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PLACEHouse "A"


Letters Received from the Fiold

For Delivery tc

I delivered three letters tcC 3from BUFUS onebruary. Having read thorn, he cane back and advised ae of the contents.

1. Letter datedebruary.

X. President GALVEZ ofequest throughoreign banister to BUFUS that he be given some indication that BUFUS vaa receiving aid froa individuals ln the United States.

sent FOURSTER (first nameto intercede for him in Panama. RUFUS himself had notto ro to Panama because he is nowtop-orderREMOH which prevents bin froa entering Panama.

says that twenty men were sent toonebruary! six of tha were radio men and u4 ofsaboteurs.

relations are now in existence betweenand elements In the Salvador!an and Hondurian governments.

latitude is needed in the propagandanterprets this to mean that wider use of funds with less

control being placed on RUFUS is desired.

record which RUFUS made in LINCOLN hasin Salvador and Honduras.

Q. RUFUS advised that IDIG0RAS has asked for back pay from the Guatemalan Government; he says that this mercenary move haaoor effect in El Salvador snd in Honduras.

B. ABEKAS visited RUFUS but on this occasion RUFUS was not in Honduras.

I. RUFUS has aent LOPEZ ffirot name unknown) to Mexico. The purposes for sending him have been ooveredrevious cable

traffic. RUFOS' letter gave no farther enroll olfaction of these reasons.

j. End of letter datedh.

econd latter dateda.

A.LT as not UFUS is wondering what has happened.

i -has not received money in Ouatemala

City as ofebruary; KUFU3 wonders what is happening.

een instructed not to leave Ouatemalahe aets up contact again with those Individuals who werehim, which ia what C ^wishes to dot RUFUS advised that once

cstablished hia contacts he will advise them that ba ia leaving the country.

Luis ARENAS visited him againime RUFUS was in Honduras. ARENAS, according to RUFUS,willing to listen to all criticism and has acceptedcomplete humbleness. RUFUS said that ARENAS is winingwhatever RUFUS ardors. RUFUS claims that be advised ARENASto Guatemala clandestinely and then to seek asylum lnEmbassy ln Oustemala City- Subsequent information that ARENAS followed this course of action since it ispublicly that ARENAS has requested fefuge or exile Inembassy in Guatemala City.

B. RUFUS asked C"oetter from Roberto BARRIOS Pens; he askr^ Jto tell BARRIOS Pena that be must realise that RUFUS has to answer the charges made against bin by tbe Guatemalan Government. RUFUS did not wish in any way toBARRIOS Pens; he replied to the charges of the Guatemalan Government only for the purpose of thoroughly clearing the atmosphere. BARRIOS Pena, in his cable to RUFUS, complained that he, BARRIOS Pena, had been implicated in RUFUS' reply to the Guatemalan Government.

3. Second letter datedebruary (the third letter which ceivedJ.

A. RUFUS claims that he has0 dollars and another payment0 dollars: he states that MANUEL has the rest.

ready to come to LINCOLN.

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