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Bfvrythlng la Boring forward Ir. preparationa, aa Manual baa undoubtedly dlaouseed with /ou. laa fcrthocadng fliajbta for gettinglteaa ia poaltloa ara all arranged. a anxious to know bow row baro farad cn your return to tba era* and the results of your reentry Into tba offlolal picture there, a anxious to know tha Identities of persr>na discussed bet wen yon and Don Rlcardo.

Certain portions of your subedeoion of Maroh budget aro difficult to understand ln the light of our previous conTsreatlona. Where we are agreed that we aust recontaot the key allltary see oDS-by-one Initially, and that the oontaot should ba by graduate* of tbe leader end ffrwirid and staff training, ea tlaa ted expenditures for Qua tenia aeeaa asking Juan Joee to discuss this with you la order to ascertain who tho aen are that you bave in Bind. Keep ln Mini cur Initial attitude of cautious ap roach to old frlanda.

then you discuss this with Juan Joae. please ldertlfyo>the soaey lsf you atill feel the aoney should ba seatwill dlaeoaa it with Jam Joae case be unders'ar.da your rwaoedngw* and the arotu are together in sinddll saketo /vu

again, theof two hundred and fifty aen into Rloaragua is ato aa, hole tbe br- tkdown of traininginached list ard inrlloete where the nlaurderBading in cuaears lies,

1* rurohaoo of threo vehicleei The purchase of these vehiclestlaa laatprsntloel in that It la understood alxavailable tr the area and the taajority of March ao-lvlty Is to benature, ctaffforIdentification, andand reoelpt of aaterlel, lour .resenton trucksthe heavy aovlng pro Q

upport aad Crjanixation and 5. Oeneral ad ax.ensesi

- rrr.-being held awaiting ea Ig awnt ooanltawuiU for care ofW.

throe stagingnpth/eite

three ttaglsej sites I


D. TraTol courierfi on paramilitary wlsnlana rbvanontabs. F. hbTomenta.

oBffiunloatlon tralneei e Trenaportstlor. expenses staging materiel

dla,dles ea.

sale train Personal ex-eiBos and unforeseen aomu-gaaclea

Tba ears of oaa hundred snd fifty man should ba Itemised for Juan JoeV hy yon for the group's benefit as soon as feasible (in other mrdc vbo ero they, name, spprorimate age, present location, and want are they being used for) so that the overhead ;ereormol can be Identified separate from useable perondlitsry personnel. Later, ao ooor. so your staff can prepare the data, we will need occupational history, -srents and Idn, ate.

It la reslltedortloD of tbe recruited personnel forndnd G. ar coming from Guatemala. Allowance for thoee families of the entire group of new recruits and other personnel with families still in Guatemala ia lumped under the Guatemala heeding.

Support and Organisation!

A* Comnltnento to fanlllee of na1 now being held apart from fealliss

B. lapensea lnaurred jessing coamtitments to fami.lit*s

support and Organlsatloni

i.ng bold awaitingconittnsnta v> fenlli'-a, ete.)

ocoupation Intermediate storage :oint

1 finca


transportation expenses, stagingips, B0 miles

F. Personal ere-see, bribes, unforeseen ooergtnciOE


13. Feeding and Training:

and cereonth

and care oraamioatora

and cereverdue bab recruits

andnd careverduesnd careamp ^

MGARAQUA (cont'd)


Preaent p* ol truck and Jeep only teeded Panel truck should be traded Immediately aadiscus& with yon.

aviation expo dituraa Mar oh. Present plana undercare and dispositioniU be .la

Doctor, Bsodioinoa, etc.

Official charges ^Aj^

Officelspoaltlec to ba disoussad with Manuel

traveling expenses


lbs nan nentioned In paraepreoept aJifor movement to or trained In Moorages.. For 1

expectedet to arrive, allowance cf SSCAa. for bo ^


Tho manorouB reoolptsve bee appreciated by the Croup, however,

1 have bees irfomod that lt ia not thoir doelre to impose hacvy adolntatratlvo

burden on rott by eooountlng for every cent you apeod. Therefore It nave*-1

belleved adoquate If ycu eould elnilyreakdown of expeneee by

period. uggest, and the Group approves, that youedger

for the accounting period which horeafter will be every two weeks. Thic

ledger or notebook would dose ibe 'he purpose cf the axpe'dliure, date,

and enount, and be forwarded :brough these chan els under your alias

eignetu-e. allow this will help reduce your caper burden although

ay aeon keeping twe such records alsaC tanaouely and for your


there houaea ar* being list d, explain their use and the personnel occupying thaw to Juan J

v^oro vehicles ore being cored for, identify then and the legal owner.

iaWra 'slvadoran contacts are listed, Identify then.

Once identification of the above le established, only additions ored be noted.

Developments nay alter thedlturee receeoery during tbe latter portion of the month tn that expend!norease cf dec ease. There fore, for peramilltery exfondituria, one-half the above total la beingarch

while tha rwaoindar will ba placed In your controlarch, with nocesssry additions or reductions included*

One halferon CL Tegucigalpa (for Honduras and EX

r "3

In Managua (for J

Juan Jose will personally deliver to youarch aaount for Honduras and El Salvador.

Manual or Alberto (comao trainer) will deliver to your liaison In Managuaereh esnunt for Wcarsgus.

One-half availableorch (plus or Blnus changes due to developments)

Andre willorduras amount to youarch.

Manuelar to will deliver the Nicaragua amount to your liaison In

It le bored you ore fi< ding the recruiting going well for the thirty loaders, tho remaining thirteen oners rn1 nation* man, and the remaining Sab reeruita. Thb trainers have retried very satisfactory attitude end oapablllty of those 'has far*

femmaber that to light the light on the lighthouse ve have to build a

firm towerwith the fjrat, brlcka.


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