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Western Hemiephere



I Specific Hemisphere Conference in Mexico,

(Coogrcso do los Vencedores del Comunlsmo)

REF: C- 0 (not to Guat)





2Guatemala 2LINCOLN

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Congroso de. los Vcncedores del Comunlsao


Area of Operations: Hemisphere Congress to be held at Mexico City; delegates from aboutatin American countries will attend.

Purposet (Overt) To perpetuate private efforts to promote the anti-Communist objectives of the Caracas Conference of Foreign Ministers. (Covert) Toemisphere committee for the liberation of Guatemala.

Background,: has announced his intention to sponsor an onti-CoemuMot congress duringICNIZEteparate anti-Oomnunist group, loosely controlled by the C. hrough the influence of PBSDCCESS agentthese two groups could be brought together toucleus for tSe congress. RKSHIELD has tbe contacts and ability to stage the congress, with our financial aid and guidance.

, UNC fefofe.


emisphere resolution against Soviet intervention

emisphere mechanism for combatting SovietGuatemala;

unifyseveral anti-firbenz groups in exile;

smokescreen U. S. activities in PDSDCCESS;

2. To create maximum psychological impact on the target audience in Guatemala.

F, To extend contacts for future KTJGCWN employment throughout the hemisphere.

Soviet influence in Guatemala.


Attachment to^ '

7. Agenda! entative agenda is presented below. Fjraj. Day, AM.

a President (from list of predetermined candidates).

agenda for approval of tbe President appoints

oa International Cccmmium.

n n Communism in Labor and Slave Labor.

n among Xouth. 9 in Government.

and Religion.

Women's Rights.

Correspondence5 Congress.

Eseay review.

Political Economy:

on increasing production, increasing wages,trade.

of land redistribution and ways toproduction loss during early stages

D. inuteistory of International Communism.

inuteistory of International Communism in the Hemisphere.

Minuteoasaunlat Penetration of Mexico.

Minuteamauniat Penetration of Chile.

Minutecesaunist Penetration ofDay, Pl<

Minuteoots of Communism in the Hemisphere.

Minuteoviet Methods of Penetration.

Minutearmarks of Soviet Activities.

- The Congress resolves to enlighten the peoples of

Latin America to the true dangers of international Conraini

omndtteeof weaknesses of the

Coasaunlat doctrine.

Minuteources of Strength in Combatting International


Minutetrength in Free Labor and Business.

Minutetrength in the Home (woman lecturer).

Minutetrength in the Church.

Minutetrenjth in Progressive and Conservative Politics.

Day. PM

Minute,ction to Conquer the Forces of International

Minuteedia for Combatting International Communism.

c. lnu.tenter-American Cooperation in Combatting International Communism.

Minutetruggle for the Minds of Men.

- The congress resolves to expose international Communism

in the hemisphere and to use its moral force to aid any sister republic endangered by Communism.

iscussions of conspicuous Soviet intervention

in the Hemisphere.

Second Dny L'vonliift

speaker (to be chosen) of the Congress makes speechthe findings of the firat and second day are that Soviet Imperialisma beachhead in Guatemala and Is rapidly consolidating itsmakeoviet Satellite.

-atin American committee for the liberationbe establishedermanent committee to exert the unifiedof the free peoples of the Hemisphere in defense of this sister republic.

Third Day. AM

A. Adoption of resolutions, vith tha Guatemala resolution adopted last.

D. Committee chosen to implement Guatemalan resolution, (coordination with correspondence committee,)

of winning eaeay (fivo page maximum) and prosontation of prize.

address bv Preaidenti

uccess because central objective chosen;

Real and dynamic problem has united all.

Pay. *1

Tour of places of historical interest. Fourth Dav Follows

Open office of Latin American Committee for the Liberation of Guatemala. Kake statement to tbe pross.

8. Implementation:

UbCOLH Steos

LS/2 equestreside Mexico City during


LS/3 rite courtesy letter to RHSHIELD.

to Mexico4 as representative


'visit and make peace with LIONIZE?..


LS/5 Mexico. Box and advise LINCOLH.


_ Jhe prepared with half card for contact with


Attachment to ffnvA-76

vieit RKSH1ELD and set up congress planning

ccfBoltTee. Choose two emissaries to visit eight countries each. Get approval of Mexican Government to hold. and Invite foreign delegates/"" tate that .he can00 dollars.

LS/9 equest-all stations to cable names and addresses of two delegates, preferably persons under control and properly motivated.

wo emissaries depart carrying publicity materials,for purchase of press advertising, andto aid in choosing foreign delegates. Arrangeer cent of transportation for one delegate ander cent of travel coats for one delegate from each country. Emissaries to expect cold approach in any country visited by person saying "ARMANDO BIAS" sent me. '

^ 3'l riefcase officer.JlT, orrect and concur in agenda.

^ KUGOWN officer RGLENDER come to LINCOLN for two-day


be able to contact^ hrough half

card system.

C -advise RNSHLBLD0 may be forth-

coming for congress. RNSRTELD concur in agenda. RNSKTELD print series of stamps to be sold to finance Congresolos Vencedorea del Coaunismo. Air mail invitations to other countries and send brochures.


NSHIELD and/" ^choose and send Wo emissaries to eight countries eaclTisee VT/lO).

r NSHIELDS mail requests to selected delegates to bring

prepared speeches on specific subjects. Also request for entries in Essay Contest; essays to be maximum of five pages and on one of several specific subjects.

Wi] JLV8A8



9 NSHIELDS arrange to rent conference hall.

- RKSIQELDS arrange through ohuroh, fraternal orto feed and house

rHRN3HIELD3 arrange propsi onference name badges,

insignia buttons, souvenirs, local advertising, transportation, band, field trip to historical spots, etc.

Other Station Stops

OS/l dvise LDCOLH and C- hoices for delegates.

OS/2 C- hould be prepared to make cold approach to emiosarios using phrase "ARMANDO BIAS" sent me.

OS/3 se controlled media to advertise congress beginningays in advance (USLA stay out).

Headouarters Stops

BS/l pprove idea and grant funds.

BS/2end case officerriefing at UHCCLHsixty days'

RS/3 upply support materials (KMFCRGET type).

9. Coordination,i (see OS'a under No,npleaentatlon)

Nearly allcooperate. Most of tho

coordination would bo between LINCOLH and

10. Personnel:


J good, Judgment and believed


fmil CuaaWnlit

achievements but he can be controlled for thethis project; C.

ua ton

^ in exiles A*

considered swaeunugothead;


llSaZSa-which publishes

a news shoet, occasional nanaoiils, ana carries on agitation activities;

is conaidered a

splinter group not completely in narmony uiuij. nd CALLIGERIS; the congress would help bring them into the fold.


flnU-Comnninist front whichront paper; he would

be invitedparticipate.

C. AH personnel have appropriate clearances.


Contact, arid Coraucicntions;

A. At LlfCGLH, direct contact with staff officer under cover;

via open air mail CI


emergency contact with C hrough E-

in Latin America, cold approachthrough uoo of pre-arranged introduction, "ARMANDO BLAS sent me."

TfffHTO In- direct contact within Mexico City.

RHSHTELD Contacted and managed by TCLKIHG.

LIBETHEKITE-& In contact with RUSH!ELD and also will be in contact RHIABILE In contact with RHSHIELD and also will be in contact with

^ In contac^

13. Control and Motivation! (covered briefly underersonnel, above; alao covered in basic project.) Control in the Congress and tbe persaaeot coaalttee to be formed therefrom should be accomplished through careful screening of all delegates by theC rom which countries they originate. The motivation

Jsincere desire to ria us country of the Soviet menace. The same may be said of LIBETHENITE-4. RKSRIELD and RNLABILE, though sincerely anU-Communlst, are also riding tho trend for selfish political reasons.

Equipment and Supporti Nothing in this category will be needed except

sixtyexico City. A soparato request

is being made for uxxu officer.

15. Timetable; (see under Tasks)

ebLINCOLN their choice of delegates.

1 Marchto Mexico to confer with LICNIZKR

6 MarchCongress emissaries begin tour of Latin America

to help select delegates, buy advertising, and arraoge transportation of delegates.

Brochures sailed to delegates.

Allto plug congress through

controlled media.

prilbegluo and continues for three days.

fart II

16. Eptfaatod Cost A. Travel


Emissariea (each visit 8

Twenty delegates full

Twenty delegates half

Bus for field trip in




ther IA countries

and Posters

(to come from existing projects)

time during Rent of Congreaa

Steno Staff for Congress and Reproduction

Essay contest prize (silver


17. Special Problems and Commitments; KDBARK should be prepared to underwrite full expenses of the Congress but all propaganda shouldequest for donations. The "Christmas seal" type stamps prepared and sold by RNSHEELD should aid in housing and feeding the delegates. United States participation has been heldinimum, but. newscaster could be asked to appeal for funds, giving the namo and address of RNShTELD.

After the congress is over, additional funds may be required for pamphlets prepared by the cccxaittees and for printing and mailing of congress speeches.


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