogationightClandestine Commors.). Also included arc,classroom and line firing range work on the following: 2 Soviet Rifle,Luger2 DegtyarsvMl, German concussion grenade, Canadian frag grenade. Class and range work on tho following rounds out the course:

and capping

and placing charges

and non-electric Arson

Field expedients

Planning charges

Planning operations

Improvised shaped charge

napalm blocks as incendiaries.

Wood, concrete, and rail work are being stressed. ab target with fire is being stressed in the plan-ing course.

On graduation (approximately 5top class members are to be utilized atarea within SARAHAC to train twentyrow being gathered (as of this date,the new clasa has beerhis classwill be known aa "C" class and will eacha specific mission and will recruit aaccomplish the mission. It is expectedwill be launched just prioray inbe in position at their assigned targets onteam will bo launched fron the stagingto the target.

2) The remaining seventeen will beof support as needed by

CALLIGERIS to implement plans. V

d. l) On completion "A"lass commences. "B" class is forof training thirty leaders andCALLIGERIS is assembling his topincluding his staff and shockor

are to ce assessed by ^hiefCamp Commander, andCALLIGERIS vlll determinev..assessment.

vill be to the following jobs:

A staffo return to CALLIGERIS to provide uidance

2 assassinationo retrain and replan the launching of presentteam personnel as veil as instruction of "K" team personnel now located vithin WSBURNT.

8 shock troop leaders ando bo returned and assigned leadership lo Bond Frank, ando be launched just prior

ay to Goss to provide direction to garrison and defections gained there.

o be launchedsites to tho targets and areasfor instructional and

A) The course to be followed is basically C ith stress on Partisan-typo highly mobile light traveling veil-equipped small, compact units employing irregular warfare tactics. Stress in tactics is on right work, however, certain clandestine techniques, agent handling, eoploycent of tools of rosistance, etc. have been included,

pf Resistancers)

Mature of Clandestine Activitiesrs)

Clandestine organizationrs)

Clandestine commors)

Safe sitesr)

Personal contactsrs)

Resistance to Interrogationrs)

of membersrs)

f drops and cutoutsrs)

k) Cover 2) Recruitingrs)

n) Testingrs)

n) Cachingrs)

o) Political Warfarers)

p) nature of Active Oppositionrs)

q) Organisational plar.rd.ngrs)

r) BaplovDont Pscyhological Warfarers)

s) Defectionrs)

t) Principles Partisan Warfarers)

u) Weapons (includingrs)

v) Haprs)

w) Cover and Concealmentrs)

x) Individual Movementrs)

7) Sanitation and First Aidrs)

2) Observation and Reportingrs)

aa) e selection andrs)

bb) Survival Practicesrs) .

cc) Assassinationrs)

dd) Sabotogc (mostly theoretical

ee) Rand to Rand Combat (daily)

ff) Sentry Eliminationrs)

gg") Proba Leadership and Commandrs)

hh) Partisan Tacticsrs)

11) Terrain Users)

jj) Partisans on the Kowe and Bivouacrs)

kk) Nightrs)

11) Unit Fire techniquesrs)

mm) Intra and Inter Unit Commors)

nn) Intelligence Gathering and Evaluationi

00) rs)

pp) rs)

qq) Hlgtttrs)


Field work will be omphasized over class room work. Total length class seven weeks.

e. On completion of "fl" class, six j'jmwvast.irstrained. It la estimated if necessary hasbackground to provide sufficientif possible, the present airbornewill be placed at 3ARANAC disposal

for this training period. On graduation these menby at an intermediaten SARAriACto FJHOPLFUL under complete darkness tocomplete isolation under PBPRIMr; supervision in

f. Three and one half tons of starilo training equipment are on hand at SAkATAC, having arrived by black flight.


to tho recent disclosures in WS8URNTparticipation, the KUCLUB trainine andsituatedointthe time of writing, tne gear is uroer theI UCLUB Activities in f_

J. No new site has been assigned and the situation istate of flux awaitingC J's reaction lo recent developments. At presont the biographical data on four prospective trainees has been submitted as against the committed number of twenty.

the above situation is settled itthe class will graduate twelve PJO's,radios, and six TRO's. Length of trainingto be approximately twoalfa graduation dateroximately Lprosent situation reading.

VI. Logistics

A. Tbe total list of operational equipment being gathered at ROBALO is as follows;



11. arryrums








Ration kits,


(continued next page)







logistical support is now gatheringfor approxebruary Black Flight. The Logistical Support PBSUCCESS is responsibleof loading and security matters concerningmateriel. Security isan for guidance. been briefed on the tonnage and cubage and deadlinesand nature of security involved, coordination now being worked out between the

15and an experiencedon TDY from Training Section will arriveAL0of storage and packing facilities, and detailedIrobalo to augment pouched pouched general briefing.

Onebruary an experienced Airborne packer willfor surveying facilities on TDYays. February andebruary approximatelylearedwillAL0 forays

set up packing procedure, orally and with writtenthe packing team and working party, and generallyworking efficiency of tbe packing group prior to On departuredesignate a

chief of the packing party to be responsible to {_

ROBALO throughout packing operations, [tessing and lodging facilities will be made available by IROBALO with understanding if necessary the packing team will subsist in tents and on field rations drawn from the Army.

D. The packing will be executed In three categories. In each category an inspection table will be set up at ROBALO for inspection of each itea and preparation for(light coat of oil on all weapons) prior to packaging. In the first category all bundles havo been reduced tobs. or less so that where necessary single persons could transport the bundles. The category is comprised of those items fortransport to inner WSBURNT forces. The packing will be made waterproof through sterile gunny sack and tar covering with oiled paper inner covering. The packs will include carrying straps for transportability. All kits should conform, when possible, toimensions cteeixehle.. The packs, and weights, and numbers to be packed are as follows:

1. it (Partisan) (Each kit in 2mi




grenades 8



(Partisan) Wt. fi5#



Kit (Partisan) Wt.

arrying cases

2 oil

Kit (Demolition) TOTAL

a. itmall units, each small unit is packed for individual handling. Each small unitfits contains

block of napalm


3 non-electric capspocket knife

utility pliers

1 roll friction tape

1 box waterproofed matches

v fuse

Four small units of the regainingits are tbe sane as above while the 5th small unit ir converted to electric deoolition byleatingeet firing wire,lectric caps for the standard caps and fuse of other unite. These special units should be marked with theor identification. Each umall unitetter of instructions in Spanish on napalm. One small, unit ofithaped charges andletter of instructions. This small unit is marked S.

5. it (Resident Radio Operators ) TOTAL pare parts


rds 9am ammo

emergency food and medical kits

GI watch

GI compass

E. The number of kits designated for delivery to each staging area, the marking to designate the target destination, and tbe expected airport of delivery for transferarea ia as follows:

1. For staging areaprobable field for dispersion



Kits markedKits






robable field for





For stagingrobable field for dispersion

Kits marked OA



area 0L, probable field for

Kits marked


Kits marked

Kits marked

Kits marked

robable field for

Kits marked

Kits marked

Kits marked

Kits marked

Kits marked

arearobable field

Kits marked

Kits marked

Kits marked

Kits marked

his report identifies the targets to be operated against iron each above numbered staging site. hould be filed separately.

F. Toe movement of the materiel within this categoryto the field nearest the target staging areas isbe by black flights from DTROBALO field. Coordinationpoint at ROBALO and reception point in WSKOOFSwill be executedappointed assistant)

be physically present in the vicinity

of reception field and in liaison with CALLIGERIS during Communications hould be

instantaneous and will be coordinated througn cableand

CALLIGERIS has four large trucks and is prepared to

have then on standby to shuttle from staging field to staging area.

0. AKD has been alerted as to the general nature of the entire PBSUCCESS logistical program as proposed. AMD was informed as to the unapproved, tentative nature of this first preparatory conference.

1. Coordination is now underway between AMD and PBBBCCESS Supiort Office, Headquarters onebruary black flight from Andrews Field to f iField. Approval bos been granted. Supplies arc to be in position ready for pickup0ebruary. AKD liaison to Andrews will point out the spot for temporary storage and will provide guards and tarpaulins.

AMD will furnish planes and pilots and arrange proper liaison west Pain Beach and Panama airfields. The planes will be

^and tbe flight will be covered by normalf ^baserocedures.

is providing emergency coverbackstop necessary.

Support, PBSUCCESS,stockpiling the necossary equipment and hasproject of capability of making the deadline.

2,. AMDreliminary staff study of tbeby Black Plight ofquipment ROBALOfields DTFROGS and WSBOOPS. The followingstatedesultant conference with

receipt of approval ia

I ^operations, AMD would keep in mindUCCESS movement but would devote no further effort which detracts froa operations in other fields.

was given tbe cubage and weight "tothis movement.

was notified as to peculiarthis project and connecting operations. Jtthat en officer froa Security Division shouldto provide emergency cover and backstopand plane.

ss would be utilized. of these planes would be difficult butif authorized in tine.

date set tentatively for this1 througharch. able to DIR requesting

pass to AMD sets an alternate date ofpareCAI-LIGERIS Assignments for purposes delay.

suggested that an air-operations officerassigned TDI to control probableconduct pi . briefii plan details ofetc. AMD's functiontaff and notnecessitates their maintaining an advisoryproviding high level contacts which set upfor black flight. The experienced airwho will implement the planning has beento the project. His Initial duty will be thatliaison with AMD, following complete T- PBSUCCESS. His subsequent duties willpresence LINCOUUROBALO-ltEADQi; ARTERSAir Operations Officer for planningpurposeo.

pilots ure being considered as the most

feasible, both from tbe value of their experience and tho security standpoint.

3. To auai it up, AMU has tbe general requirements, complete stockpiling is underway in that theebruary flight is designed to oring the ROJALO stockpile to completeness and the flight Is approved, packing teams are recruited, are being briefed, and are due to depart within tho next two weeks.

^DTROBALO has been briefed generallyana has been requested to furnish careteams. Be has been notified that theto live under field conditions if tho

1 April closing-down of regular ROBALO functionsroblem which could be solved through drawing army tontage and field rations. equest for utilisation of his trucking facilities was also included to verify his verbal offer of same in January.

approval for this category II set ofis necessary in order to plan further In order for AmD to locate planes andclaar same, and in order for Air Operationsimplement sane, and in order for security tocover, approval to proceed is required soonest.

H. On arrival at thefield nearest the staging areas in that country, CALLIGERIS' trucks, using cleared drivers, will truck tho equipment to its marked destination. From oach staging area separate operations will be run to the recipient underground of tho target area.

/'] : By concealment in CALLIGERIS'vehicles, which up to the point of tho recentwere not searched on crossing the border. run test cases with present vehicles to find thesearch or surveillance such vehicles are subjectis also instructed to cause vehicles now incountry to come into the vicinity of theand return to target country to determine thesearch or surveillance the vehicle becomes subjectcases where it can be arranged so that the vehicletarget country is similar to specially riggedat the stagingicense-plate swapso that theits can be concealed. ar* all designed to fittc the space being provided by shifting theof CALLIGERIS' cars.

fZ willrimary method of ontry tocountry ofquipment of hand carryingrecipient underground by transport courierout of the staging area, traveling blackon staging Areaara). Transport from the

staging area at Jackosition of launching at Kent will be necessary along tha Jack-Kent highway under cover of darkness due to the offset position of this particular staging area. Either available trucks or requisitioned vehicles will be utilized for this duty. If the acquisition of vehiclesecurity problem, mules will be utilized ana the courier-transport personnel willive man toon, the load being broken down after approach as far as vicinityof Larry via mules. Travel will be only at night due to the heavily Communist infested nature of the staging country between the staging area and the crossing point. Larry will bo used as an inner staging base for supplying inner forces at Bond by stockpiling at Larry for distribution by Larry personnel as well as use by Larry personnel.

3. Areas for service of Ceasar, Doc, and Eddie. Due to tbe distances involved, the three indicated designations are to be serviced innder present planning by the useilGERIS1 present automotive facilities after test runs are made and recipient are established. In addition, operations from within the target country.will be nounted to causo CALLICtRIi-controlled transportation to logically leave target country and reenter with materiel.

A. areaill employ the transport-courier method fornd will service inner organizations Kike and Frank (see details on Staging.

Area f5 willimilar method to Areaor Category I,

Areaquipment will be moved to road's end at approximately Jack and further transported to the area via mule-train which CALIIClRIo has been authorized to purchase. The movement ofquipment to the recipientorganizations at Kick ana Hank will be by black-courier- trans port personnel in operations Mounted from staging area 'fc in the vicinity of Jack.

I. quipment includes that equivalent to be carried by Shrek troops and specialists who enter the target country just prioray for semi-ovsrt and overt actions tied inay. The EcVOment ofquipment from ROBAJJO to the selected fields nearest tho respective staging sites is duo to commence approximatelych. imnediately on the heels of the ncvameat of Category I. The brcakcown cf thequipment will be mace at ROBALO and the marking of allquipment will be as follows: Areaarked XE

Area Si. marked aJ


shipment ie expected to furnish theto provide self-sufficient shock troopsindependent on logistical supportdays continuous overt action, yet enable tbe nanto maintain mobility and firepower et the sameT/equipnent and organisation.)

gear will reaaln in constant state ofrepair at tho staging areas, preferably underof an assigned graduate of Class Aotherwise employed until issued to the sen for use.

J. qnipoent is being prepared for resupply by overflight during plan Able end Baker operations where necessary,plan Charlie operations in the event emergency situations call for iaplenentation of plan Charlie.

Preparations include bundling into the bundles described below and tying toargo chutes. (The described chute is government-sterile chute being produced on contract. firm, and is suitable foroadj

Tbe below described bundles ere being bundles in straw-cushioned burlap bundles;

A ach#



12 ammo

ds 9mm ammo

rag, grenades



1 pair pliers

1 roll taoe

1 knife

5 non-electric caps

B Totalach

1pare parts


oa 9mm ammo

ration ana medical kits

1 GI watch

1 GI compass

C ach approximately ZX>ff



rag,2 ammords 9mm amrao

3. Distribution of thtqulpaent will be governed by the requirements on aad shortlyay.

a. our on until canceled all tactical radios ond the base station will go on open circuit.

b The shock troop staff and leaders and organizers now in training are receiving re supply requests,ui location etc. in the curriculae).

requests will go from team toto AKARDO toINCOLNto fly will be implemented atto fly being Issued from LINCOLK.

feasabillty ofrojectLogisUcs Team at FOHOFtPUL duringis oeing considered. If consideredteam would be allowed to authorize thecutting down on time and number of times'handled, consequently eliminating chances

resupply is being consideredapproval. AMD assurance of daylighthas been issued following an Air-Oilsituation study by ariD.

tGdiay8 "lU be the firstlight inasmuch as total expected defections tnere are higher than the expected ability to Bisply throughovements.







Viejas, Honduras

Bios, Guatemala


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