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Chief, iwHD

TO :

from : Chief of Station,UDJECT; PJ^UCCESS


are each of t

in^ transmitted to each addressee two copies nemoranda of conversation written by fcr.'John uaj.vxn fiiL,b,econd Secretary of iimbassy. ris wj.ll .be-noted, the conversations were held by Hi Li- with

alleged personal representative of General

i'tx-^v'i YDIGORAS Fuentes. 'Ihe first of these two memoranda is datednd theh>

2. Photostatic copies of those documents mentioned in both

memoranda were forwarded to addressee stations under cover of

Two memoranda as noted




tt fintt (intt iiurnette






John Calvin Hill, Jr. Seoond Seoretary of Eabaeay.

hlme-jxornar eeoretary of General Miguel YDIGORAS Fuentea, tha Ouateaaian exlla leader Ia SI Salvador, dropped la at hla own Initiative yeaiorday afternoon and,antaa too busy to see hla until tho following morning, caked If ha on aid a up for two minutes. greed ha gave aa two thlak anralopaa of material to read, aaylng haaw daya ago got baok from El SalTador where ha had oonfarred with tha Ooneral. ould road tba material provided. Re said that ana of tha envelope* oontalned material whloh had to ba ra-turnad to XI Salvador, tbat ha had intendednd it baok through his own channels, but that due to tha reoent arrests ha wondarad whether wa ooald not aond tha material to an addraaa In XI Salvador through diplomatio ohanaelo. egrettedoald not ftlaouea tha matter ln any wayad not read tba documents and had to gat off an urgent report. aked If he ooald ooma ln on Monday, Februaryt'olook and ha agreed.

Later, on opening tbaong latter

TarltfSe possible ways to aad th* Arbeas "CQenMalat" government aad oonoluding that tha only practical way wa*. aaorat aganta very dlaoreetlj to organize amdoap d'etat by Army offioera.

Th* aeoond envelopeatter purporting to ba signed by the General {the signature ha* aot been obaokad) a* hie pereonal rapreeentatlT* ln Ouatamala,erlea of doou-meata oonaernlog the relations of th* General with Ooloael Oarloa CASTILLO Armaa, tha exile leader ln Honduras, and other opposition groups.

Copies and photoatat* of this oorraapondanoe are attached. BCHill:o0



pareonel repreaea-

tasiYe or General MtgW TDIQORAS Quanta.

UTlnSaoretary of

Pursuant to oux brief conversation of

oallad tola moroing la relation to tha docaaenta ha had brought In on that da/ addad la tba interval dlaooTorad to ooaalatuggestion that the O. S. Government attempt to over-throw tha Apbeoa Administration by using undercover ageate to bring about aa Army raballloo and alaoarlaa of purportedly original documents of oorraapoadenoa between General YDIOORAS Fuentes and CASTILLO Araaahe re.

by saying that ha had been to Bl SelTador

tin tne xoth ar lanat month aod had talked eztenaively with Tha latter ha had addressed to no waa baaed oohad aada of tha General's rlewa. Tdigorae Faentca, hefad ap with OaatUlo Araaa who bad wasted all tha fundshad aod whoaa organisation waa Infiltrated byageatathat tha reaent gorerament

publloatloa ofo omenta of the Tdlgoraa Fuentes-Caetlllo Araaa eorreapondenae proTed this and further that It waa known that JuaflYflftOS andtJ0ftC->UD0 Lira of Castillo Araaa' organization/were Qua te malax Tfovarament agents}. Tha Oeaaral fait he should oarer ha re algae! tha paot

went oa to aay that General Td Igoras had

suggestedme to the Embassy with Llo. Quillermo^BAVILa Cordova, but that thla waa Impossible due to the latter'a arrest and deportatloa. Be deoided to oome hlaaelf to give their riew that It waa impossible to do anything against the Arbenz Admlale-tratlon. aid. Be toldot of Ouabemelana had dona something to aid Castillo Armaa* plana financially and now they would be even more dlaillualoned. He alluded to myin aa earlier conversation that tha TJ.on-interventioalat polioy and aald ha raoognlzed our problem. How-evtr, his only purpose in coming waa to emphasize that ualeaa tha aomethlngi there would bo aa solution and thewaa getting worse and worse. Ha hoped that despite our difficult situation wa would find our way olaar to find abut aaphaslzed that the hand of tba U.overnment and the Embassy ahould be hidden*


Replying toaid tbat wa ware always grateful to raoalTa tba views of Ouateaalana oa our polioy toward tbla country bat, as ba himself bad reoogalxed, wa wara oommlttedolio? of non-interventlor. aod this presented problems that were outside bis coopateno* or mine to daolda. Tbat we wore seriously oonoerned about Coacsunlam ln Guatemala was no aaoret and bad been made evident in many official statements. w* ware Interested In all views as to how to solve tbla problem and his suggestions would be studied, but all aorts of factors ware involved aa wall aa our non-intervent loniet policy and tbera was nothing beould do to pursue tba noted that ha hadoint that in any oaae tbe Tat) assy should not be involved ln any of the activities he suggested, and wondered whether lt would not be better to let the present atmoapbare settle before any more calls of this nature.

I also toldour regulations were most strict

about sending unofficial malarial through our pouoh and that it would therefore be Impossible to return the dooumants to El Salvador as ha bad suggested at our laat interview.

C _ 3took ths foregoing in good graee. Be gave me tbe name oft

Jshould we ewer wish to get in touon witn bin,rea ir he ooald plok up tbe dooussnts later as lt would be auioldal to take them until he bad figureday to dispose ofold tbat they were hla dooumanta aad, of1 oouree, we oould not foroe hla to take them. They would ba available at hla convenience


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